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September 27, 2007

The CIA is gonna need Dwight down at their headquarters in Langley for training and an ice cream social

In preparation for the season premiere of The Office, I went to the grocery to buy Office-appropriate foodstuffs. I settled on a container of ice cream, which is nice for four reasons:

  1. Mint chocolate chip is the best flavor of ice cream cake for the birthday of a lactose-intolerant person.
  2. One time, I said I was Bridget Jones and I talked like this for the whole conversation! "I like ice cream! I need a boyfriend!"
  3. It's green and I think green is kind of whoreish.
  4. Turkey Hill ice cream is apparently supposed to be "Philadelphia Style" (whatever that means), so it looks like someone took the slow train from Philly.

Here I am, judging this ice cream with my best Angela face!

Looks like someone took the slow train from Philly

srah | 8:00 PM
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This story is going to be legen-- Wait for it!

About a month and a half ago, I said of my dentist:

This hasn't happened to me, but my boss tells me that whenever he goes to this same dentist, he seems to leave with an armful of free vegetables.

I've got one up on you... when I went to the dentist this week, she gave me a suit!

She and I are similarly-sized, so in addition to our trivia-swapping conversations, we frequently talk about clothes shopping and where to find cute petite-sized clothes.

My dentist said, "It's hard, though, because I'm a bigger size on the top than I am on the bottom."

I responded, "AAAMMMMAAAAPPPPAAAFFFFFFTTTTT," by which I meant, "I'm the opposite." (She understood me, because she is a dentist and the most important dental skill of all is understanding people when their mouths are full of dental tools. That and knowing when to move your hand out of the way and keep someone from biting you when you poke a sensitive part of the tooth with the pokey/scrapey tool during a cleaning. Not that I have experience with that.) When she took her hand out of my mouth, I joked, "We could buy suits together and swap pieces!"

She said, "That reminds me, I have this suit that I bought, and I've only worn it once or twice because it just doesn't fit me right. I bet it would fit you! Do you want it? I could bring it in to the office and you could come pick it up."

What the heck! Free suit! She called me the next day to let me know she'd brought the suit and I could swing by after work to pick it up. She gave it to me and recommended that I try it on, so I changed in the bathroom and came out and modeled it for all of the clinic staff. All of the mirrors in the office seemed to be on little sticks and only appropriate for viewing teeth, rather than full-length views of suits, so I didn't get to see myself until I'd brought it home. But I think it's pretty cute and - even better - a crazy awesome story. All I've ever gotten from my previous dentists was a free toothbrush and a scolding about my flossing habits.

Suit up!

srah | 7:53 PM
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Spreading the word

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Next Wednesday is for delurking, you lovable little mofos!

srah | 6:09 PM
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September 22, 2007

Thank U India

Some things that srah likes:

  • things that are Indian
  • things that are cheap and/or free

It has been a good week to be srah!

The University I Work At's Office of Employee Health and Well-Being has come through again! Although their toning classes conflict with my Arabic schedule, they're now offering Indian Classical Dance classes on Thursdays from 12:10 to 12:40. I have been to one session and - as I'm sure you can guess - I am ready to go on stage and perform professionally any day now. In reality, I don't think half an hour a week is going to get me very far, but I'm not much of a dancer, anyway. Apparently they're offering longer, more frequent classes at the Rec Center, but I would have to pay for those. Um... I like free and infrequent classes better for now. It's just something fun to try, and the classes are low-pressure and (more importantly) the instructor doesn't seem to have very high expectations for us.

Frankly, I'm just impressed that I didn't fall over, because we've only learned how to do one step, where we step to the right and spin. So when we repeat it over and over, we all end up dizzy and clumped together on the right side of the room, trying not to run into each other. I usually try to spin in the other direction when resetting to my position on the left side of the room, just to unwind my brain. Everyone in the class looks pretty silly, which makes me feel okay about my own not-so-stellar dance moves.

Then tonight, I scammed my way into a free Indian dinner, as the friend of a friend of someone who was attending a conference on Indian philosophy and religion which was held at The University I Work At. Apparently two of my professors from Albion have come to this conference in the past, but they weren't here this year. Alas! But free food was there (spicy free food!) so I stuffed myself with the abandon of someone who knows that she would have to drive at least 45 minutes to the nearest Indian restaurant if she wanted to eat food like this again.

Which brings me to my final exciting point. I had a conversation recently that went something like this:

Me: I can't believe that space that the Hallmark store used to be in is still under construction. It's crazy. I want to see what's going in there. I've heard it's going to be a Chinese restaurant, but--
Other Person: I heard a rumor it's an Indian restaurant!
Me: ... um... I think I might have started that rumor. Out of wishful thinking.

So here I was, thinking that I am pretty cool and Srahtown is really small if I can manage to create rumors and urban legends out of thin air and perpetuate them to the point where they come back to me anonymously. I knew the restaurant had to be Chinese, no matter how hard I wished for it to be Indian and no matter what the rumors were. Two different reasonably knowledgeable sources had told us it would be Chinese. When I walked uptown today, my suspicions were confirmed by this sign on the building under construction:


Alas and alack! I thought, My blog-readers were not clapping hard enough. Lazy! Grumble grumble. Not earning their keep around here. It was a Chinese restaurant, and no amount of wishing was going to erase that sign.

But my disappointment was to be short-lived, as I discovered that the confusion over this restaurant was not based entirely on my rumor-mongering, but on the fact that a Chinese restaurant and an Indian restaurant are going to be opening soon. And what's more, the Indian restaurant - rather than uptown - is going to be less than a five minute walk from my apartment. By November, they should have the brewery-turned-New-Age-bookstore-turned-Indian-restaurant open for business, and then I will have another place in this small town to become a regular! You guys are the best clappers ever! I'm sorry I doubted you.

srah | 12:17 PM
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September 20, 2007

Upper- Middle-Class Twit of the Year

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I signed up for Twitter almost a year ago. I was going to admit to you that it was because I have some sort of addiction to everything social networking/web 2.0-related, but instead I think I will claim that it's because I am trying to establish my online identity by becoming the DOMINANT SRAH OF THE INTERNET. If I early-adopt everything on the Internet, I am more likely to get the username "srah" before anyone else takes it. There. Now ignore what I said about addiction. What addiction?

Anyway, everyone was hopping on the Twitter bandwagon and although I signed up and sent a little Twitter out into the void, it wasn't really something I took seriously. Every couple of months I would remember that I had an account and put something up there, but I wasn't using it regularly. Why on earth would I want to let everyone know what I was doing/feeling at every minute of the day?

Then the Twitter application arrived on Facebook and suddenly I was reading all of my Twittering friends' Twitters throughout the day. Chad(dq) twittered that he wished more of his friends would Twitter and I thought, Okaaaaaaaaay. I'll give it a try, but this is not going to stick. Famous last words of the social networking addict! I Twittered through the UM-Oregon game and through the UM-Notre Dame game and now I seem to be hooked.

So in the last month I have been spending more time on Twitter than on my blog, unfortunately. I suppose it's unfortunate. It means that I'm working on compressing all of my thoughts into 140 characters, rather than telling real stories. But on the other hand that sort of compression is just a different kind of creative process. And it has been a nice way to get updates from the everyday lives of people I don't hear from that often, like these chuckleheads:

I am fascinated by all of your stories and conversations, and that is what keeps me hovering around Twitter!

srah | 6:30 PM
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September 19, 2007


'Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me beauties. What be ye doing to celebrate this momentous holiday?

I've got a veritable harrrrrrrrrrrrrrvest of pirate jokes!

For example:

  • What kind of library do pirates work in?
  • What do you call a pirate who sets fire to his own ship?
  • What's a pirate's favorite candy bar?
  • Where do pirates like to go in North Dakota?
  • What's a pirate's favorite Hogwarts subject?
  • Who's a pirate's favorite economic theorist?

The nice thing is that you may come up with even better punchlines than the one I intended!

srah | 6:42 AM
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September 17, 2007

An Ann Arbor legend

RIP Shaky Jake

srah | 5:16 PM
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September 16, 2007

Great CD Swap of 2007, Volume 1

Another post about music! At least it's not a dream.

Tiff recently announced a CD Swap where the theme was "My Favorite Songs from the Past 10 Years." I assembled my playlist, then found that it was 63 songs long. Sigh. So I had to do some pruning. Here's the final tracklisting of the CD that's going out to Tiff on Monday (hidden in the extension in case she doesn't want to be spoiled):

srah | 12:56 PM
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I dreamt last night that I was both watching and - at times - in the movie The Departed, which had Jessica Simpson as the female lead. In this dream version of The Departed, there was a twist at the end where it turned out everyone had been committing cannibalism all along. The dream was so vivid that it took me a long time after I woke up to convince myself that that's not how The Departed actually ended.

srah | 10:58 AM
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September 15, 2007


I dreamt that I was in Ann Arbor and that Michigan Stadium was on the corner of Hill and State. Outside the stadium, there were a LOT of taco stands, including one that catered exclusively to fans of the visiting team, and had the OSU logo all over it. I went down into a subway stop right near there, but then came right back up. I don't remember now what happened down there - if I decided not to take the subway or if in my dream, as in real life, it turned out Ann Arbor didn't have a subway system. I was trying to get to Canham Natatorium to meet my family, so I decided I would walk even though I didn't have the most comfortable of shoes on. Then a big bus came by and there were people I knew on it. They offered me a ride so I accepted, but they weren't really going in the direction I was supposed to be going in, so I kept scheming about what would be the best place to get off and start walking again. Some guy was hitting on me and Robin was upset that I was letting him flirt with me.

Then there's a gap where I don't remember anything but the next thing I remember I was some sort of nanny or something to a family like the Brady Bunch or the family from Step By Step. I can't remember if I was really a nanny to a large family or if I was an actress who played the nanny to a large family on TV. Anyway, that night I was in some bar. I can't remember who was there, but there was a person who was a lot like Cody from Step By Step. I think I had a crush on him in the dream. Then (this is the part that made me want to record this dream for posterity) two people dressed as Robocop showed up in the bar, made my college roommate and I put on Robocop costumes with huge oversized sweatshirts over them and made us look at sumo wrestler p0rn. Then I woke up. I think I'm glad I woke up.

srah | 8:49 AM
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September 12, 2007

Guess Again

My, there's been a flurry of blogging around here today! My blogging process is, like the Internet, a series of tubes. When one post that I perceive as particularly serious or long (like the one about Madeleine L'Engle) is in the works, it clogs everything else up. I don't want to blog anything else before I got that done, so a lot of things just hang around in the idea-stage until I finish.

Anyway, here's a little meme I got from pesky'apostrophe and then it's off to bed with me!¹

Here are the [adapted] rules for the meme:
  1. Put your mp3 player or music player on your computer on random.
  2. Post the first four lines from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song (Skip repeat artists).
  3. Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.

Leave your guesses in the comments. Some will be super easy, but try not to cheat by Googling.

They are in the extension below! I have only altered the list by skipping covers and mashups and songs in foreign languages.

¹ No, you can't come to bed with me.

srah | 10:35 PM
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Excellence is good (I wish we were)

This is a really exciting time to be a Michigan fan. My director is a Notre Dame graduate, so this afternoon when talk turned to weekend plans, our conversation was basically My Team Is Going to Lose to Your Team. Both teams are 0-2 for the season so far, and going up against each other this weekend in what has been referred to as "Cripple Fight 2007" or "The Slump Buster Bowl". I think we have the advantage for MTIGTLTYT, though, with a freshman quarterback with half a game's experience (as opposed to a freshman quarterback with two games' experience), and losses to much smaller teams. But SOMEONE will end up 1-2 by the time this weekend is over!

Unless, as my sister points out, they are still 0-0 in overtime by Monday morning.


srah | 9:47 PM
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The Sea of Holes

I have been struggling with my Arabic ever since classes started in the middle of August. It's like all of the vocabulary from my first year is floating around in my head, but I lost all of the connections over the summer. I will think of an Arabic word but it won't be connected to the meaning in English or the Arabic spelling. Or I'll remember how to spell a word, but not how to pronounce it or what it means. Or I will know that I should know how to say something in Arabic - that we learned it just last semester - but it won't come to mind. So at any given time I might know "al-imtihan", "the test" and "الامتحان" but not that these are all the same thing.

We have an assignment in every chapter where we must listen to sentences for each of our new vocabulary words on the DVD that goes with our book, then write out the sentences. Since I have huge holes in my vocabulary now, the process goes like this:

  1. Listen to sentence on DVD.
  2. Guess the spelling of one word (if you do not understand the first word of the sentence, return to step 1).
  3. Look word up in the dictionary to see how to spell it (if you can't find the word in the dictionary, you may have heard it wrong. Return to step 1).
  4. Write word down. If you then realize that you forgot to figure out what the word meant. Return to step 3.
  5. Return to step 1 and repeat for approximately 10 words per sentence.
  6. Repeat the entire process for all 27 vocabulary words and their sentences.

If I knew what words meant and how to spell them, that would cut out an awful lot of work and and awful lot of re-listenings. I'm not sure there are are enough hours in the day for me to be listening to these Arabic sentences 270 times. That is a lot of listening. So I usually get frustrated at my lack of ability, give up after a few sentences and go to class unprepared, hoping that even if I can't retain the old vocabulary, I'll be able to pick up on the new stuff. But the lack of old vocabulary affects all of my understanding, so I spend the class hour with a furrowed brow, frustrated again because I'm just as lost in class as I am at home and embarrassed when the professor calls on me and I have to say "لا اعرف/la aref/I don't know." That phrase is from last semester, too, but I've had plenty of opportunities to repeat it this year.

I've been really frustrated with myself. On one hand, I feel guilty because the truth is I could be working harder. And on the other hand, I feel like no matter how hard I work, it doesn't make a difference. And as new vocabulary and grammar is poured on us, I'm still drowning in the old stuff.

I really hate asking for help. It is one of the things that bothers me most about myself, academically, that I would rather fail and complain than ask for help. I think it comes from years of being told that I was "smart," and I feel like having to ask for help says that no, I'm not actually just naturally brilliant, I am flawed and I have to ask for help because I am less than perfect. Insufferable pride!

Today I finally sucked it up and went up to the teacher after class. I'd been avoiding him for weeks, usually because I hadn't finished the homework assignments, but I approached him and asked if we could have an out-of-class review session over what we learned last year and told him that I felt lost and needed help. He said that although he hadn't expected to have this problem, a lot of the students were in the same situation as me in terms of the loss of last year's vocabulary over the summer. So next week sometime there will be an evening review session and we'll start weekly tutoring hours. In the meantime, it's good to know that a) I'm not the only one who feels this way and b) there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

srah | 9:38 PM
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A wife of seventeen? You shall find me a wife of a thousand...

For once, this is a message that I just sent, rather than an open letter on my blog going out into the void.

Dear CNN Money,

Your article "Where the singles are" might have been more interesting and effective if it had taken into account the ages of the singles in the towns listed. For example, I'm sure that [Srahtown] is a great place to be an 18-21 year old single (about 66% of the population of the town is 18-24) but as a 27 year old in that town, it isn't quite as glamorous. I noticed that most of the towns on the list were college towns and I think that skewed your answers. It felt like lazy research, because the list is only useful or interesting to high school seniors who are making their college choice based on the dating scene. Maybe you could do a follow-up article on "Where the 25-40 year old singles are." I think you'd come up with very different results.

I am not going to bother to put this one in Gilbert and Sullivan format.

In happier news, we had our first event for the organization we are currently calling "New(ish) and Young(ish) in [Srahtown]." We had six people turn out and a good time was had by all. It was really nice to get out and do something social and it was a nice feeling to have done something about the social scene in town, rather than just complaining about it. I am energized and all ready to go out and socialize some more! I am an Organizer!

srah | 8:37 PM
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I raise my mug of Bunsen-burner hot cocoa to you

"It was a dark and stormy night."

- A Wrinkle in Time, opening line

I was saddened to read this weekend of the passing of Madeleine L'Engle, one of my favorite authors. After reading the articles I realize it has been years since I read A Wrinkle in Time, so that is my current bedside reading for this week. For years I've thought that the other books in the Time Quartet - A Wind in the Door, Many Waters and A Swiftly Tilting Planet - were better than the first book in the series, but upon rereading, this one is very moving - even more so than when I read it as a child. I'm going to have to reread the entire series, I think.

"But what is it?" Calvin demanded. "We know that it's evil, but what is it?"

"Yyouu hhave ssaidd itt!" Mrs. Which's voice rang out. "Itt iss Eevill. Itt iss thee Ppowers of Ddarrkknesss!"

"But what's going to happen?" Meg's voice trembled. "Oh, please, Mrs. Which, tell us what's going to happen!"

"Wee wwill cconnttinnue tto ffightt!"

Something in Mrs. Which's voice made all three of the children stand straighter, throwing back their shoulders with determination, looking at the glimmer that was Mrs. Which with pride and confidence.

"And we're not alone, you know, children," came Mrs. Whatsit, the comforter. "All through the universe it's being fought, all through the cosmos, and my, but it's a grand and exciting battle. I know it's hard for you to understand about size, how there's very little difference in the size of the tiniest microbe and the greatest galaxy. You think about that, and maybe it won't seem strange to you that some of our very best fighters have come right from your own planet, and it's a little planet, dears, out on the edge of a little galaxy. You can be proud that it's done so well."

"Who have our fighters been?" Calvin asked.

"Oh, you must know them, dear," Mrs. Whatsit said.

Mrs. Who's spectacles shown out at them triumphantly. "And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."

"Jesus!" Charles Wallace said. "Why of course, Jesus!"

"Of course!" Mrs. Whatsit said. "Go on, Charles, love. There were others. All your great artists. They've been lights for us to see by."

"Leonardo da Vinci?" Calvin suggested tentatively. "And Michelangelo?"

"And Shakespeare," Charles Wallace called out, "and Bach! And Pasteur and Madame Curie and Einstein!"

Now Calvin's voice rang with confidence. "And Schweitzer and Ghandi and Buddha and Beethoven and Rembrandt and St. Francis!"

"Now you, Meg," Mrs. Whatsit ordered.

"Oh, Euclid, I suppose." Meg was in such an agony of impatience that her voice grated irritably. "And Copernicus. But what about Father? Please, what about Father?"

"Wee aarre ggoingg tto your ffatherr," Mrs. Which said.

"But where is he?" Meg went over to Mrs. Which and stamped as though she were as young as Charles Wallace.

Mrs. Whatsit answered in a voice that was low but quite firm. "On a planet that has given in. So you must prepare to be very strong."

- A Wrinkle in Time, chapter 5 "The Tesseract"

These are great books for emotional involvement: in the characters and their quests and the themes of love and goodness triumphing over evil, the goodness in each person, the importance of the smallest person or creature in the bigger picture of the universe and the triumph of peace and creation over war and destruction. I've always thought that they would make a great movie series. Nowadays big-budget movies based on fantasy books seem to be popping up all over the place (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Narnia, A Series of Unfortunate Events, His Dark Materials, even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and I would love to see a well-done movie version of A Wrinkle in Time. On the other hand, maybe it is impossible to capture all that is great about this series in movie-format. Madeleine L'Engle is great at heart-wrenching emotional descriptions that might not transfer as well to film. There was a terrible, terrible Disney made-for-TV version a few years back, and I am pleased to see that Madeleine L'Engle's reaction was much the same as mine:

"I have glimpsed it... I expected it to be bad, and it is."

These books are the sort of thing that you can appreciate on one level as a child but even more so as an adult. I never liked A Wind in the Door much as a child, but after I reread it as an adult, I came to love them all - even the grumpy, skeptical principal Mr Jenkins and Sporos, the contumacious farandola.

"I Name you Echthroi. I Name you Meg.
I Name you Calvin.
I Name you Mr. Jenkins.
I Name you Proginoskes.
I fill you with Naming.
Be, butterfly and behemoth,
be galaxy and grasshopper,
star and sparrow,
you matter,
you are,
Be caterpillar and comet,
Be porcupine and planet,
sea sand and solar system,
sing with us,
dance with us,
rejoice with us,
for the glory of creation,
seagulls and seraphim
angle worms and angel host,
chrysanthemum and cherubim.
(O cherubim.)
Sing for the glory
of the living and the loving
the flaming of creation
sing with us
dance with us
be with us.

- A Wind in the Door, chapter 12 "A Wind in the Door"

Mr JenkinsMrs L'Engle, the Mr Jenkins who I Named and I mourn your loss.

"In this fateful hour,
I place all Heaven with its power,
And the sun with its brightness,
And the snow with its whiteness,
And the fire with all the strength it hath,
And the lightning with its rapid wrath,
And the winds with their swiftness along their path,
And the sea with its deepness,
And the rocks with their steepness,
And the earth with its starkness:
All these I place,
By God's almighty help and grace
Between myself and the powers of darkness!"

- A Swiftly Tilting Planet, "Patrick's Rune"

srah | 7:23 PM
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September 11, 2007

That is not horseradish on the roast beef

Lola, 9/11/2007

It would appear that this Lola person is from Ohio.

srah | 9:48 PM
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September 8, 2007

Why couldn't it be 'follow the butterflies'?

Last night as I returned home from the annual Latin American & Caribbean festival, I noticed that there was a huge black spider building a web across the window in the corner of my apartment building's entryway. I didn't think a whole lot of it, but then I woke up at 3:30am realizing that it might be a black widow.

I spent about an hour looking at pictures of black widows on the Internet (which look suspiciously like this spider by my doorway) and reading about all of the damage their poison can do. Then I probably spent another hour trying to fall back asleep and trying to convince myself that since there were two doors between us and it had probably been there quite a while before I noticed it, the black widow probably wasn't going to come and bite me in the night. Then after I finally woke up again I didn't leave the house until 2pm. I could have left a lot earlier, but it took me a while to work up the nerve to walk past the web again (even though black widows are nocturnal and it is sleeping in its little den right now).

We don't have poisonous spiders in Michigan! I am pretty sure there is a sign at the border, written in Spiderese, that says "Poisonous Spiders Not Welcome Here." I do not know what to do about poisonous spiders! What is wrong with this godforsaken spider-ridden state? Make them go away! Where is Ron Weasley to rescue me????

srah | 3:13 PM
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Roast the Ducks!

Who's ready for some MICHIGAN FOOTBALL?!

(I hope the team is.)

ETA: The team was not.

srah | 3:11 PM
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September 6, 2007


I dreamt I went to a coffee shop where Jamelah was my barista. She made me my drink, set it in front of me, then said, "I can't sell this to you." I was really annoyed because the drink was within reach and she was denying me! She said it was because she couldn't make change for whatever I had (how did you know I didn't have any small bills, Jamelah? How did you know?). Then she wouldn't accept my credit card. Finally she decided she could break my large bill, but I wasn't going to like my change. She gave me some kind of enormous plate-sized Incan coin, several dollar coins (which, in my dream, were about the diameter of a coffee cup and pretty heavy) and a whole lot of other little coins. I was also carrying a pewter tray and a whole bunch of books for some reason. Then I had to walk all over this neon-colored dream Ann Arbor carrying all of my heavy change and other items in a pile, with my drink on top.

To see coins in your dream, indicates missed or overlooked opportunities that come your way.

To see coins stacked in your dream, symbolizes masculine power, dominance, and energy.


So apparently I am missing my opportunity with the very masculine Jamelah. Or something. Is it weird to dream about blog-people? At least I've met Jamelah, unlike the last blog-person that I dreamt about (and did not blog about because I thought that would be weird). This is probably weird too. Sorry.

srah | 5:30 PM
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September 4, 2007

You'd think a bit of snogging would cheer her up!

Last night I decided I wanted to go to the movies, so I searched online to find all of the movies that were playing in a two-town radius, then narrowed that down to the ones I wanted to see. It came down to:

  • Superbad
  • The Simpsons Movie
  • Hairspray
  • Becoming Jane
  • The Nanny Diaries

So I went to see... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Again. It was nice, though, because I got a private showing. Apparently no one else wants to see months-old movies on Labor Day night (Labor Night?).

In my defense, I guessed that it would be interesting to see the film again since the first time I'd seen it was before HP7 was released. And I was right! Between the release of the 5th movie and the 7th book, I read:

There was one character that was going to be cut from Movie 5, but JK advised that doing so might create problems for later movies.

When I read that, I figured it was Percy Weasley or Kreacher, both of whom appear in the movie but aren't integral to the plot. But what I noticed last night (and laughed out loud in the the empty theater when I saw it) was that when Ron, Harry and Hermione enter the Hog's Head for their Who Wants to Be In Dumbledore's Army Introductory Information Session, the bartender of the Hog's Head is briefly viewed shooing a goat out from behind the bar. Not quite as significant as his part in the book (which isn't that significant, anyway) but that's another possibility for the character JK Rowling insisted on keeping.

srah | 12:32 PM
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