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Every time I thought I'd got it made/ It seemed the taste was not so sweet

I've just upgraded from Movable Type 3.3 to 4.21. It wasn't so bad, except that there was an Apache handling thingy¹ that's been set wrong on my server for months and which I've sort of just worked around, but I finally had to figure out today. And then there's the fact that my MT installation only seems to work properly when the www is included in the URL². If you notice anything that doesn't work, please let me know. I may be implementing some fun new stuff here soon! Update 11/17/08 7:04AM: Comments should be working now! And my stylesheet...

srah - Sunday, 16 November 2008 - 7:40 PM
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This is what the British population calls an elementary education

Well, that's a bit disappointing....

srah - Tuesday, 13 November 2007 - 7:02 AM
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Thou shalt make a graven image

If you are a regular reader/commenter here, you may have noticed that each comment is accompanied by a little icon. There's my "camera in front of the face" icon or the grey default "commenter" icon. Some other commenters have their own icons, too. (You can see an example of other commenters' icons in use here.) This icon is called a Gravatar and is linked to your email address, so that when you leave a comment on a Gravatar-enabled blog using your Gravatar-linked email address, your Gravatar pops up next to your comment. I would have liked to have posted this...

srah - Friday, 16 February 2007 - 12:08 PM
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Big new changes!

... Can't you tell? Yes, I changed some fonts around (which I will probably get sick of and change back in the next week). The other, bigger changes are: Pop-up comments are gone. Apparently they are even bigger spam-magnets than normal comments, so in an effort to curb the onslaught of spam, I'm doing this. Hope you don't mind too much.You will now be required to enter an email address when commenting. However, this email address will not appear on the blog itself - it's just a way for me to sort things better when trying to delete spam.Tags! The...

srah - Saturday, 4 November 2006 - 4:39 PM
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Feed me, Seymour!

All this jibba-jabba about RSS feeds¹ has reminded me that I have way too many of the damned things. Unfortunately, I never learned about RSS or blogging or password-protecting your RSS feed or any of this stuff in graduate school (really!). I don't know what the difference is between the different RSS formats, because I am but an ignorant French major. So I'm just deleting the one with the fewest subscribers. If you're subscribed to the index.xml feed, please switch to index.rdf or atom.xml. If you don't know which feed you're subscribed to, wait and see if you get any...

srah - Monday, 24 July 2006 - 5:51 PM
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Is it Wednesday yet?

I realized no one's seen the new site yet because it's 7:30am on a Monday in the US. Never mind my loneliness. Don't forget to watch this on Wednesday!...

srah - Monday, 23 September 2002 - 7:36 AM
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Un moment à la John Adams

Is anybody there? Does anybody care?... Would you mind leaving a blah blah, just to reassure me that you've made it to the new address and that the blah blahs are still working? Sniff sniff....

srah - Monday, 23 September 2002 - 6:34 AM

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