Because you all like him more than me...

Dear Girl Who Lives In My House,

Sit. Siiiiiiiit. Staaaaaaaaaaaaay. No, not at the computer! Bad girl!

I don't feel like being in either of the rooms with computers. You really should come out to the family room and watch some TV, because I am morally obligated to be in the same room as whoever is home at all times. And I want to sleep in that room.

You can't possibly have anything more important to do than inhabit the same room as me so that I can sleep!

I don't think you've quite understood what I'm getting at. Sometimes you sit at the computer and then tell me to go away when I scratch at you and whimper and jump on you, digging my toenails into you. Finally you give in, seeming to think that I would only scratch that insistently if I really had to go out. Silly you!

I get you as far as the family room, then you continue to the back door, holding it open and freezing yourself with that cold air. Sigh... if only you were a little smarter, maybe you would realize that I'm not trying to go out... I'm trying to get you to change rooms.

Your training is not working very well, Girl. Maybe you'll catch on someday.


The Devil Dog

srah - Monday, 15 March 2004 - 9:39 PM
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gravatar katie - March 16, 2004 - 8:23 AM -

Dear Devil Dog,

I live in the house of a distant relative of yours. I am curious to know if you also eat everything under the sun and then throw up for days on end, just to give your people something to do by cleaning it up.

If so, could you please explain why? Because to me it seems quite insane. The least you could do is learn to throw up in the toilet.


Friend of Girl Who Lives In Your House

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