I dreamt last night that I went to Paris with my dad and got lost a lot by getting on the wrong buses and metro lines. We found some fountain that apparently I'd seen in the movie Sabrina and a lot of other stuff that I'd never seen on previous trips to Paris. Later the whole family was on this bus full of tourists and we went to some market where I was having a good old time speaking French to a saleslady and some other American tourist. We ran into Robin's mom, who had missed her bus, so we asked our bus driver if she could come with us, then she revealed that she was here with Pato and his host mother. So we took them all on the bus.

Later in the dream I was taken away to this strange farm house late at night. In the morning I woke up and there was heavy metal music playing and it was snowing hard. During the day we went to this Fun House that had a bunch of costumes, so Harvey Fierstein, two other guys and I put on a show on the exit steps of the Fun House. The guys were all in drag and I had this clear plastic dress on with a long t-shirt underneath. Then the sheriff called us over and made us sign a waiver. I've forgotten what the details of the waiver were - whether they had to do with the show we'd just done or the information he gave us about how the state of Indiana adds an extra tax to cigarettes, alcohol and milk but that they'll remove the tax when they see you aren't stealing them¹. Then in the evening, some bad stuff happened and I'm hazy on the details. It may have involved kidnapping and blowing up the entire world.

Whatever it was, I was surprised when I woke up the next morning Groundhog Day style - it was the same day, but the house appeared to be flying through the air and I could see that it was raining and there was no snow and the children were setting up a miniature golf course. So I thought it might be a better day than the one before and I might have an opportunity to stop the guys from blowing up the world. The house landed pretty softly and I put on some tights before I woke up.

¹ I realize now that this makes no sense because they wouldn't pay ANYTHING if they were stealing it. It made perfect sense in the dream.

srah - Saturday, 4 February 2006 - 8:50 AM
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Comments (5)

gravatar mommy - February 4, 2006 - 10:58 AM -

They tax milk in Indiana? As the daughter of a late dairy farmer, I'm concerened. It sounds like we had a lot of fun.

gravatar srah - February 4, 2006 - 11:02 AM -

Apparently in Dreamland Indiana, you have to pay extra for milk because it's so commonly shoplifted.

gravatar katie - February 4, 2006 - 11:05 AM -

Shoplifting milk. Now there's a thrill.

gravatar Jamie - February 6, 2006 - 8:00 AM -

I love how there are things that make perfect sense in dreams but no sense whatsoever in reality. Yet, when you think about them, you really can't believe how it can NOT make sense.

Crazy dreams are fun. I envy you. They make good blog entries, too.

gravatar jday - February 6, 2006 - 3:37 PM -

hey, there're not a lot of thrills to be had in Indiana. a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

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