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Am I totally insane to suspect that a Cranberry & Raspberry 100% Juice with 34g of sugar per 8oz. might be better for me than a Cran•Raspberry® Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink with 30g of sugar per 8oz.? I bought a bottle of the 100% Juice because I thought it would be better for me, being more natural and all. Then when I got home and actually looked at the labels, I found out it had more sugar. However, the first two ingredients on the Cran•Raspberry® drink are water and corn syrup, so I'm thinking that despite the amount of sugar, the type of sugar might be easier for my poor little insulin-funky body to handle. Am I making things up? Does anyone know?

I probably shouldn't be drinking so much juice.

srah - Tuesday, 27 March 2007 - 10:45 PM
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gravatar katie - March 27, 2007 - 11:04 PM -

My best friend started boycotting corn syrup last December. Discovering the corn syrup -free world was like uncovering a secret underground network of gin joints during Prohibition.

gravatar Aunt Pam - March 28, 2007 - 7:02 AM -

All things being equal, I would opt for the 38g of sugar in the juice over the 30g of "drink" with corn syrup. I'm sure Aunt Pat would be the best one to weigh in on this subject.

gravatar Craig - March 28, 2007 - 7:12 AM -

I was amused by your title to begin with, but when I actually saw it here rather than on Google Reader, which apparently doesn't allow strikethrough on titles, it was even more amusing. That is all. I've got nothing to say on the juice front.

gravatar Cheryl - March 28, 2007 - 7:17 AM -

I only like 100% juice juices, so I say go with the 38g of sugar!

gravatar Nick Baker - March 28, 2007 - 9:55 AM -

I am also considering giving up high fructose corn syprup after reading the Omnivore's Dilemma and then realizing that it's in everything. But don't fall for those "100% Juice" things either - they are often made up of cheap juice like apple with just enough cranberry or raspberry to mask the taste.

gravatar srah - March 28, 2007 - 10:28 AM -

Poor apple juice! So maligned!

I did see that, but since I like my apple and grape juices, I don't mind. I suppose I would mind if I were trying to drink cranberry juice specifically for the cranberry-ness of it and it turned out it was mostly apple juice, but I'm just drinking it for the nice juiciness of it. This is juicy and flavorful so I'm pleased.

gravatar Craig - March 28, 2007 - 11:23 AM -

While apple juice may be cheap it still tastes good. Now if it only could stop looking like pee.

gravatar srah - March 28, 2007 - 12:04 PM -

By adding cranberry juice and raspberry juice, perhaps?

gravatar Allison - March 29, 2007 - 10:36 AM -

It probably depends on whether you're more concerned about the sugar or the vitamins in the juice.

If it's the grams of sugar, then it doesn't make much of a difference, since both corn syrup and fructose are pretty much the same. (If you were drinking, say, oatmeal then I would say the type of sugar would make a difference, since the sugar in your oatmeal beverage would take longer to reach your blood stream.)

If it's the vitamins, then the 100% juice is probably better for you. Look at the nutrition label for that one.

In the end, sugar is sugar.

gravatar Allison - March 29, 2007 - 10:38 AM -

And, for the record, I do not drink juice that much.

gravatar Fraulein N - March 29, 2007 - 10:52 AM -

Hee. I just love the title of this entry. Also, I learned something, because all this time I've been thinking it was spelled E-N-D-O. Thanks!

gravatar srah - March 29, 2007 - 10:56 AM -

Allison - Darn. I suspected as much. Juice seems like it should be a better sugar for you than corn syrup, but it really isn't, is it? Oh well. Vitamins!

Fraulein N - I had to look it up at Urban Dictionary!

gravatar Allison - March 29, 2007 - 11:56 AM -

What I didn't mention is that I don't confuse my vitamins with my sugar. I prefer my sugar in the Totally Useless Nutrition category, lately in the form of JuJuB's, Mike & Ikes, Now & Later's, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, honey.

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