Sorry, Champ. I think I ate your chocolate squirrel.

Let it be known unto the world that Hedonist Artisan Chocolates is now selling their truffles over the Intarwebs and shipping them to places that are not Rochester, NY. I am quite sure they are delicious, because Zahra and Jennie said so. Go forth and buy!

If truffles are not rabbit-shaped enough for you, then you should take a gander at these delicious little bunnies. I am told that the Lepus Corsicanus has but one desire in life: to have his head violently bitten off by me. Good bunny!

srah - Wednesday, 28 March 2007 - 10:03 PM
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gravatar katie - May 29, 2007 - 12:59 AM -

I had to go back THIS far to find a post with no comments so I could write this:

Because this post has no comments, I will give it one in return for taking the opportunity to say that I don't like how the 'Post' button for your comments is way down there away from the text box where I type my comment. I'm always looking for it in a moment of confusion, especially when I write a long comment like this one that makes the preview box (also annoying) longer. Why couldn't the preview be in the empty white space to the write of the comment text boxes anyway? Sheesh.


gravatar srah - May 29, 2007 - 7:57 AM -

Because I don't know how to do that!

I'm happy to know you had to go back to March to find an entry with no comments, though!

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