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Only a family as dorky as my own could get as excited about the Restored Director's Cut DVD (with reinserted scenes banned by Richard Nixon!!!) of 1776 as other people get about the Star Wars Special Editions.

Watching 1776 on video is our Fourth of July tradition, but we bought the DVD this weekend and couldn't wait until Friday. I'm sure we'll watch it again then, and that we'll sing along and recite the entire script, just as we did last night.

It may be physically harmful to be as nerdy as we are.

srah - Monday, 30 June 2003 - 1:19 PM
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gravatar krista. - June 30, 2003 - 1:27 PM -

I'd love to be all high and mighty and say that I'm not nearly such a dork, but I know that someone out there with video footage of me being dorky would just come out of the woodwork and prove me a hypocrite...

gravatar mday - June 30, 2003 - 2:07 PM -

Srah, you should send that in as a suggestion for the geek test. Worth a full 15% by itself if checked.

gravatar katie - June 30, 2003 - 2:40 PM -

Can I come hang out with your family for the fourth, or is it blood relatives only.

Too many flies!

gravatar jday - June 30, 2003 - 3:01 PM -

"Worth a full 15% by itself if checked"- so says the man who *cheated* on the geek test just so he could have a lower score than his wife....

gravatar mday - June 30, 2003 - 3:52 PM -

So you claim mrs. jday!! Just because I choose to read the questions literally doesnt mean that I cheat.

gravatar jday - June 30, 2003 - 4:19 PM -

Let's ask srah- she's impartial. Let's imagine that someone were to own 3+ computers, but gave one away the *day before* they took the test. Should they then mark the geek question that says "own 3+ computers"? Also, say the computer that they gave away habitually had its cover removed. Should they then mark "own computer with cover commonly removed"? These are two prime examples of someone's manipulating the timeline to get a lower score.... not to mention any names (MATTHEW). To quote Umbradge, "Heh em".

gravatar jday - June 30, 2003 - 4:20 PM -

yeah, Umbridge.

gravatar srah - June 30, 2003 - 5:01 PM -

You Days are completely ridiculous. I cheated to INCREASE my score, then ALSO got extra points for having cheated.

Katie, if you find yourself in Michigan on Friday, you may come and watch with us.

gravatar alfie - June 30, 2003 - 5:12 PM -

Last night, chez Srah and Alfie -

Daddy: "I bet there are only half a dozen people that have seen 1776 a thousand times."
Me: "Yeah, and four of us are in the room right now."

gravatar Justin - June 30, 2003 - 11:30 PM -

My July 4th tradition is to watch Independence Day. Nothing says National Pride like watching evil aliens blow the White House to smithereens.

gravatar katie - July 1, 2003 - 8:09 AM -

I don't have a fourth of July tradition. For a while my siblings would bring up their families for the holiday and we would celebrate my mom's birthday (the 2nd) but we haven't done that for a few years.

gravatar Cheryl - July 7, 2003 - 12:42 PM -

Is 1776 the one with Gerard Depardnose (as Robin calls him)? We watched that in 8th grade for a whole day.

gravatar srah - July 7, 2003 - 1:35 PM -

No, you freakazoid. It's a 1970s American film about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What the heck movie are you talking about?

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