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Ah do-run-run-run?

(The most annoying thing about blogging is that the posts do not write themselves. I have been making notes all week and am only now catching up on actually writing out the damned things.) My favorite office on campus, the Office of Employee Health and Well-Being, has come through again with yet another exciting activity. Starting last Monday, I am now a member of Team [University I Work At], a training program for a 5k run/walk race in April. I originally thought that I would just sign up for the race and not waste $20 on the training sessions, but...

srah - Wednesday, 30 January 2008 - 12:54 PM
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I can has tap-dancing class?

Our classical Indian dance class ended in December, and the Thursday lunchtime activity being offered by Employee Health and Well-Being this semester is Tai Chi. The instructor kept talking today about communing with nature and pulling energy from the ground and storing our qi in the "qi bank" just below our navel. It made me just as uncomfortable and out-of-place as when I have to go to church, and this distracted me from the mind-opening and consciousness-awakening or whatever it was we were supposed to do. I really like the concept of qi¹, just like I agree with a lot...

srah - Thursday, 10 January 2008 - 9:40 PM
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Chicks who did kicks aren't kicking anymore/ They're doing choreography

I went to the Diwali festival tonight to see the festivities and eat the food. The dinner, which was heavily subsidized by Associated Student Government funding, only cost $2 to ticket-buyers. So while not free Indian food, it was pretty darn near to free Indian food. I was almost moved to tears¹ by the Classical Fusion dance done by the Rec Center class. I have been taking the half-hour per week classes offered by Employee Health and Well-Being², and these ladies (a different class, but with the same teacher) meet for an hour a week to learn and practice their...

srah - Saturday, 3 November 2007 - 7:37 PM
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A person can develop the flu/ The flu, a hundred and three point two

[Note to those of you who have suggested themes/lyrics: I am going to try to use your suggestions, especially when my everyday life doesn't inspire me. Just because I haven't used them yet doesn't mean I won't. Keep suggesting!] The yearly question once again raises its head: to flu shot, or not to flu shot? I've gotten by without flu shots for my whole life so far and don't usually get hit very hard in flu season (just enough to take a sick day off work and some time to take care of myself), but on the other hand, I...

srah - Friday, 2 November 2007 - 7:10 PM
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Thank U India

Some things that srah likes: things that are Indianthings that are cheap and/or free It has been a good week to be srah! The University I Work At's Office of Employee Health and Well-Being has come through again! Although their toning classes conflict with my Arabic schedule, they're now offering Indian Classical Dance classes on Thursdays from 12:10 to 12:40. I have been to one session and - as I'm sure you can guess - I am ready to go on stage and perform professionally any day now. In reality, I don't think half an hour a week is going...

srah - Saturday, 22 September 2007 - 12:17 PM
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Blah blah blah exercise blah blah fiber

I went to my weekly core-based toning class yesterday, offered through the Office of Employee Health and Well-Being (they do offer us a lot of opportunities to take care of ourselves here!). We seemed to focus a lot on the obliques. Obliques? I didn't even know I had obliques. I have certainly never used them before. I seem to manage to go through life, never putting myself in situations where my obliques are in any way stretched. So I contorted myself into all kinds of ridiculous positions to use my newfound obliques for the first time, and today they are...

srah - Friday, 6 July 2007 - 12:45 PM
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If I meet him in heaven, I'm leaving

I recently signed up for a lunchtime program sponsored by the Office of Employee Health and Well-Being, where participants are all supposed to walk from their workplaces to a designated place on campus, then learn about something related to happy/healthy living. I skipped the first week because the theme was line dancing, which makes me the opposite of happy. Then after I signed up, I found that the last week - which was supposed to be about "journaling" - has been replaced with something that threatens to make me even less happy than line dancing: a book discussion about Mitch...

srah - Thursday, 29 March 2007 - 6:45 PM
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