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Yet another update from the AFI files...

I guess it's been kind of a slow period for my mission to watch all of the AFI's 100 Greatest American Movies, seeing as I went home for more than a week and didn't take any of the DVDs with me. Luckily, apete got one of them for Christmas, so I did actually manage to make some progress. Now I'm back on top of things... and I'm watching The Thorn Birds, which is not in the Top 100 and is about 700,000 hours long. Oh well. But here are the ones I have watched recently:

#59: Mutiny on the Bounty - WHERE IS CLARK GABLE'S MOUSTACHE? I think some stuff happened in this movie, but mostly I was distracted by Clark Gable's lack of moustache. The movie was pretty good, except it wouldn't end. I kept thinking 'Okay, so they took over the ship from the Bad Captain! That's the climax and the movie will end soon.' 'Okay, so they went back to Tahiti. That's the climax.' 'Okay, so Captain Bligh found the people who were left behind. That's the end.' And it kept going and going. I think that my problem was that I thought Moustacheless Clark Gable was the main character and apparently it was Mr Skinny Pigtails, so we had to wait for him to have his whole character arc and all that junk. Who the heck was he, anyway? Not a bad movie, but it probably would have helped if I'd read the book. Thanks a lot, Education!

#60: The Godfather - What charming and engaging characters! I don't know how The Magic Of Movies can make me so sympathetic to gangsters and scary scary murderers, but it does. This is why I have a crush on Norman Bates. Wait, no, I have a crush on Norman Bates because there is Something Seriously Wrong With My Brain. Anyway, I liked it. I look forward to seeing Part II, which I also have to see for the list.

#61: Birth of a Nation - ¶ You were right; this movie is long.
¶ Also, I think Flora is a zombie.
¶ Also, I found the use of paragraph symbols in the title cards distracting.
¶ The Little Colonel and the Statesman's Daughter appeared to be pledging their love for one another by trying to smoke a bird. Heck if I know...
¶ Well, I'm sold! It's racism for me, forever more! No, really, I'm torn. I mean, I like the movie because it maintains my attention and tells the story so well (especially for being a silent film) but it's a terrible story that's being told. I don't know what to think...

(see also: #48-54, #55-58)

srah - Sunday, 8 January 2006 - 4:22 PM
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