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February 28, 2007

I am getting so hot/ I'm gonna take a survey

Jamelah is doing a survey on hotness (as in attractiveness, not temperature). Who doesn't like surveys and data? I mean, c'mon! What is more fun than taking a survey?

... What's that? Why no, I don't have any friends. Why do you ask?

Go sign up for the survey! More dudes are needed, in particular.

srah | 8:07 AM
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February 27, 2007


Robert Altman was still alive and was building an ark (I'm sure this was influenced by James Cameron's Jesus tomb movie thing). He held a big press conference to announce it and somehow I got to go. Everyone stood around discussing it and I was of the opinion that it was a bad idea, because the cats would eat the rats and so on. Also, there seemed to be no indication that an ark was going to be needed. Unfortunately, I woke up before Altman really got going on his speech, so I never found out why we needed an ark or how he was going to keep the animals from eating each other. I think I am going to be upset for the rest of the day that I didn't get to finish this dream.

srah | 7:56 AM
Tags: ark, dream

February 26, 2007

I say we put mustard on it!

Rainn Wilson + The Lonely Island + me =

srah | 5:02 PM
Tags: saturday night live, the lonely island, video

February 23, 2007

It's a LAAAAAAADY! </Leon Phelps>

Some news for all my THOUSANDS (or rather, about five) of Albion alum readers from the Albion College News:

ALBION, Mich. – Albion College today (Friday, Feb. 23) announced the appointment of its 15th president, Dr. Donna M. Randall, currently the provost at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. Randall is the first woman president in the college’s 172-year history. She succeeds Dr. Peter T. Mitchell, who is retiring in June after 10 years in the Albion presidency. Randall’s appointment will be effective July 1, 2007.

Lead Albion proudly into the 21st century! I'm not sure they're there yet!

srah | 4:59 PM
Tags: albion college

February 22, 2007

But what of Shy Violet?

Regarding this week's episode of Lost....

srah | 1:04 PM
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February 21, 2007

Follow-up on yesterday's Seussian weather report

Now here is something less-ly good:
We're going to have a little flood.

srah | 8:17 AM
Tags: poetry, weather

February 20, 2007

Wherein the rising temperatures turn me into Dr Seuss

The snow's all melted into mud
And Sarah says: It is no gud.

srah | 12:02 PM
Tags: poetry, weather

February 16, 2007

Looking for housing in Ann Arbor?

Hard at workWelcome to all the millions of readers streaming in endless hordes from this post on Left Behind at the Fishbowl, many thousands of whom are probably U-M students. Please allow me draw your attention to this fine rental property on the north side of Ann Arbor, which is quite nice and reasonably priced and is in a fine location, with easy access to the North and Medical campuses and actually quite close to central campus as well. At right is a picture of a well-known blogger painting the beautiful bathroom of this fine dwelling (which dried to a slightly darker and more appealing color), so there is also huge Internet Celebrity Appeal to the location. Rent it now!

(Note: I do not know what a "door wall" is. Translated into English I believe it would be "sliding glass door".)

srah | 12:38 PM
Tags: ann arbor, housing

Rip! Rip! Rip the groundhog off the field

Groundhog! It is 5°F today. You are dead to me.

srah | 12:11 PM
Tags: groundhog, weather

Thou shalt make a graven image

If you are a regular reader/commenter here, you may have noticed that each comment is accompanied by a little icon. There's my "camera in front of the face" icon or the grey default "commenter" icon. Some other commenters have their own icons, too. (You can see an example of other commenters' icons in use here.) This icon is called a Gravatar and is linked to your email address, so that when you leave a comment on a Gravatar-enabled blog using your Gravatar-linked email address, your Gravatar pops up next to your comment.

I would have liked to have posted this months ago when I implemented the Movable Type Gravatar plugin, but almost immediately after I did so, Gravatar went into a months-long hiatus and stopped accepting new members. Well I'm proud to announce that Gravatar is back with a new, supposedly sturdier server architecture (or something) and they are finally accepting new members starting today. So if you would like to have your own handy and attractive icon next to your comments in this and many other blogs (for freeeeeee!), rush on over there and sign right up!

ETA: Please comment on this post to show off your new (or old!) Gravatars! I want to see them. :)

srah | 12:08 PM
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February 14, 2007

Love power, it's the power of a sweet flower

I lost power around 4am this morning. When the power went out, something in my apartment went "beep" and woke me up. It's good to know that I can be awoken by unfamiliar "beep"s because I have been known to sleep through smoke alarms before. I didn't wake up very much... just enough to look at my watch (fortunately there was moonlight or something, because there didn't seem to be any lights anywhere around) and to think "If my power doesn't come back on, I will have to stay huddled under my blankets until it does. And if it doesn't come back soon, I will have to go to work to stay warm. And I will be stinky at work, because my hot water heater runs on electricity so I won't be able to take a shower." That is the extent of my rational thought before I fell back asleep. While I immediately thought of the heat and the hot water heater, it didn't occur to me that my ALARM CLOCK also runs on electricity and I didn't wake up until 7:45. Fortunately, the university also lost power and was closed till 10am today, so my lie-in was all good. Mother Nature has given me the Valentine's Day gift of sleep!

srah | 1:00 PM
Tags: holidays, power outage, valentine's day, weather

February 13, 2007

Journey to the center of the Earth

In the past week and a half, I've met not only the guy who lives below me, but the girl who lives in the ground floor apartment below him. Due to the weather, I've also done a lot of my walking inside my apartment instead of venturing out to the rec center. It's nice to know that when I inevitably wear a hole through my apartment floor, the ensuing plummet through those two floors won't be quite so awkward.

srah | 7:55 AM
Tags: neighbors, walking

February 12, 2007

It's the End of the World As We Know It, and I Have a Delicious Tuna Salad Sandwich

I bought another container of mayonnaise today.

That sounds like the beginning of a great novel or, more likely, a Bulwer-Lytton entry. But no, it is just a post about mayonnaise.

I bought another container of mayonnaise today. I don't use a whole lot of mayonnaise so I'm sure the last time I bought some was months ago. As I threw out the old container, I noticed its expiration date: July 2, 2007. I consulted my brand new mayonnaise and found that it is scheduled to expire July 19, 2007. Apparently Hellman's knows something I didn't. But now I do. Some time in July 2007, all the mayonnaise on Earth shall expire. And I can only assume that the mayonnaise will expire because the WORLD will be ENDING! The Rapture is coming, and all the believers and the mayonnaise shall be swept up to heaven! Trust in the Mayonnaise Prophecy!

(I hope Armageddon doesn't come before the new Harry Potter book. That would suck.)

srah | 6:18 PM
Tags: end of the world

Catching up with srah

I'm not keeping up so well with the blogging, since I don't have a working computer at home right now and all of my time is filled with cooking, walking and trying to fix the dangèd computer. Here's a bit of what I've been up to:

On Saturday, I fixed Isidore sort of by accident. I started him up, ran through all the repair utility thingies, actually got him going for the first time in weeks, played with him for several hours, backed some stuff up, restarted him to make sure he really was fixed, played with him some more, then BZZZZZZ---.

Blue Screen of Death again. Out of nowhere.

Fortunately I have now backed up all of the mp3s Really Important Documents I was worried about before, so hopefully with the assistance of the university Support Desk I will be able to finally fix him without worrying about data.

On Sunday I baked these cookies for the first time, but I replaced the vanilla pudding with butterscotch. Having never tasted the original cookies, I don't quite know where I went wrong... whether it's the use of butterscotch pudding or the fact that I went with the 52¢ Kroger-brand pudding instead of the 99¢ Jell-O pudding. Either way, these cookies have only a vague butterscotch flavor, with a weird kind of sticky texture and a butterscotch aftertaste. I am told by my co-workers, who I have used as taste-testers, that I am too much of a baking perfectionist and they are fine, but I don't think I'll be using this recipe again soon. It does not meet my High Standards of Baking Perfection!

This afternoon I am off to a doctor's appointment about 55 minutes away in Cincinnati. The appointment is at 3:30, so hopefully I will be back before this evening's IMPENDING WEATHER DISASTER descends upon the tri-state area. We are predicted to have huge waves of snow, sleet and freezing rain, as though one of the above were not enough. With any luck, I will be off the roads before it starts, so I will just stay home, wrap myself up in a cocoon of blankets and hide until the badness goes away.

srah | 1:50 PM
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February 8, 2007

Beware of Greeks bearing Wookiees

Lost spoiler (though it isn't much of a spoiler and won't ruin the whole episode for you if you read on):

srah | 12:47 PM
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February 4, 2007

Some Pig Owl

So it seems like everyone's really excited about some owl this weekend. They're even throwing big parties for it, and they're going to be televising it for, like, 3.5 hours this evening. I don't really get it or why everyone thinks it's so superb, but I hear they're going to have some pretty good commercials on in between the avian coverage, so I guess I'll watch that. Go little Exlee, or whatever your name is.

srah | 3:35 PM
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February 1, 2007

My So-Called Online Life

Life without a computer has been a lot easier than I expected. I figured I would be breaking down in tears and nervous breakdowns by the weekend, but I've been pretty casual about it. Part of it is that I don't want to know if Isidore is dead dead, permanently dead so I've been taking my time about trying to fix him. The longer I put off knowing the situation... the longer I put off knowing the situation. So I've made attempts here and there but haven't given up hope and haven't actually touched him in several days.

I get by pretty well, usually coming in a little early and staying a little late and spending my lunch hour on the computer (which is bad for my walking, but I probably wouldn't do much walking anyway, with the weather we're having) so that I can stay caught up on email and RSS feeds and such. In the evenings, I watch TV or read or cook or walk... I do the things that I usually do with Isidore sitting by me. So far I'm just missing out on:

  • downloading photos from my camera to my computer (I've just given up on Project 365! because I can't keep track of what I've taken)
  • changing the music on my mp3 player
  • TVGuide.com listings (stupid WXIX, constantly replacing American Idol with stupid University of Cincinnati basketball games)
  • IMDb for those "Where have I seen him before" moments

I hope that I will soon be able to return to these activities... and I swear, I'm going to give it another try tonight. Fingers crossed...

srah | 5:37 PM
Tags: computers, isidore

The innocent shall suffer... big time

ErrYesterday's All Things Considered stories seemed more amusing than usual, and the commentators even occasionally seemed snarky. I found myself laughing out loud several times, and it wasn't just caused by insanity this time. But the best story of all was about how yesterday's bomb scare turned out to be because of a marketing campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

I suppose if there are any cartoon characters out there that I would suspect of being terrorists, it would probably be Marvin the Martian, and then the Mooninites¹. But that doesn't mean that if I saw Marvin the Martian or the Mooninites somewhere in the world, I would automatically assume I was under attack. After all, they only have five thousand two dimensions. And anyone who's anyone knows that if the Mooninites were really out to get us, they would use the Quad Laser². Or send Wolfen after us³. Anyway, I feel safer knowing that if the ads really had been bombs, they would have sat there for two weeks before anyone noticed them.

Why would anyone want to blow up Boston, anyway?

The sad thing about the story is that the people who put the campaign in motion have been arrested and that the politicians in Boston are still threatening them and blaming them for the "hoax". It's... not really a hoax. It's basically a Lite-Brite. I own a cell phone, a digital camera and a laptop, all of which look about as much like a bomb as these things did. Do I have to worry about getting arrested if some stupid person goes "Eeeeee! Batteries and wires!"?

¹ I seem to be under the impression that terrorists come from space.

² Jumping is useless.

³ With his razor.

srah | 11:42 AM
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