The Devil Wears A Retainer

I went to see The Devil Wears Prada today with some friends here in Srahtown. We met in the lobby, then someone led us into the theater, which was already dark. The room was pretty packed, but we managed to split the group up into only two adjacent rows. The previews began, including a trailer for John Tucker Must Die, an incredibly stupid looking film. It was only while this rather embarassingly explicit trailer was playing that I started to notice that the theater was full of pre-teens, most of them boys. I mentioned to someone else in the group that this trailer seemed inappropriate for the audience, and then it occurred to me that The Devil Wears Prada also seemed inappropriate for this audience. Since when are pre-teen boys interested in fashion? There was some rumbling throughout our group as we tried to figure out who had actually led the way into the theater and whether anyone had actually checked to see we were going into the right one. Finally I turned to the approximately-eleven-year-old boy next to me and asked him what movie he was seeing.

"The Devil Wears Prada," he responded matter-of-factly. Although he didn't actually say it, an added "... duhhhhhhhh" was left hanging in the air.

Somehow I don't think this is the target audience Hollywood had in mind, but I thought maybe when you are eleven and you live in a rather small town with a theater that runs four movies per week and it's in the upper 90s and the theater is air-conditioned, you can't be too picky. Then the movie started and there was plenty of lingerie and short skirts and implied sex on the screen, and plenty of hooting and hollering from the obnoxious twerps all around me, which really took away from the movie. Is it still murder if the victim is a pre-teen boy? If so, can we get that changed?

srah - Sunday, 16 July 2006 - 10:30 PM
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gravatar Robert - July 18, 2006 - 10:24 AM -

That is a very strange movie-going exprience! Do those boys even know what Prada is?

gravatar Allison - July 19, 2006 - 10:17 PM -

"Is it still murder if the victim is a pre-teen boy?"
Yes. (Unfortunately.)

"If so, can we get that changed?"
You may find that no one cares anyway, as long as mode of death isn't sexual. But, to answer - probably.

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