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June 29, 2006

Blog errors

I keep getting error messages on my blog. I'm hoping this has something to do with the server upgrades they're doing today and not that I broke my blog.

Anyway, what seems to work so far is constantly reloading the page until it finally comes up. If you don't see my blog at some point today, wait a few minutes and try again.

... not that you can see this post if you're getting a server error message. Sigh.

Update: Allllllllllllllllll better!

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June 28, 2006

Zucchini-owner to Zillionaire in ten easy steps

Step one: Co-worker brings bag of zucchini to work to give away
Step two: Srah adopts a zucchini, brings zucchini home to live in her kitchen for a short while before its impending slaughter
Step three: Srah realizes that she doesn't know any recipes that involve zucchini
Step four: Srah searches online for recipes involving zucchini
Step five: Srah does not immediately find anything appealing
Step six: Srah remembers that while she doesn't think of herself as a zucchini-hata, the last time there was zucchini on her plate in a restaurant, she ate around it
Step seven: Srah begins to worry about the responsibility she has taken on and whether she should just find alternate uses for the zucchini, such as wrapping it in a blanket and pretending it's a doll or hitting someone over the head with it
Step eight: Srah implores blog readers to share their favorite zucchini related recipes
Step nine: ???
Step ten: Profit!!

Difficulty: Nothing Cajun, Creole or otherwise Louisianan. Not zucchini bread, as I'm still working my way through a loaf of banana bread. For our foreign readers: Replace "zucchini" with "courgette".

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Paris is a Movable Type or something

Movable Type 3.3 is supposedly coming out sometime today. The new version of the blog-publishing software will probably have many new features, but the only one I've paid attention to is a properly-working tag system, rather than an awkward plugin-based workaround. So look for a miserable, broken srah blah blah sometime soon as I slog my way through the upgrade process!

(Or maybe, just maybe, it will be straightforward and I will get it right the first time. But don't get your hopes up.)

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June 27, 2006

If only I'd heard it before I burned my summer mix!

My new favorite Nat King Cole song (who has a favorite Nat King Cole song?) is "Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer", for the simple fact that you get to hear Nat King Cole say "wienies."


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I'm not Scott Bakula!

I'm enjoying listening to the first of my Summer Burn 2006 CDs, which I received yesterday. In case anyone's curious, the track listing for the CD I sent out is below.

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Snorgly beasts flop endlessly in a sea of teh cute

Launch in external player

FYI, "what I thought they were doing earlier" was humping each other. Alfie claims that the red light on my camera scared them and that it will be ALL MY FAULT when there are no baby aardvarks at the Cincinnati Zoo next year.

Sorry, zoogoers!

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Srah's week in The Office

I am giving presentations every afternoon this week. Once that microphone is clipped onto my sweater, I turn into a character in a television documentary. Once I get up in front of people I have an urge to shout GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING VIETNAM!, or possibly quote Benito Mussolini and bang on a podium for a while. Coincidentally, I also have a candy dish on my desk in order to lure young persons in my direction. All I need is a beet farm and a poster of freaky saxophone-babies and I will be complete!

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June 13, 2006

Divided loyalties

Reasons why Michigan is better than Ohio:

  1. When the two states almost went to war over the city of Toledo, Ohio got that city and Michigan got the WHOLE Upper Peninsula and all of the lovely copper therein. And Toledo is basically more Michigan than Ohio anyway, so Michigan won altogether.
  2. Michigan produces a lot of delicious fruit.
  3. Wolverines are fierce and tenacious; buckeyes are poisonous nuts.
  4. Say what you will about the state of our largest city and about our crappy roads, but at least in Michigan, I've never heard anyone request Poke Salad Annie on the radio¹. Poke Salad Annie is not a song you request! It is a song that is inflicted upon human beings from time to time by radio DJs, who are all space aliens, in order to destroy the human race! If there were anything remotely humorous about Poke Salad Annie I would send it in to Dave Barry's Bad Songs list, because it is an aberration against nature! If anything is destroying the American family today it is Poke Salad Annie! If you want to ban something, Tom Brinkman, ban that goddamned song.

Reasons why Ohio is better than Michigan:

  1. Um... Michigan never had JERRY SPRINGER as mayor of a major city!

¹ That I remember.

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I also hate Todd Packer

I think I've used the phrase "oversaturated the market" at least three times this week. I think I've become that guy. Next thing you know, I'll be using words like "proactive" and "zeitgeist."

Who has two thumbs and hates being that guy?

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June 6, 2006

'I thought they smelled bad on the outside!'

Why is it that George Lucas will go back into his old movies and fiddle with things that don't need to be fiddled with, needlessly changing the fact that HAN SHOT FIRST, adding silly dinosaurs to the background of scenes, and inserting Stupid McWhinersen where Sebastian Shaw should be, but he won't go back and change the ridiculous stop-actiony way that tauntauns run?

I'm pretty sure that the gravity on Hoth is the same on any other planet in the Star Wars movies. I saw Han walk through the snow and I saw Luke fall from the ceiling and both of them looked normal. So why do tauntauns defy all physical reality and skim along the ground, hardly touching the surface and never hitting the ground with the full impact of their weight and that of their rider? Booster rockets are the only thing I can think of, but tauntauns do not appear to have rockets coming out of their asses. If you would add rocket exhaust to the rear ends of tauntauns in your next "special edition", George, I would really appreciate it. It would explain a lot.

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Hot town! Summer in the city

There are only a few days left to sign up for The Summer Burn 2006, a huge international mix CD exchange. You can sign up or get more information on the website.

[via B3ta]

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X-Men 4: The Last Lemonade and Cupcake Stand

Apete and I went to see X-Men 3 a while ago. A lot of people didn't like the movie, but I felt it had many explosions and people in crazy costumes with magical powers. I don't expect much more from an action movie. I found it interesting that Beast was never referred to by his superhero name. Apete tried to convince me that Hank McCoy's nickname was "Blueberry," which made him seem even cuddlier than he already was. Awwwww. He is like a big furry Sesame Street monster, but one that can TOTALLY kick your ASS.

As I was watching the movie, I started to think about what kind of super power I would have. I decided that it would be just my luck to be born with some mutation that would be of absolutely no use in a battle. Why are there all of these mutants endowed with the power to shoot fire out of their hands or crash through the sides of buildings? If I were a mutant, I would have the power to shoot rainbow sprinkles ("jimmies" if you prefer) out of my hands, similar to the way that Spider-man's mutation allows him to shoot webbing. Through sheer MIND POWER I would be able to change the color or flavor of the sprinkles I create.

I would probably not be very popular among mutants because I would be a liability on the battlefield: "Listen, everybody, let's stop fighting. Who wants a sundae? Aw crap, I'm on fire now! Hey, stop it!"

But I would be a big hit at the Annual Mutant Bake Sale!

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June 2, 2006

A wee update so my blog isn't so very empty

I went out of the country for a week and didn't touch a computer the whole time. Can you believe that? ME.

Anyway, I have car repairs to have done, I have to register as a student at The University I Work At in order to take Arabic in the fall (which includes having to get copies of immunization records, which as I type this I realize I didn't send over in the envelope with the rest of my medical forms - doh!), I still haven't unpacked or cleaned since returning, I only just got to see the season finale of Lost, and we're entering into the Summer Orientation portion of the year when I have commitments all afternoon and have volunteered to do things in the evening as well.

In short, my brain is too busy to even think about blogging, much less sit down and do it.

But fear not! I am alive and will probably get back in the swing of things next week.

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