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February 28, 2006

Stranger in an even stranger land

Dear Southwestern Ohio,


Who the hell puts cupcake frosting on a friggin' pączek?

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Eye spy with my little eye a place beginning with eye

Or rather... I will in a week. Well, technically, a week from tomorrow at some obscene hour of the morning.

But where am I going? Will it be potatoes and Mormons¹, or corn and wrestlers, or car racing and basketball, or whatever Illinois is famous for? Will it be all leprechauns and shamrocks? Geysers and Björk? Religious fundamentalism and... um, reading Lolita? Roadside bombings and potential civil war? Curry and outsourced call centers? Marinara sauce and gondolas? Gamelans and... whatever else they have in Indonesia?

Such mystery! Just you wait and see!

¹ No. Sorry!

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February 27, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

Here are my free associations!

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February 23, 2006

D.H.A.R.M.A. may cause dry mouth, hair loss, an overly alert feeling, and in some cases may diminish your sex drive.

Spoilerfix.com has a few pretty stupid notes on next week's Lost. But one of them intrigues me... (rather vague and strange spoiler after the jump)

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Your mission (please choose to accept it!)

So there's this website, creatively titled DressKevin.com, where you can... dress Kevin. He says that he will dress in whatever pieces get the most votes, whether or not they go together. Yesterday Fark.com got wind of the site and managed to make him wear argyle socks to the gym. BORING. I remember the outfit being much worse, so either Fark was outvoted (unthinkable!) or he didn't really wear everything that got the highest votes.

There have been pretty bad outfits in the past, but there's so much potential to be worse. Let's all vote together and try to dress Kevin in an outfit of my creation:

My favorite outfit for Kevin

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February 22, 2006

This week's theme: Everybody likes little boys

Uh... American Idol. As a group, the girls are more talented than the guys, but they also have less personality and are less interesting. I know that you are all clamoring for my thoughts on this evening's episode, so I will just cut and paste an email that I sent to my AI-watching friends this evening, because I am lazy. Suck it!

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The intense creamery situation of the Middle East

I turned on the radio as I left the hospital this morning and the Diane Rehm Show was on. I usually find her spasmodically dysphonic voice too slow and painful to listen to, but I was just using it as background noise and not really paying attention until I heard her say “... given all of this talk above the table of hostility and withholding of monies and, uh, guns and money and butter, are there negotiations going on behind the scenes?" Since I'd just gotten into the car and had missed about half of the discussion, I had no way of knowing if the topic of butter had come up earlier. But it seemed out of place given that the discussion topic was "Hamas at the helm". You can check it out for yourself - the part about butter starts around 26:30.

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Our second and third place contestants will receive... Scooby Doo band-aids!

This morning, I took the Glucose Challenge and I won! At least... I think I won. They're going to let me know. I guess they have to wait for the voting public to weigh in. Actually, come to think of it, I don't remember seeing any of the other contestants. Or any cameras. This is the worst reality show ever!

Well, that ate two hours out of my life. Actually, it ate a lot more, if you count all the time I spent thinking about food when I was supposed to be fasting 10-12 hours before the test. And if you count the fact that the horrible orangey glucose drink ate my soul. I HAVE NO SOUL! THAT STUFF WAS VILE! I'm pretty sure that it was the concentrate of McDonald's orange drink, rebottled for medical purposes. So what they did was steal all the blood out of my arm, force me to drink SOUL-EATING MCDONALD'S BEVERAGES, make me sit in the waiting room, reading a book and trying not to pass out as my body created more blood, then steal the rest of it two hours later.

In an effort to use my time off in the most efficient way possible, I set off to the county seat¹ to get my car stuff in order. So I went to the BMV to get my car's out-of-state inspection, where they told me that in order to register the car in Ohio, I was going to need two forms of identification including one with my social security number on it. None of my ID has my social security number on it! Not even my passport. It means that I would have to dig up my social security card, wherever that is. So they gave me directions to the Social Security Office so that I could get a new card. Well, this car has to be registered by early next month and I don't want to take any more time off work, so I guess I've got to do it.

I drove across town to the Title Office at the County Clerk's Office and chatted with the staff there. The husband of the woman who helped me had recently applied for a new Social Security card and she told me horror stories of the documents I'd have to provide... but she didn't have a phone number so that I could call ahead to find out what these documents were. Alas, back in the car.

I went over to the Social Security office, took my number, sat a while and was called to the window, where I found out that I could get my new card by providing a driver's license and just telling the clerk my social security number. HOORAY! HALLELUJAH! LET ANGELS REJOICE! I'm going to marry the social security clerk. Once I realized that I didn't have to drive back to Town I Live In to get my passport, the seemingly endless driving melted away and I realized: all of the lines I'd been in were short, I spent such a short time at the County Clerk's that I wasn't charged when I left the parking structure and everyone I'd dealt with was friendly and nice and happy. For all the driving around and bureaucracy (and the fact that I had to make two separate trips to the BMV), it could have been so much worse!

Documents in hand, I went back to the BMV, where I filled out all the necessary forms, paid my money, showed off my lovely forms of identification and registered my car in Ohio - and even registered to vote since I was already there. So now I have ultra-glamorous new Ohio license plates (*flips hair like Jan Brady*).

And it has just occurred to me that I'm going to have to find a way to put a license plate on the front of my car. Ooops. How does one do that?

¹ "Seven, eight, nine, ten, fourteen, twenty-two, twenty-three miles to the county seat!" "Yes sir! Yes sir!"

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February 21, 2006

Someone told me nothing's happening at the zoo

MaCAW!  MaCAW!I lived in Michigan for the first 26 years of my life and I went to Detroit for three things:

When I came to Detroit for these events, my family and I often made a day of it, eating dinner in Greektown or somewhere else in the city. But if the idiotic Detroit City Council gets their way and closes the zoo, I will be 33% less likely to a) go to Detroit and b) spend money there. (Actually, I haven't been to a hockey game in years, so it will probably be 50% less.) Ever-popular local blogger Suburban Bliss has some more thoughts on this, including a story about some city council members claiming that this is about race and an online petition you can sign.

So much for the Detroit Renaissance, for becoming a city that people would like to visit, much less live in.

It's a good zoo. It's just a city run by morons.

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More data needed!

I am such an Information nerd. As much as I left the hard Information professions, I am still pathetically obsessed with the Life Cycle of Information. Did I make that phrase up or did we read that somewhere? Who's Marcia Bates? What's a structuration? Okay, so I don't remember who wrote what article about what and I'll never really be fit to work as a librarian, ALA-certification or not, but I still like information.

And my Johari window, I feel, does not have enough data to draw significant conclusions from. Go pick the words that apply to me and see how they match up with my opinions of myself.

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February 20, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

Songies galore are in my head, only to be released through the power of free associations!

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February 17, 2006

Haiku is a way/ to make a boring entry/ tons more interesting

Srah has a craving
for couscous, although she would
accept tabouleh.

Searching for restaurants?
Fruitless. The school dining halls
Likewise are devoid.

Couscous here must be
prepared at home, which is not
Feasible for lunch.


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February 16, 2006

You may not have felt anything, but I just kicked you in the solar plexus, suckah

I went to the first session of a self-defense class tonight. When I left I was all sweaty. What the heck? Forget this self-defense, man. You can have my wallet, just don't make me break a sweat.

Speaking of things I'd like to beat up, how about this weather of ours?

This week's weather

My sweaty self and I brought along a coat and a sweatshirt, prepared for normal February weather, but walked out of class in a t-shirt.

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February 15, 2006

Tonight's special: Clobbered Cobbler

Which syllable do you stress in the word "insurance"? I am just starting to figure out that I have moved far enough south that the stress has changed syllables from what I'm used to. I won't prejudice your answer by telling what I've moved to and from.

Also, people in this area seem to feel free to use "smashed" as an adjective to describe food preparation techniques. I know I've seen that at least three times, but I can't remember where the third was. To me, "smashed" does not connote "awesome food-type goodness" but rather describes "detritus after a visit from The Hulk" or at least "things that have been mashed with great violence, to the point where bits of it splattered against the wall and had to be scraped onto your plate. Mind the lead paint chips."

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February 13, 2006

What I did this weekend

Say hello to my little fwiend!

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February 12, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

Here are my free associations for the week. Ta da!

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February 9, 2006

Sarah's television recaps/predictions/woes in one handy package

There may be spoilers mixed in here, so if you have not yet watched all the shows you ought to, then you'd better cover your eyes as you scroll down the page and have a trusted friend tell you when to open them. This is the extent of my non-spoiling efforts. So there.

  • FIRST OF ALL, please have it be known that I saw The Last Temptation of Homer on TV Tuesday night and later read this thread on Fark and as a result, the name "Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo" has been echoing in my brain for hours now. Whenever my brain is at rest, it repeats "Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo" endlessly until I can come up with another active thought to replace it. I can't idly muse on anything else because JOEY JO-JO JUNIOR SHABADOO JOEY JO-JO JUNIOR SHABADOO FOR GOD'S SAKE MAKE IT STOP.
  • Dear Miniature Cowboy on American Idol,
    No one is going to yell at you. No one is going to kick you off the show. You are a tiny wee tearful cowboy with a Rock Hudson-esque appreciation for the lights of the big city and "all those buildin's full o' people." You ain't never been on a plane before, been on a stage before, sung to anyone but your turkeys before and you jump and twirl and say things like "Gosh." You could sing like a turkey instead of to a turkey and the judges would send you on to the next round. It's not just about the singing. You are American Idol gold, foo'.
  • Dear The Brittenum Twins,
  • As for Lost, I will just copy over everything I put in my comments on Fraulein N's recap rather than trying to come up with new ways to express my thoughts on the show. I'm lazy.
    I had trouble following who was conning who in this episode. I didn't really feel like the show was saying "You thought you knew Sawyer... BUT YOU DON'T!" It was more like "Look, Sawyer is completely unpredictable because his personality is inconsistent." Is he nice? Is he not? What the hell? I guess it's because I don't really believe his "I never did a good thing in my life" thing.

    Why is Sawyer the only one on the island who needs glasses... and then only for reading? Where's my myopics at, yo?

    Also... I hope that the writers weren't banking on us having sympathy for Charlie before they had him whack Sun in the head. I hope someone whacks him.

    On the Official Lost Podcast they said to keep an eye out for an exciting flashback crossover. Woo, Kate's Waitress Mom, being a waitress. Which we've already seen her do. That really added to her character or the interweaving of the plot. Pointless!

    Uh... I sound negative. The episode wasn't bad, actually.
  • I watch too much TV.
  • My predictions for Beauty and the Geek: Unless they get immunity, Wes/Sarah and Cher/Josh will go to the elimination room this week. I think it's abundantly clear now who's a threat. I kind of want Brittany/Joe to win, because Brittany's my favorite Beauty (she comes off as being nice and has a cute mousy little voice to go with it) and Joe has been flying under the radar.
  • And finally, my (not particularly realistic but when is this show ever realistic?) predictions for Arrested Development: Justine Bateman will be revealed to be Michael's real twin sister, switched at birth, and Lindsay will be revealed to be not only not Michael's sister, but a man. C'mon. Who is this impostor anyway? S/he doesn't even have the Bluth nose.
  • Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo. *cries*

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February 8, 2006


There have been a couple of times at work this week when I've had to repress the desire to throw my arms in the air and exclaim ¡STUDY ABROAD! in the manner of ¡STEVE HOLT!.

(I think it's really necessary to preface these exclamations with the little Spanish upside-down ! to get across the ¡STEVE HOLT!ishness of the situation. Yes?

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February 6, 2006

Two legs good, fake 'water' beverage baaaaaaaaaad

Sometimes my blog posts serve to inform others, and sometimes they serve to record my thoughts so that I do not make the same mistake over and over again. For the record, Glaceau Vitaminwater "Focus" kiwi-strawberry flavored beverage is a mistake I would prefer not to make again and also one that I would like to warn the world about. Isn't that handy? All that this beverage is managing to make me "focus" on is the fact that it tastes bad. That and the fact that it claims to be a drink made up of vitamins + water but also contains 4% of your daily value of sugars. And 100% of your daily value of nast. Boo. I bought this and an "Energy" citrus-flavored one on a whim. Let's hope that one's more appealing than this junk.

Now I shall continue drinking it because I'm cheap and stupid and thirsty.

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February 5, 2006


Last night I dreamt an episode of Arrested Development where Rita was going to be in some kind of televised sporting event so Michael was trying to arrange for the whole family to watch it together, George Michael had decided it was finally time to reveal his feelings for Maeby, and Lucille and Oscar were up to something too, but I'm not sure what. It involved huge Esther Williams-esque musical synchronized swimming numbers (I mean really huge, like thousands and thousands of people) and Michael collecting George Michael and Maeby from the swimming thing, dragging them home to see Rita's thing and trying to get Lucille and Oscar off the couch with a line that was something like, "Eating broth is not a sport and this couch is for the sporty ones in the house. And that's us." I think George Michael's plans had revolved around the musical/swimming number, but he was trying to find a way to regroup and try again during Rita's TV appearance. When they sat down to watch it, he was wearing my pyjamas. Then I woke up before anything started.

[You know what's stupid? The 2-hour series finale is going to be this FRIDAY. Friday? Who watches TV on a Friday? Stupid network.]

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Unconscious Mutterings

Here you go. Enjoy the free associations!

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February 4, 2006


I dreamt last night that I went to Paris with my dad and got lost a lot by getting on the wrong buses and metro lines. We found some fountain that apparently I'd seen in the movie Sabrina and a lot of other stuff that I'd never seen on previous trips to Paris. Later the whole family was on this bus full of tourists and we went to some market where I was having a good old time speaking French to a saleslady and some other American tourist. We ran into Robin's mom, who had missed her bus, so we asked our bus driver if she could come with us, then she revealed that she was here with Pato and his host mother. So we took them all on the bus.

Later in the dream I was taken away to this strange farm house late at night. In the morning I woke up and there was heavy metal music playing and it was snowing hard. During the day we went to this Fun House that had a bunch of costumes, so Harvey Fierstein, two other guys and I put on a show on the exit steps of the Fun House. The guys were all in drag and I had this clear plastic dress on with a long t-shirt underneath. Then the sheriff called us over and made us sign a waiver. I've forgotten what the details of the waiver were - whether they had to do with the show we'd just done or the information he gave us about how the state of Indiana adds an extra tax to cigarettes, alcohol and milk but that they'll remove the tax when they see you aren't stealing them¹. Then in the evening, some bad stuff happened and I'm hazy on the details. It may have involved kidnapping and blowing up the entire world.

Whatever it was, I was surprised when I woke up the next morning Groundhog Day style - it was the same day, but the house appeared to be flying through the air and I could see that it was raining and there was no snow and the children were setting up a miniature golf course. So I thought it might be a better day than the one before and I might have an opportunity to stop the guys from blowing up the world. The house landed pretty softly and I put on some tights before I woke up.

¹ I realize now that this makes no sense because they wouldn't pay ANYTHING if they were stealing it. It made perfect sense in the dream.

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February 3, 2006

French Women Do Get Fat(ter)

Now where am I going to shop for clothes?

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I don't want him touching me, whether or not I can hear


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'And he didn't expect me to join him in this song...'

Long have I bemoaned the fact that my current favorite commercial is for a local steakhouse that I had never heard of before moving to Ohio, so I couldn't share the joy with anyone back in Michigan. But now, thanks to the power of the almighty Intarnets, I can.

For some reason, that song has been in my head for about a week. It doesn't inspire me to go to Longhorn Steakhouse, but it does inspire me to think about Lou Ferrigno about forty times a day.

*decapitates self*

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Hats off to the new age hairstyle made of bones

While I generally have some kind of anxiety about using the phone, I can usually just suck it up and git 'er done. However, I put off setting up an appointment for a haircut for a couple of weeks. I don't know why it was so hard, but I kept thinking, "Naaah, I'll do it later." Maybe I suspected, deep down, that if I waited long enough, the salon would call me. I called last Friday, hoping that I could get an appointment for Monday evening. No dice. The next time she was free after 5 was Wednesday. Alas! My hair would remain longish and stringy for an even longer time.

On Wednesday, the day of my appointment, I carefully chose clothes I wasn't too concerned about covering in hair. It is generally a good rule not to wear anything that needs to be dry cleaned, because when the little itchy pieces of hair fall down your neck and get stuck to your sweater, it's sometimes best to just take it off and wash it. So there I was, all prepared and planning my evening around this hair cut. Not that my evening was very exciting, but... you know, I had to, like, make some dinner and watch American Idol. Maybe do some grocery shopping for a little social interaction with other human beings.

Then I got a call from the stylist saying that she was sorry but she needed to reschedule my appointment. Could I come in earlier that day? No, I had to work. Well, the first time she'd be able to reschedule was for Thursday. Alas, my outfit was chosen for naught. I grumbled a bit and went back to work. Then later in the afternoon, I got a call from someone else at the salon, saying that whatever it was that had come up had been moved to Thursday. Crap, thort I, I can't put this off much longer! My hair is painfully bad! She asked if it would be possible to move my haircut back to Wednesday at 5:15. As in the day that she was calling, as in the original time of my intended haircut.

Um, yes. That was the plan all along. I did not go out and make big plans for 5:15 on a Wednesday once I discovered I was free from the yoke of haircutting appointments. So I accepted, then at 5:15 (exactly!) I got to the salon, got my hair cut, was apologized to several times, may have gotten a discount on my bill (I can't remember what it cost the other time I went there but I thought it was more) and received a selection of haircare/beauty products as a lovely parting gift.


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February 2, 2006

Pancakes is ready!

I have just realized that today is La Chandeleur, or Crêpe Day. I had actually been planning on this all week, but somehow the date snuck up on me and left me with no eggs in the house. Never fear: Kroger's shall be visited and I shall be a-flipping this eventide! Join with me!

P.S. Damned rodent.

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