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I dreamt that I was in Ann Arbor and that Michigan Stadium was on the corner of Hill and State. Outside the stadium, there were a LOT of taco stands, including one that catered exclusively to fans of the visiting team, and had the OSU logo all over it. I went down into a subway stop right near there, but then came right back up. I don't remember now what happened down there - if I decided not to take the subway or if in my dream, as in real life, it turned out Ann Arbor didn't have a subway system. I was trying to get to Canham Natatorium to meet my family, so I decided I would walk even though I didn't have the most comfortable of shoes on. Then a big bus came by and there were people I knew on it. They offered me a ride so I accepted, but they weren't really going in the direction I was supposed to be going in, so I kept scheming about what would be the best place to get off and start walking again. Some guy was hitting on me and Robin was upset that I was letting him flirt with me.

Then there's a gap where I don't remember anything but the next thing I remember I was some sort of nanny or something to a family like the Brady Bunch or the family from Step By Step. I can't remember if I was really a nanny to a large family or if I was an actress who played the nanny to a large family on TV. Anyway, that night I was in some bar. I can't remember who was there, but there was a person who was a lot like Cody from Step By Step. I think I had a crush on him in the dream. Then (this is the part that made me want to record this dream for posterity) two people dressed as Robocop showed up in the bar, made my college roommate and I put on Robocop costumes with huge oversized sweatshirts over them and made us look at sumo wrestler p0rn. Then I woke up. I think I'm glad I woke up.

srah - Saturday, 15 September 2007 - 8:49 AM
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