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I am not a Judge Parker fan. I've never been able to follow the plotlines very well, and have even more difficulty with the relationships between the characters. For example, I think Beret Girl is the Red Haired Lady's daughter, but she always calls her by her first name. One of them is named Neddy and I think the other is Abby but I might be confusing her with Rex Morgan, M.D.'s dog.

Lately I've become fascinated with Judge Parker, though. This plotline has these two characters going off to Paris so Beret Girl can go to art school. There's also some old lady who's dying and some controversy about who she's going to leave her riches to. But the best part is the EXCELLENT French that is spoken by Americans and French people alike. I would say that the author was just translating everything with Babelfish, but I'm not sure even Babelfish would make these errors.

A compilation of favorite recent Judge Parker strips

(3/17/07) French street punks apparently mistake Beret Girl and Red Haired Lady for men.

(3/21/07) Hooker doesn't know how to conjugate. I'll actually allow that, because it turns out in a later strip that she's from Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA, Planet Earth.

(3/26/07) "To want to go for a ride, [missing article] gentlewomen?" "He wants us to take a ride with him, right?" "I don't know, Beret Girl. His French is so bad it's hard to tell."

(3/27/07) "To not be timid, [missing article] girls, us it will not bite." Also: "Working, non! We are loafing about Paris girls, thankyouverymuch."

srah - Wednesday, 28 March 2007 - 12:29 PM
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I LOVE that.

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