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What... is your favorite word?

Pancake! This is just a reminder, since I never remember about this until the last minute, that this Friday is Candlemas. So get your crêpes and tamales ready! I never seem to manage to hold on to one crêpe recipe from year to year, so I don't have a tried-and-true favorite to give you. Here's the one I'll probably be using, though....

srah - Tuesday, 30 January 2007 - 12:29 PM
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Pancakes is ready!

I have just realized that today is La Chandeleur, or Crêpe Day. I had actually been planning on this all week, but somehow the date snuck up on me and left me with no eggs in the house. Never fear: Kroger's shall be visited and I shall be a-flipping this eventide! Join with me! P.S. Damned rodent....

srah - Thursday, 2 February 2006 - 1:01 PM
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'Je préfère les chevaux bruns... ça ne se salit pas autant que les blancs.'

Spent a lovely weekend in Grenoble, visiting the host-fam (minus Denis, who is spending the summer hols wandering around in Egypt). I got to take a shower every morning and spent a lot of time being pénible and making terrible puns, which I will not burden you with because I've forgotten most of them* and they're all in French anyway and wouldn't translate. The trip there was frought with Americans. In the train from Onzain to Paris I avoided talking to the one in my compartment, but the one sitting across from me Paris-Grenoble addressed me first, asking if I...

srah - Sunday, 25 July 2004 - 1:12 PM
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Je bois à trop fortes doses/ Je vois des éléphants roses [Day 7 of the DC trip]

I work work worked today to make sure I finished my project before the end of the program. I took a break around noon when my supervisor took me out to lunch, then came back to the office and managed to finish before he left at 4. I spent some more time time foodling around on the Internet and taking pictures of the office for ASB, then went back to the hotel. We sat around and watched various TLC shows to rest up at the end of the week, then got to thinking about dinner. Amanda and I decided we...

srah - Friday, 27 February 2004 - 11:47 PM
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The rest of the weekend

The weather got worse yesterday afternoon, so no one went out skiing in the evening. I briefly considered going along this morning but Philippe, who is a ski instructor, was training and Mathieu, who is another beginner, was nursing a sore knee. So instead of going out and falling all over with no one to commiserate, I stayed behind and spent the morning with Mat (or Tomate, if you are a pompette joyeuse). We returned his skis, had a walk around the lake and a talk about Thanksgiving and politics, then went back to the apartment and spent the rest...

srah - Sunday, 2 February 2003 - 11:40 AM
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