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This is my weblog, and I make the rules!

This website does not reflect the views of my employer. Frequently it doesn't even reflect my views, but some exaggeration thereof. In the rare case that I do blog about my professional life in one way or another, I'm writing on my own behalf and not that of my employer.

Archives are unedited and reflect a younger, stupider version of myself (or an exaggeration thereof). Read with caution. Also, most of the links are broken, because The Internets was a very different place Back Then. Information and opinions presented in the early days of the blog (or a week ago) may be completely different now.

I reserve the right to delete spam or abusive comments. I don't mind dissent from the general opinion of the blog as long as discourse is respectful and we can agree to disagree. Respectful commenting is the responsibility of the individual commenter, and I am not responsible. Behave yourselves, all three of you.

If I know you in real life and you are reading my blog, please let me know! For one thing, I'd be happy to know if you're enjoying it, and for another thing, I'll feel like you're spying on me if I find it out later. Plus, this way I can avoid all the terrible things I was going to write about you.

Please don't steal my content. There's a little © at the bottom of the page that strongly suggests that you shouldn't. Other reasons not to do it:

  1. I just asked you nicely.
  2. Ceiling Cat is watching you.
  3. There's better content out there to steal.

If you don't like anything I've written or posted, please let me know about it.

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