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March 31, 2007

Here in Cincinnati

I went to see The Ragbirds at Stanley's Pub in Cincinnati last night. They were very good. Everyone should buy their CDs and should go see them live. They are fun to watch. They all play about 8 million instruments each and seem to have a lot of fun doing it. At one point, I'm pretty sure Jeff was playing the bass guitar with a fork.

My only beef would be that, although I saw online that things got started at 9, the opening act didn't even get started until after 10, so The Ragbirds didn't go on until 11:30, which is after my bedtime. My guest and I, being old people, decided that we weren't going to make it through the whole thing, so we decided to stay until the first set break so that I could buy a CD. Then they played for at least an hour and a half without stopping! We left at 1am, because I still had an hour to drive back to the Town I Live In. Sigh. I'm just going to wait until their new CD comes out in June so I can get some kind of two-or-three-fer deal and maybe save on shipping.

srah | 11:46 AM
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March 30, 2007

Yet another installment of Sarah's Misheard Song Lyrics

For years and years, I thought that the pretty nurse in Penny Lane was selling puppies from a train. In fact, I didn't realize I was wrong until the Beatles Anthology miniseries came out and they had some bizarre animated video of all of the Penny Lane activity and I couldn't see the puppies or the train.

srah | 7:51 PM
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March 29, 2007

So nice they named it twice! The other name is Manhattan.

At the end of April, I will spend a weekend visiting one of our study abroad providers in Stamford, Connecticut. Yes, that Stamford, would-be home of Dunder-Mifflin Northeast and the next major town to Stoneybrook.

Wow. I am so awesome. Why don't I have any friends around here, again?

In addition to visiting super-dibble Stamford, there will also be a "social outing" to New York City. It will be so special I might even call it... Super Special! Then I will glue glitter and feathers on my Kid-Kit and-- wait, what was I talking about?

New York intimidates me more than any other city I can think of. I always feel like I am going to be picked out as some sort of Midwestern rube and everyone in the city is going to laugh at me for being rural and backwards and not sophisticated enough. Not sophisticated enough? Just look at the glitter on this pony sweatshirt! And this perm I have at the age of thirteen! And this totally funky pair of sneakers that I glued random funky crap onto to demonstrate how funky and artistic I am!

(Jesus, I need to stop channeling the Baby-sitters' Club. For the record, I haven't read any of those books in at least two years.)

Anyway, I have no information yet about what our "social outing" in New York will be, but I hope it involves going to a real New York pizza joint for a real New York slice.

srah | 7:15 PM
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Harry Potter and the Ravenous Goblin-thing

I've seen the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows US cover art all over the Intarnest¹. The US cover is quite boring - the O in Potter has a little wing on it, so I think Harry's supposed to be reaching for the most enormous O-shaped snitch anyone has ever seen. Either that or the gold fleck that I'm assuming is the wing is a strangely-shaped snitch itself, but that's weird too. Anyway, I find it bizarre that Harry is spending his time tooling around a Quidditch stadium, when I thought book 7 was supposed to be about the threesome leaving school to battle Voldemort and his followers. I suppose that, as the proverb says, into every battle a little Quidditch must fall².

Heather Anne is the first blog where I've seen the UK art. The adult version is nice and simple, featuring Slytherin's locket (presumably Harry will track down R.A.B. and this is the real horcrux). The UK children's cover is truly bizarre. Harry, Hermione, Ron and a sword-wielding goblin (at least I think that's what it is) are in a room full of jewels and riches and armor, presumably swimming in them like Scrooge McDuck, when a portal to Hell suddenly opens and sucks them in. Ron appears to be afraid of the coins, having never seen galleons before in his impoverished Weasley life and Harry's arm looks like something's been chewing on it, and he is attempting to use martial arts to avoid being sucked into Hell.

None of these covers are spoilers so much as head-scratchers. What the hell is this book about?

¹ I wonder how many letters you would have to change/add to Internet to make it completely unrecognizable. You knew what I was talking about, right?

² Not a proverb. Yet.

srah | 7:05 PM
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If I meet him in heaven, I'm leaving

I recently signed up for a lunchtime program sponsored by the Office of Employee Health and Well-Being, where participants are all supposed to walk from their workplaces to a designated place on campus, then learn about something related to happy/healthy living. I skipped the first week because the theme was line dancing, which makes me the opposite of happy. Then after I signed up, I found that the last week - which was supposed to be about "journaling" - has been replaced with something that threatens to make me even less happy than line dancing: a book discussion about Mitch Albom's latest book. For my feelings on this particular author, I present everyone's favorite cartoon librarian, Dewey:

Unshelved, 3/28

Well I shall enjoy the stretching, nature walks and sushi-rolling, anyway. I'm not getting points for attendance.

srah | 6:45 PM
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March 28, 2007

Sorry, Champ. I think I ate your chocolate squirrel.

Let it be known unto the world that Hedonist Artisan Chocolates is now selling their truffles over the Intarwebs and shipping them to places that are not Rochester, NY. I am quite sure they are delicious, because Zahra and Jennie said so. Go forth and buy!

If truffles are not rabbit-shaped enough for you, then you should take a gander at these delicious little bunnies. I am told that the Lepus Corsicanus has but one desire in life: to have his head violently bitten off by me. Good bunny!

srah | 10:03 PM
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A meme with seven songs - what's so fearsome about that?

Fraulein N did this meme, and when I went to post my own list in her comments, it said I had too many links. So, what the hey. I shall bung it into the ol' blog.

The directions are to:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

I went on a mashups-hunt this week, so my current listening-list is heavily influenced by that.

  1. Believe It - The Ragbirds
  2. Als de morgen is gekomen - Jan Smit (dank u wel!)
  3. The Living Years - Mike & the Mechanics
  4. Manic Depression - AudioDile
  5. No One Takes Your Freedom - DJ Earworm
  6. Imagine Wild Music - Lenlow
  7. Don't Stop Believin' in Planet Rock - A plus D

I think that perhaps I'm not uninterested in music as much as I'm uninterested in modern music. I have become one of those old people who doesn't understand the newfangled music the kiddies are listening to and just wants to listen to recycled versions of old music.

I shall tag no one, but if you choose to participate, please leave a comment!

srah | 8:11 PM
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My name is Judge.

I am not a Judge Parker fan. I've never been able to follow the plotlines very well, and have even more difficulty with the relationships between the characters. For example, I think Beret Girl is the Red Haired Lady's daughter, but she always calls her by her first name. One of them is named Neddy and I think the other is Abby but I might be confusing her with Rex Morgan, M.D.'s dog.

Lately I've become fascinated with Judge Parker, though. This plotline has these two characters going off to Paris so Beret Girl can go to art school. There's also some old lady who's dying and some controversy about who she's going to leave her riches to. But the best part is the EXCELLENT French that is spoken by Americans and French people alike. I would say that the author was just translating everything with Babelfish, but I'm not sure even Babelfish would make these errors.

A compilation of favorite recent Judge Parker strips

(3/17/07) French street punks apparently mistake Beret Girl and Red Haired Lady for men.

(3/21/07) Hooker doesn't know how to conjugate. I'll actually allow that, because it turns out in a later strip that she's from Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA, Planet Earth.

(3/26/07) "To want to go for a ride, [missing article] gentlewomen?" "He wants us to take a ride with him, right?" "I don't know, Beret Girl. His French is so bad it's hard to tell."

(3/27/07) "To not be timid, [missing article] girls, us it will not bite." Also: "Working, non! We are loafing about Paris girls, thankyouverymuch."

srah | 12:29 PM
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March 27, 2007

Rollin' down the street, smoking indo, sippin' on gin and juice

Am I totally insane to suspect that a Cranberry & Raspberry 100% Juice with 34g of sugar per 8oz. might be better for me than a Cran•Raspberry® Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink with 30g of sugar per 8oz.? I bought a bottle of the 100% Juice because I thought it would be better for me, being more natural and all. Then when I got home and actually looked at the labels, I found out it had more sugar. However, the first two ingredients on the Cran•Raspberry® drink are water and corn syrup, so I'm thinking that despite the amount of sugar, the type of sugar might be easier for my poor little insulin-funky body to handle. Am I making things up? Does anyone know?

I probably shouldn't be drinking so much juice.

srah | 10:45 PM
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Penny War is in my ears and in my eyes

Hey SI blogosphere, are you aware that our school has suddenly sprung six new concentrations on the world? How about that? What do you think? Would you still have chosen your degree program, or would you have picked a different concentration? Or would you have just gotten overwhelmed and gone somewhere else?

I don't know what to think about it all. David brought up the most salient concern that I've heard so far: How will this affect the Penny War¹? Soooooo many jars!

¹ What's up with the current crop of students? No love for librarians? Everyone knows that it's the archivists' jar that you're supposed to load up with dimes. BOO-YEAH!

srah | 9:31 PM
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Here are some words that rhyme with Sanjaya: pariah, papaya...

My answer to The Great Sanjaya Mystery (namely, "Why is he still on American Idol?") lies with Lisa Simpson. Lisa's favorite periodical is Non-Threatening Boys Magazine. And what could be less threatening to a naive, nervous prepubescent girl than a boy who will not show any interest in you at all? He is like a stepping stone for little girls: a boy who sort of looks like a girl and will never do anything gross like kiss them, but is sort of nice to look at. And he might let you braid his hair. I think this affinity for Non-Threatening Boys can last, to some extent, throughout one's life. Just look at the popularity of Legolas, the asexual pretty-boy elf. I am not immune to his charms, despite the fact that he is not remotely charming.

The solution: The grown-up ladies need to un-mute the TV and actually listen to this guy sing. You've made your point. When the Season 6 Idols go on tour, they will be forced to drag Sanjaya with them. Is that enough for you? And as for the little girls who don't know any better, why do all of these prepubescent girls have free access to the telephone, anyway? They're just going to ruin American Idol for the rest of us and run up the phone bill calling the Corey Hotline. I say we sit on Oliver all of them between 9 and 11 this evening. Shouldn't they be in bed, anyway?''

ETA during tonight's episode: Clearly this person is trying to get voted off by dressing like a chicken! Have mercy!

srah | 7:37 PM
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March 26, 2007

False. I do not like camping.

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

When I saw that Serene and Irk had posted their results from this quiz, and read the glowing praise they gave it, I thought "No way. No Internet quiz could guess things about me just from the pictures I pick. I'm a rebel! I'm a special snowflake! You don't know me, Internet!"

But other than the fact that it says I'll "take experience over comfort every time, whether under the canvas or under the stars" (a statement which smacks of - ugh - camping) and its overblown idea of the importance of music in my life ("Hey, something to stick in my ears and distract me from the fact that I'm walking around in circles!"), this quiz was pretty accurate. Surprisingly so. Creeeeeeeepily so. Intarnest, are you in my head? Get out get out get out!

srah | 4:54 PM
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March 20, 2007

Srah: Le Retour

I'm back!

So far, except for the marginally warmer weather, I wish I were back in Seattle. And I need a nap.

You can see my pictures here and watch these videos I took at the Woodland Park Zoo:

srah | 12:46 PM
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March 16, 2007

I am your sunshine, your only sunshine

I don't like to toot my own horn¹, but the weather is sunny and beautiful in Seattle again - despite all the rain that was forecasted for this weekend - and the only reason I can think of is that I am here. You're welcome, Seattle!

(Note: If it rains tomorrow, it is probably because the gods are trying to punish me for my pride. Yes. It is all about me. Why do you ask?)

¹ False.

srah | 3:03 PM
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March 15, 2007

'Dammit, Johnny, you know I love my Big Beef 'n Cheddar!'

I will be flying from Dayton to Atlanta from about 3-4:30 today, then from Atlanta to Seattle from about 7 (EDT) to 9:30 (PDT). In all my 9 or so hours of transit, I understand that I will receive complimentary beverage service and maybe up to three snack items for the journey. I'm leaving town at 11am in order to drive to the airport, which means that I will have two meals to cover on the road. I brought myself a cheese sandwich to tide myself over, but I imagine that by the time I arrive in Atlanta, I will be so hungry I could eat at Aaaaaaaaaarby's.

srah | 10:55 AM
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I suppose There's Something About Mary would have been worse

It takes me forever to get around to getting a haircut. Frequently I'll go three or four months between haircuts, because it seems like such a waste of money to spend it on my head, which I hardly even ever look at. But I thought it was important to chop off some of the stringy mess so that I could look presentable in Seattle, so off I went to the salonnnnn¹.

The hair-cutting lady² and I didn't get off to a good start, because she asked me if I was a student, then was relentless in her quest to convince me that I need highlights, and that highlights would make my hair look thicker. Since I had already told her that I only ever get my hair cut every three months or so and that I sometimes use mousse and a blowdrier if I get around to it, it doesn't seem like a higher-maintenance hair production was called for. Then I zoned out while she was cutting and she kept thinking I was frowning at her instead of my thoughts, and I felt like she was getting mad and I didn't know how to defend myself because she stopped the hair-cutting lady banter and continued in this gruff professional silence after I told her that I didn't want highlights.

As we got near the end of the haircut, she asked me if I wanted layering in the front. I had been daydreaming again and not really thinking about my hair. Why do the hair-cutting ladies ask me such difficult questions? I don't know. I just want it how it usually is. Does that involve layering? I don't know. I am terrible at a) knowing how I want my hair cut and b) expressing that to the hair-cutting lady in proper hair-cutting terms. This probably has something to do with the fact that I only go to the salonnnnn every three months or so, and forget everything in between.

So I told her I didn't. She finished it and styled it and I thought it looked okay, but it turns out that it's a little too long and a little too straight and it's one of those haircuts that I have no hope of properly styling on my own, so it just sits there. But really, I have no one to blame but myself, because she asked me how I wanted it done and when she was done she asked me if I liked it. And at the time, I thought it was fine.

Yesterday was the first day I had to take a shot at styling it, and I spent all day trying to figure out who I reminded myself of. When I finally remembered, I was really embarrassed, because telling people that I remind myself of this girl would force me to admit that I watched this movie on TV last weekend. What can I say? It came on after my mom's favorite movie and I didn't bother to change the channel. It is a terrible terrible movie, and now I feel as though I am connected to it via hairstyle. Maybe I'll have to get an early haircut next time... after only two months.

¹ That is me pronouncing "salon" in a sarcastically hoity-toity fashion, because I would much rather call it "the hair-cutting place".

² See? I couldn't keep up the hoity-toitiness for long.

srah | 10:52 AM
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March 12, 2007

'Whaddya got there, the ol' leather pumpkin?'

Using my awesome psychic powers, which only fail me oh, about every day, I have determined that the 2006 2007 NCAA Basketball champions will be... Gonzaga University in a surprise win over Michigan State. Start dousing the couches! Things will be aflame in East Lansing the evening of April 2nd!

I will not go into quite as much detail as I did in 2005, but this year, my bracket selection strategies include: "We work with their study abroad programs" (Butler, Virginia, Wright State), "They're nearby and if they win, then Ohio State is out of the tournament" (Xavier), "They have the same name as that kid from The Music Man" (Winthrop), "I will let them win one pity game out of a ridiculous sense of loyalty but then they will be beaten by Winthrop" (The University I Work At), "I think I remember hearing their name connected with basketball sometime in the past so I guess they're good" (Duke, Villanova, Georgetown), "My friend works there" (Virginia, George Washington, The University I Work At), "They're from Michigan so I guess I have to suck it up out of state loyalty" (Michigan State), "I've never heard of Belmont" (Georgetown) and "They are called Gonzaga and Gonzaga must always go on to the next round" (Gonzaga!).

(I was going to pick Cincinnati to lose in every single game - even games they weren't in - but it turns out they didn't even make it to the first round. Ha ha Bearcats! That's what you get for playing games that get my TV shows cancelled and/or moved to ridiculous hours of the morning! Suck it!)

In the end, my Final Four are: Butler, Gonzaga, Xavier and Michigan State. How realistic is this? Not very. But I also take great pride in the fact that I came in last in the 2005 SI pool, and if I can manage a last-place finish again this year, I may just burst with pride! Go Zags!

srah | 5:13 PM
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March 9, 2007


Springtime springtime springtime is here it's sunny out and it's warm out and it's time to take coats off and it makes me happy happy happy hello sunshine welcome back I missed you I missed you I missed you!

I feel like dancing!

srah | 4:43 PM
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Spring Break 2007: Girls Gone Sweatpants

People need to stop wishing me a Happy Spring Break, because I don't get a Spring Break. I just get a Break From Students for a week, and that is not as exciting as it seems. Campus and work are quite boring with no students around, 'though it is easier to park, and I bet I could get away with wearing sweatpants all week. They should wish me a Happy Sweatpants instead.

srah | 4:40 PM
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Your mom goes to war college

My weekend will be devoted to:

  1. Claiming I am going to clean the apartment then not doing so (my usual weekend charade)
  2. walking out in the nice sunshine and lovely 50° weather
  3. baking something delicious
  4. watching the first season of Battlestar Galactica, which I just got at the library this week

My guess is that #4 will eclipse all of my other noble aims.

Whatchoo doin' this weekend, o readers?

srah | 12:27 PM
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Thou shalt do some other stuff

Now that you all have your Gravatars¹, here are some other bloggety-things to dabble in, which I have varying levels of enthusiasm for but play with nonetheless:

  • CoComment - A comment-tracking system to follow conversations you've participated in and track your comments across the blogosphere. If you only comment on one or two sites it's probably not worth it, but if you're all over the place (like I am) it might be worth checking out. Rather than leaving a comment on a blog and forgetting about it forever, you can keep track of where you've been and see when other people follow-up on your comment. It's buggier than I would like it to be, but that's sort of understandable considering the range of blogging platforms it's used on. I've been there for several months now, and I'd say I'm a fan.
  • 103bees - I have no idea why it's called this. I'm sure it's in an About or an FAQ page somewhere on the site, but I can't be bothered. It's about tracking search terms that get people to your site and manipulating that data in interesting ways. Mostly I use it to giggle at things people search for or (more recently) to make poems for Brian.
  • MyBlogLog - I'm not really sure about this. It seems kind of cheesy and gimmicky - a sort of cross between a social networking site and a referers tracker - but I still visit there at least once a day. If you end up joining, let me know and I'll add you as a contact!
  • Statcounter - Pretty much my favorite statistics tracker. It's a cross between a lion and a tiger, bred for its skills in magic. No, wait, it isn't. But it's still my favorite at the moment.

It never ceases to amaze me that I can have, like, eight statistics/referers trackers on my site and they all come up with different information.

¹ Well, some of you do. If you don't, you're welcome to go sign up. I think it's working again after some bugginess around the time of the re-release.

srah | 12:17 PM
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March 8, 2007

Pumpkins and shoes!

Mma Ramotswe is coming to film!

I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, I'm excited about the opportunity to expose The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency to a wider audience, but on the other hand, I don't see how any movie can measure up to my mental image of the book or any actress to my mental image of Precious Ramotswe. It is nice to see, though that the movie is actually being filmed in Botswana. If nothing else, we will get to see the scenery!

srah | 9:07 PM
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Dem pancake bones

Awesomest search term I've seen in my stat counters lately:

are there bones in pancakes?

Depends on the pancakes. Blueberry pancakes, not usually. Bone pancakes... probably.

srah | 7:46 PM
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F***ing Oscars f***ing report f*** f*** f*** blah blah

So... how 'bout them Oscars, huh?

About a week before the Oscars (which was weeks and weeks and weeks ago) I saw The Departed, which brought my grand total of Oscar-nominated Movies Seen from three to four. That's an increase of... something percent!¹ It actually improved my viewing a lot more than that, because the other ones I'd seen were Little Miss Sunshine, The Devil Wears Prada (nominated for Best Actress and Costume Design) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (nominated for several miscellaneous crew awards). So I went from seeing one of the Best Picture nominees to two, an increase of - get this math, yo - one hundred percent! Hooray for me.

Before I'd seen the movie, I kept asking people "Is that the movie with Matt Damon or the one with Leonardo DiCaprio?" because they're both sort of boring blond fellows who other people find attractive and put on Sexiest Men lists, but who I wouldn't, and whose careers I'm not particularly interested in following. It turns out the source of my confusion was that they are both in the movie and have about an equal amount of screen time. And the same haircut. It got to the point where my fellow DVD-watchers and I had to label them as "the one who always wears a t-shirt" and "the one who always wears a tie" until one scene where Matt Damon dressed down and we almost didn't know who he was anymore. They don't look all that similar, but they're the same type and everyone was trying to deceive everyone and everyone had craaaazy Boston accents and LITTLE SARAH'S BRAIN GOT CONFUSED.

The disappointing thing was that after watching the movie and knowing that it was nominated, I thought, 'Well, that shouldn't win. But at least I have the comfort of knowing that it's a Martin Scorcese picture, so it won't.' I didn't think The Departed deserved the Oscar, but on the other hand I didn't think Little Miss Sunshine did either. They were okay and entertaining in their own ways, but neither of them seemed to be Best Picture quality. I figure one of the other three must have been better, and as long as I never watch any of them, I am free to imagine that they are all deep and thoughtful and complete and excellent, as it seems like a Best Picture ought to be. You know, like The Greatest Show on Earth or Dances With Wolves.


¹ Math!

srah | 5:01 PM
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March 6, 2007

My elephant-friend would bring soup to my third floor apartment... somehow

I want an elephant for a friend!

I still don't understand how an elephant seems to have bought prescription medicine for the man, though. Even if the prescription was on file, how did the elephant communicate whose prescription it wanted?

srah | 12:17 AM
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March 5, 2007

Traveling, but not off the couch

As long as I am sitting on my butt on the couch instead of getting up and walking around, I suppose I should tackle one or two of the blog posts I've been planning since last week, but which exist so far only in note-form. Who wants to hear my thoughts about the Oscars? Huh? Who? Note to self: blog this stuff a lot earlier.

Each topic deserves its own post, so in this pointless explanatory post, I will just throw in these two little tidbits of travel information that I keep meaning to mention but which aren't involved enough for their own posts:

  • I have no Big International Visits planned anytime soon. After much deliberation I ixnayed the offer to go to Seoul as an exchange student for the month of August, which would have been considered half work-time and half two-weeks-of-my-own-vacation-time. There's nothing else on the horizon, but maybe something will come up! Since I've been to Israel and Ireland on previous visits, I'm thinking Iceland or Italy or India or Indonesia is in order.
  • My route to SeattleI am going to Seattle in about a week and a half (hi!). In shopping for a ticket that is both cheap and leaves/arrives at convenient times, I managed to book a flight from Dayton to ATLANTA to Seattle. One corner of the country to the other! Frequent flyer miles, here I come!
  • Last week, I got my reservations for my professional organization's annual conference in scenic Minneapolis. It's no Montreal, but it'll do! Conferencing, here I also come!

Now one of these days, I'm going to write something up about who I think should win Oscars... then I am going to build a time machine and go back and blog it before they happen.

srah | 7:52 PM
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Any more behavior like this and I'll have your stripes!

I went up to Ann Arbor this weekend to see some friends and celebrate my dad's birthday. I think the highlight of the weekend was being introduced to the game of Gorillas.

Gorillas, for those of you who are uninitiated, is a game wherein my family members all try to get steps by walking around the house in circles at high speeds and try to avoid running into each other. It is called Gorillas because to an observer, it looks sort of like the chase scene at the end of The Pink Panther wherein a knight, a jester, a zebra and at least two gorillas are driving around in cars, trying to catch up with and/or evade each other. To add extra fun to the game, you can call each other "George" or "Uncle Charles" or can try to balance a rubber crayfish on your head as you speed through the house.

More wacky srahfam hijinks!

srah | 12:30 PM
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Moustache babyMy mom and I are going to start a business making baby-pacifiers that have moustaches on them. My mom thinks the target market will be "parents who are stupid." I think the target market will be "parents who are AWESOME!"

No one steal our idea!

srah | 12:10 PM
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