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July 28, 2006

Je me noie dans le talent

Joyeux anniversaire,
Tu n'es pas mon frère,
Je ne vais pas te voir aujourd'hui mais j'espère que tu n'es pas en colère,
Joyeux anniversaire!

(Ben... c'est pas pire que les autres...)

(translation in the extended entry)

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Ceci n'est pas un article de jeudi

Me being grilled by Napoleon

(see extended post for translation)

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July 26, 2006

Jedi Poo-doo!

Mince! J'ai failli oublier la Semaine des Langues aujourd'hui! Ce soir j'ai fait du chili végétarien à la srah. Ça consisite des tomates, des haricots rouges, des champignons, des épices, et beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup d'oignons. C'est quelque chose que j'ai inventé en France quand j'avais peur de cuisiner de la viande. Ça répresente toutes les groupes alimentaires: les proteines, les fruits... et beaucoup beacoup beaucoup d'oignons. J'adore les oignons!

Alors, je n'avais pas de projets pour bloguer au suject de mon chili - je voulais écrire sur Le Retour du Jedi¹. Les seules personnages au palais de Jabba qui parlent "standard" sont les personnages principales: C3PO, Luke, Han, et puis Leia. (Je ne pense pas que Lando (Leuuurrrndeeeurrr) parle lorsqu'il est au palais, mais Mark ou Alfie peut me corriger...) Plus tard on rencontre les Ewoks et Nien Nunb, qui ne parlent pas standard non plus. Néanmoins, pour la plupart les personnages se comprennent. Lando peut communiquer avec Nien Nunb, Luke peut comprendre le huttese de Jabba et de Bib Fortuna, et Han comprend les cris de Chewbacca.

Mais dans les films I-III, presque tout le monde parle standard. Watto, Jar-Jar et Nute Gunray parlent avec de differents accents. Tout le Conseil des Jedi parle standard. Tous les Sith parlent standard. Les chasseurs de prime² parlent standard. Les Kaminoens et leurs clone troopers parlent standard. Dans tous ces films, je peux penser à seulement une nouvelle personnage qui ne parle pas standard: Sebulba.

Et c'est pour ça que les nouveaux films sont nuls!

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Just a friendly reminder...

Please remember to change all of your RSS subscriptions to http://feeds.feedburner.com/srahblahblah, no matter which feed you are currently using. I will be removing the other feeds at the end of this week.

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Cyborgs and angry bees!

Dear Associated Press,

I have been an avid reader of Ken Jennings' blog for a whole month but I never even got how eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil he was. Silly me, when I read the blog post about Jeopardy! last week, I thought it was a joke. Thanks for clearing that up, Associated Press. When Ken said:

First up, the categories. Maybe when Art Fleming was alive, America just couldn’t get enough clues about “Botany” and “Ballet” and “The Renaissance,” but come on. Does every freaking category have to be some effete left-coast crap nobody’s heard of, like “Opera,” or, um, “U.S. History” or whatever? I mean, wake me up when you come up with something that middle America actually cares about. I think it would rule if, just one time, Alex had to read off a board like:
  • PlayStation
  • The Arby’s 5-for-$5.95 Value Menu
  • Reality TV
  • Men’s Magazines
  • Skanks from Reality TV Who Got Naked in Men’s Magazines
  • Potpourri

I thought it was a brilliant satire and a funny little post from the man who said "What is a ho?" on national television, then went on to create a funny, trivia-laden blog. BUT NO! Apparently you, Associated Press, have dug through the lies and discovered that Ken really would prefer to answer questions about Arby's than about art and actually wants to encourage the Jeopardy! Crew Clue to start eating each other. Thank you for opening my eyes!

... Either that or you're slandering¹ Ken's name to cover up that you're all a bunch of cyborgs yourself, just like that Alex Trebek.

¹ When it's in print, it's "libel." But no one ever says "libeling his name." Why is that?

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July 25, 2006

Aux langues, les citoyens!

Je pense que je vous ai dit que je vais commencer à étudier l'arabe en automne. J'ai déjà rencontré le prof; il paraît très sympa et ça m'interesse beaucoup d'étudier le Moyen-Orient et le monde arabophone¹ et de mieux comprendre ces cultures-là. Mais c'est la langue qui me fait peur! Tout le monde m'a dit que l'arabe est très très très difficile et qu'il va me falloir dix ans pour le parler couramment. Ah bon? Il m'a fallu à peu près neuf ans pour parler couramment le français (une langue qui est beaucoup plus proche de l'anglais), alors je suppose que dix ans, c'est normal. Mais ça me fait peur quand même. J'ai fait onze ans de français, mais j'ai abandonné l'espagnole après deux ans et je n'ai fait qu'une semestre de chinois avant de le laisser tomber. Alors je ne sais pas si je vais pouvoir me mettre à l'arabe jusqu'à l'age de 36 ans. Au moins je ferai un effort.

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July 24, 2006

Feed me, Seymour!

All this jibba-jabba about RSS feeds¹ has reminded me that I have way too many of the damned things. Unfortunately, I never learned about RSS or blogging or password-protecting your RSS feed or any of this stuff in graduate school (really!). I don't know what the difference is between the different RSS formats, because I am but an ignorant French major. So I'm just deleting the one with the fewest subscribers. If you're subscribed to the index.xml feed, please switch to index.rdf or atom.xml. If you don't know which feed you're subscribed to, wait and see if you get any more posts in my feed this week. If you don't... you could be subscribed to any one of them. My blogging is sporadic² these days.

If you are not subscribed to any of my feeds... you don't know what you're missing, yo.

Update: I have taken Jamelah's advice and played around with Feedburner... and I've decided that's the best way to produce a feed that's readable across formats. If you are reading this in an RSS feed reader, please change your subscription to http://feeds.feedburner.com/srahblahblah so that I can put you all in one place and not have to publish 18,000,000 different feeds. Thankssomuch!

¹ Trust me - if you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't want to know.

² "Be seein' ya." "Yeah, I hope not sporadically."

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Projets de voyage (et de travail)

En mars je suis allée en Israël pour visiter les universités là-bas qui acceuillent les étudiants étrangers. En mai c'était Montréal, où je suis allée assister à une conférence sur l'éducation internationale. Ce mois je vais voyager à travers le ouest des États-Unis, vers Seattle. J'irai en Angleterre et en Irlande en Octobre pour une autre visite aux centres d'études étrangers. On a parlé un peu d'un voyage en Inde en décembre pour assister au mariage de Sylvie (mais avec mes finances ça ne va peut-être pas être possible... on verra...). Il va peut-être y avoir une autre visite au centre d'études étrangers en printemps: en Espagne, au Costa Rica, en Argentine ou au Chili.

C'est beau de pouvoir voyager pour mon travail et mon plaisir, mais il y a une chose qui me manque: la France. Je suis censé être specialiste de la France ici dans le Bureau d'Études Étrangers, mais je ne ai pas ce pays vu depuis 2004. C'est drôle d'imaginer que ma petite soeur française est à l'université - elle était toujours au college quand j'étais à Grenoble!

Alors, un jour je rentrerai en France, j'en suis sûre, mais la date exacte reste inconnue. J'espère que je n'aurai pas oublié tout mon français!

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If you build it, they will come... FOR YOUR SOUL

On my way to the airport last week, I drove through the farmland that is The Area Between Srahtown and Cincinnati. There is a stoplight in the middle of nowhere, and the corn on either side of the road has grown so that it was much higher than my car and came right up to the sides of the road. As I sat there at the light with no cars around in either direction and the corn closing in around me, I thought, 'I could be eaten by space aliens or the 1919 Chicago White Sox right now and no one would hear me scream.'

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Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy Philadelphia (airport)

To my great surprise, I went to Philadelphia last week. I'd known for weeks that I was going to Pennsylvania, but I hadn't realized that the town I was going to is basically a suburb of Philadelphia and that my hotel was even within the city limits. So I apologize to all of you Brotherly Love Citizens that I did not warn you of my impending arrival. I thought I was going to some town a ways out from Teh Big City. And who knew that cities on the east coast had trains and things like public transportation? It somehow did not occur to me.

My First Water Ice/GelatiPhilly was very nice - I stayed in Chestnut Hill, which is all just too too chawming and historical. George Washington rode through there, though I'm not sure if he slept. Many many years later it was home to another momentous occasion as I walked through it on my way to get my first water ice. I am such a nerd that I had extensively researched Rita's before leaving for Pennsylvania and had mapped out directions to the two locations nearest to my hotel. I had decided to try the mint chocolate chip cream ice, but when I arrived the only cream ice they had was orange. So instead I had a black cherry gelati¹. The water ice was great and yummy - it's an Italian ice with little ground-up bits of the fruit in there. The frozen custard was great and yummy and creamy. I didn't much care for the two together, though, so I did my best to eat them separately although they were parfaited² in the same cup.

Once all of my meetings were done, we took the train out to the airport so that I could catch my 5:35 US Airways flight to Cincinnati. The trip organizers had printed off my boarding pass online, so I knew when I arrived at the terminal at 5:05 that I was going to have to book it to the gate. There was no time to check my carry-on, which I like to do because I hate dragging it around with me. I just made my way quickly to the gate, which was - of course - the one furthest from the entrance. I kept checking the Departures screens in the hope that boarding was delayed, but they all said "On Time." When I got to the gate, though, no one was lining up to get on the plane - there wasn't even a plane at the gate. I sat down in one of the chairs and collected myself, feeling bad for all the people standing in a line next to me. Their flight had apparently been cancelled. By 5:30 I found it really bizarre that all the signs still said my flight was "on time" but there was still no plane at the gate. I finally asked someone about it and they informed me that despite all the boards and signs, my flight was not in fact on time and that all the people I'd felt sorry for earlier were in fact my flightmates. My flight was the one that had been cancelled but no one had bothered to change any boards or screens.

I waited in line for an hour for the one US Airways gate attendant who could "help" me. When I got up to him, he told me that a) the next time I could fly out was 2pm the next day and b) the cancellation was due to weather in Cincinnati and therefore the airline was not responsible for paying for my accomodations. Super! I called and vented to friends and family and tried to figure out how to find phone numbers for the people I know in Philadelphia to see if they had a couch for me to crash on. Then a friend suggested that I call and complain to the airline directly. When I did so, they immediately put me on the 8:45 flight to Cincinnati. Easy as pie! Easy-bake pie! I don't know why this was so difficult for the gate attendent. I got on the plane and we sat on the tarmac for a few more hours. At one point we taxied out onto the runway and it looked like we were going to take off, but someone stole our place in the takeoff order (or something) so the pilot decided we should sit on the runway with the engines turned off so that we could conserve fuel and avoid having to go back to the gate to refuel.

Between the rush and stress to leave and the threat of too-little fuel I was very paranoid about the flight, which I don't usually have a problem with. I thought the plane was going to explode when the engines started up and they sounded funny. I thought the plane was going to crash back into the ground as we took off. While we were flying I thought that one of the wings was going to fall off and we were going to plummet to the earth. When I was filming the lightning on some clouds not too far away, I thought we were going to be struck by lightning and lose all our electrical power - or whatever happens when you're struck by lightning - and head nose-first for the ground. By the time we went through a rough patch of turbulence I was absolutely convinced that we were not going to make it to Cincinnati and that there was no point in clutching on to the armrests and yelping because it wasn't going to do anything to stop our inevitable crash. So I sat quietly and relaxed and waited for death to come. It didn't happen then and it didn't happen when we seemed to be landing at a strange angle or when our landing gear seemed to come down too soon or any of the other harbingers of doom that I spotted. We landed in Cincinnati just fine! What the hell? I was absolutely convinced I was not going to survive that flight. I didn't quite know what to do with myself when I landed because I hadn't given much thought to picking up my car or driving home - I figured someone would retrieve it from the long-term parking after my remains were scraped off the pavement.

On the way home, I was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint in Colerain. It was everso exciting. I've never seen anything about it. It was terribly poorly executed, because they started putting up signs for it way before the checkpoint came up. I thought, 'I could have turned there, I could have turned there...' Not to mention that the whole police force of Colerain, Hamilton County and every other administrative unit seemed to be focused on one part of Colerain Avenue, while drunk drivers were probably plowing people down all over the rest of the area. It was still a cool sight to see. I felt like I was in a movie and I'd have to tell the fugitive under the blanket in the back seat to shut up.

¹ Gelati? Was it more than one gelato? No, it was not. It had nothing to do with gelato. I don't understand.

² I have coined a verb. Awesome.

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July 23, 2006


My dreams last night were NBC-licious!

I dreamt that I was at NBC's headquarters, where they were making decisions about next fall's lineup. I showed up in the office and told them my ultra-secret method for getting more people to watch NBC: start every single show with a sex scene. "That will really catch people's attention," I explained.

Next I was at the place where they film Saturday Night Live and I found out that starting this season, they were going to take me out of the credits at the beginning where they introduce each cast member. I had been right before Amy Poehler, although technically Seth Meyers and Finesse Mitchell should have been between us. Apparently my subconscious didn't realize this. Bad subconscious! I really wasn't that upset that I was being removed from the cast, since I'd only appeared in two sketches and that was years ago.

In the next part of my dream, I was at Kroger with Rainn Wilson and he was telling me about how he attended medical school before becoming an actor.

When I woke up, I was briefly convinced that I really had been on two episodes of Saturday Night Live. I was kind of disappointed to wake up.

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July 18, 2006

'Remember when I killed your brother? I talked JUST LIKE THIIIIIIIIS!'

Another update on my AFI Top 100 progress...

#71: The Manchurian Candidate - I figured it would be another one I'd have to suffer through, but... war, romance, Solitaire, politics, brain-washing... this movie has a little something for everyone! It's a must-see, especially for my sister!

#72: A Streetcar Named Desire - O, Streetcar! Um, it was pretty good I guess. It was nice to see all the clichés ("I have always depended on the kindness of strangers", "STELLAAAAAAA!") in context. It had interesting, complicated characters, which I usually like, but I just couldn't get into it. Maybe it's the Louisiana thing. I like Karl Malden. He was in this, Patton, On the Waterfront and Pollyanna. One of these things is not like the others.

#73: Chinatown - Dammit. I thought this was going to be one of those sleepers (like The Manchurian Candidate) where it didn't look like something I'd like but then it would end up being good. I found it hard to follow and therefore hard to maintain interest in. She's my sister! She's my daughter!

#74: On the Waterfront - STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh wait, wrong movie. So much Marlon Brando and Karl Malden, one's likely to get confused. For years I thought this was a movie about boxing. Turns out it's a movie about mobsters and labor and stuff. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or not. Sometimes I wonder if I would actually be able to think of Marlon Brando as sexy if I had never seen Old Jabba The Hutt Marlon Brando. There are a lot of people out there who think he's attractive, but I look at him and see him with his jowls full of cotton and his mouth full of oranges. Eva Marie Saint looked like a skeletal old lady. Not flattering. Anyway, this was not a particularly entertaining movie. I'm sure it was very Important and junk but not my cup of meat.

#75: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - To give you an idea of how much my ambition to watch all 100 AFI movies has petered out as we approach the finish line, let me tell you that I watched The Manchurian Candidate on April 2nd. It's taken me 3.5 months to watch 5 AFI movies. I am never going to make it to 100, especially if I keep doing damned stupid things like watching movies I turn out to actually like. How am I going to make it through all the boxing and motorcycle-riding and god knows what else if that is all I have left? Ugh.

Anyway, I liked OFOTCN. It was quite enjoyable and interesting and I was especially fond of the one asylum patient who thought he was a Congressional custodian and a very young Christopher Lloyd as Taber. I always think of Christopher Lloyd as shrieking about "1.21 gigawatts!!" or putting the moves on Miss Scarlet, but he was great in a non-comedic role, too. He didn't have many lines, but his face was very expressive and mesmerizing. Who knew?

See also: #48-54, #55-58, #59-61, #64-66, #67-70

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July 16, 2006

The Devil Wears A Retainer

I went to see The Devil Wears Prada today with some friends here in Srahtown. We met in the lobby, then someone led us into the theater, which was already dark. The room was pretty packed, but we managed to split the group up into only two adjacent rows. The previews began, including a trailer for John Tucker Must Die, an incredibly stupid looking film. It was only while this rather embarassingly explicit trailer was playing that I started to notice that the theater was full of pre-teens, most of them boys. I mentioned to someone else in the group that this trailer seemed inappropriate for the audience, and then it occurred to me that The Devil Wears Prada also seemed inappropriate for this audience. Since when are pre-teen boys interested in fashion? There was some rumbling throughout our group as we tried to figure out who had actually led the way into the theater and whether anyone had actually checked to see we were going into the right one. Finally I turned to the approximately-eleven-year-old boy next to me and asked him what movie he was seeing.

"The Devil Wears Prada," he responded matter-of-factly. Although he didn't actually say it, an added "... duhhhhhhhh" was left hanging in the air.

Somehow I don't think this is the target audience Hollywood had in mind, but I thought maybe when you are eleven and you live in a rather small town with a theater that runs four movies per week and it's in the upper 90s and the theater is air-conditioned, you can't be too picky. Then the movie started and there was plenty of lingerie and short skirts and implied sex on the screen, and plenty of hooting and hollering from the obnoxious twerps all around me, which really took away from the movie. Is it still murder if the victim is a pre-teen boy? If so, can we get that changed?

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July 14, 2006

Something to think about... eventually

According to FindYourSpot.com, these are my top 24 places in the US to live:

  1. Charlotte, North Carolina
  2. St. Louis, Missouri
  3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. Kansas City, Missouri
  5. Norfolk, Virginia
  6. Cincinnati, Ohio
  7. Columbus, Ohio
  8. Bergen-Passaic, New Jersey
  9. Manhattan, New York
  10. Long Island, New York
  11. Seattle, Washington
  12. Omaha, Nebraska
  13. Indianapolis, Indiana
  14. Detroit, Michigan (whaaaaa?)
  15. New York City, New York
  16. Des Moines, Iowa
  17. Toledo, Ohio
  18. Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  19. Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota
  20. Richmond, Virginia
  21. Cleveland, Ohio
  22. Denver, Colorado
  23. Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, Virginia
  24. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I took this quiz three years ago. It's interesting to see how my answers have changed!

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Behold: Language Week 4 (Electric Borgalor)

I hereby decree that Language Week 2006 will be held July 24-28, 2006, because I will be in town that week. It would be nice if I could nail Language Week down to the same time every year, but this has never been the case. Such is the brilliant unpredictability of Language Week! Or rather, and more accurately, such is my forgetfulness.

The rules of Language Week are as follows:

  1. You do not talk about Language Week.
  2. You do not talk about Language Week.
  3. There are no rules.
  4. Well, okay, there are a couple of rules but they're not very strict.
  5. Blog in a language that you don't usually blog in. You don't have to blog a lot if you don't want to - a few sentences will do, as long as you continue, once a day, through the week (or at least Monday to Friday). You can blog in one foreign language for five days, you can blog in five different languages or you can find some medium between the two. Or what the hell... if you only want to blog in Swedish on Tuesday, go for it.
  6. It would be nice, but not necessary, to include some kind of translation into your usual language. I usually do mine in <span title="translation"><i>other language</i></span> tags. You might choose to write it all out and translate at the end. You could hide it in the post's extension. Whatever. Be free! Be wild!
  7. You can link back to this post if you want. Or not. If you don't want. Here is this year's icon!
  8. If you're participating, please leave a comment or a trackback and let me know. This way you can all read each other's and be inspired when you can't think of anything to say and you can make new blogging friends and we'll all live happily ever after.

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I think my mom owns all the lighthouses in Ann Arbor

In case you haven't heard, Google is opening up some operations in Ann Arbor. There has been much talk about why Google chose Ann Arbor. Most people thought it was because Larry Page, one of the founders of the company, is from Michigan and attended U-M. But apparently it's just because of all the beaches and lighthouses.

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July 13, 2006

Everyone involved in the creation of this film must walk the plank!

I have been trying to blog about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest for almost a week now, but I have been so ENRAGED with RAGE that it... flames... flames, on the side of my face. Heaving... heaving breaths... Well, I think I am mostly sort of cooled off enough to write about it now, but hopefully not too cool to express to you my RAGE. When the movie ended, I could barely speak in full sentences, such was my RAGE. The only thing that I could utter between my spitting and clawing at the screen was an threat to BLOG VERY ANGRILY about my disappointment and RAGE at this movie.

If you would like to see an excellent video review by a ninja who was as disappointed and confused as I was, I suggest that you click here forthwith. I suspect that even if he weren't the sworn enemy of pirates he would have hated this movie.

I shall hide the rest of my RAGE below the jump so that those of you who haven't seen it won't have your pure, pure hearts spoiled by the sight of something so ENRAGING.

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If only I could harness this power to fuel the damned car

I will have you know that I bought gasoline today for $2.81 per gallon, a feat which I accomplished through the sheer power of my AWESOMENESS.

That and because that is the price of gas here in the boondocks.

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Fashion time!

How should I get my hair cut? I am stumped. I'm really tired of my hair right now, but I don't know what would be better. So I appeal to a bunch of strangers on the Internet for advice, which I probably will not take and will just go back and get a trim on my existing "style".

For the record, I have very fine, thin hair and look like some, but not all, of these people and/or sacred lakes.

Photos of other people with the hairstyle you describe would be appreciated. Hairstyles that make me look like a grown-up or that require very little maintenance time/talent are a bonus.

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July 11, 2006

Goodbye, Little Biter

1995ish - July 10, 2006
The demon dogHowie helping with the dishesCute little ball of evil

The Greatest Hits of the Demon Dog:

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July 7, 2006

It's sort of like a Moai if you squint

Huge foam rubber Ken Jennings head!

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Meme! Hell yeah!

There's nothing else in my blog so there will be memes.

5 Things in my Fridge:

  1. A single solitary egg (floating in perfume and served in a man's hat)
  2. mint
  3. horseradish
  4. half-and-half
  5. wee little French pickles called cornichons

5 Things in my Closet:

  1. clothes that I want to get rid of but haven't made any move to do so
  2. hamper with three dividers because I loathe separating my laundry right before I do it
  3. sleeping bag
  4. Blogger sweatshirt
  5. many many not nearly enough shoes

5 Things in my Purse:

  1. Hecate
  2. chapstick
  3. business card case
  4. coin purse
  5. hair ties

[via Below The Eight and misanthropic tendencies]

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You too can Save Ginny Weasley from the Basilisk

Attention Ann Arbor!

Harry and the Potters are playing at the Blind Pig tonight with... Draco and the Malfoys. What is this world coming to? Stay away from them, Potters! They are a bad influence!

Unfortunately I will be on the road heading to Ann Arbor while they're playing. All y'all go and tell me how it was.

[via ghetto of our mind]

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July 3, 2006

Wherein I don't see the pageant and pomp and parade

Me at 11pm last night: Boy, I can't wait to go to Cincinnati for the Fourth of July fireworks on the Ohio River. I suppose I should soon go about finding where I should go for these fireworks, and at what time they will begin on the Fourth. It will certainly be nice to have a way to celebrate Independence Day, since everything will be closed and almost everyone I know has fled the state and I don't own a grill or a copy of 1776. Yessirree, I am looking forward to this. Fireworks on the Ohio River will be lovely and festive! I can feel myself liking Ohio more and more.

TV news: ... and tonight we had some great Fourth of July fireworks here on the Ohio River. On the 2nd of July. Because we hate you. It was the best party ever! You should have been there! Oh, but you weren't, because you foolishly believed that Fourth of July fireworks belonged on the Fourth of July! A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Me: DAMN YOU, OHIO!!!! *shakes fist*

Okay, yes, it's my own fault for not looking it up. But if I took personal responsibility for things, what would I have to rant about? Fortunately there are other fireworks to be seen. BETTER fireworks. With wholesome small-town family fun. So there, Cincinnati.

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I dreamt last night that Hugh Laurie won me at a charity auction.

Commence your shrieks of envy!

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