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It whips my hair back and forth (or just forth?)

My hair, when it is Left to its own devices Is mostly just straight. But it curls slightly Under on the right side and Out on the left side. So as a result, It seems the wind is always Blowing to the left....

srah - Wednesday, 15 December 2010 - 6:46 PM
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We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup

Happy National Candy Day! What a great excuse to eat candy! As if I needed an excuse! I bring you, in celebration of this joyous holiday, some candy-related haiku: On the decision-making process for choosing Halloween candy My halloween treats: Junior Mints and Take 5 bars Kids, try something new! A Take 5 bar has Too many textures with both Peanuts and pretzels. Fun-sized Take 5 bars Are better than big Take 5s They're less peanutty. Junior Mints? You know Of my love for these nuggets Of soft gooeyness. On trying a new seasonal treat Caramel apple Flavored Hershey Kisses:...

srah - Thursday, 4 November 2010 - 11:24 PM
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But suddenly I feel the shining sun/ Before I knew it this dream was all gone

I dreamt that high heels Were banned on the campus of Uni I Work At. I had forgotten Till I got dressed this morning; thought, "I must wear flats."...

srah - Wednesday, 12 November 2008 - 10:19 PM
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Overnight, there's been a breathless change in you

Well hello, and welcome to my living room blog. It's a Multi-Stanza Weather-Haiku Extravaganza! And you're all invited! Last night: wore no coat This morning: need light jacket Right now: OH GOD, SNOW! Forty-one degrees Where the hell did that come from? Should have brought a hat What be these white flakes? Be it snow, or do the gods Need Head & Shoulders? Accident'ly punched the microwave. Unrelated to weather, sorry. My hand is bleeding Next time I'll punch you HARDER! Curse you, microwave! Oh, back to weather. Now they're forecasting showers. We'll be wet AND cold. I'm not crying...

srah - Thursday, 15 November 2007 - 10:56 PM
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Impressions of the Houston airport, in haiku form

Wandering, sleepy A golf cart runs me over Then another one Golf carts everywhere Ferry old and invalid And lazy people Familiar transport But elsewhere the golf carts beep Here drivers mumble She says: "Excuse me" Just before I am mowed down "Bump" under her wheels In Texas, roadkill: Car versus armadillo Golf cart versus srah...

srah - Wednesday, 13 June 2007 - 8:50 AM
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Ode to a guilty pleasure

O chocolate milk! Dairy is good for me but You are full of carbs....

srah - Monday, 4 June 2007 - 12:46 PM
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It is time to buy/ A t-shirt for little srah/ Refrigerator

My favorite Threadless t-shirt design has been reprinted: Non sequiturs and haiku, together in one shirt? HURRAH! Now I just need to scrape together some cash that I can justify spending on a t-shirt. The justification is the tricky point. I am sure that I deserve a present for some reason or another. P.S. I am totally just posting this in the hopes that you will go to the site, buy a t-shirt and get me referral points so that I won't have to pay for my t-shirt at all. It is a clever scheme. Keep in mind that you...

srah - Monday, 30 April 2007 - 5:54 PM
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American Idol: Poetry in Motion

Dammit! They sent Schmeedle home? I checked in partway through the show and saw that it was going to be either him or Bucky, so I thought I had it in the bag. Looks like I'll be able to reuse my haiku next week: Howling and off-key The reign of Bucky must end My ears are bleeding...

srah - Thursday, 23 March 2006 - 6:48 AM
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Haiku is a way/ to make a boring entry/ tons more interesting

Srah has a craving for couscous, although she would accept tabouleh. Searching for restaurants? Fruitless. The school dining halls Likewise are devoid. Couscous here must be prepared at home, which is not Feasible for lunch. Alas....

srah - Friday, 17 February 2006 - 12:07 PM
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You are a weiner!

Everybody wants a personalized poem/song/haiku! But there can be only ONE! Sort of like vampire slayers, except there's more than one of those, apparently. So... not at all like vampire slayers. In fact, the hydrogen peroxide that we found had expired in March 1983, over a year before the birth of Alfie. So, with no further ado, I proudly announce that the winner of our contest is Jamelah with her guess of "july 85." Here are your haikus (I didn't say that they would be good or you'd like them!) Lying on her back, Jamelah's thinking about Justin Timberlake. She's...

srah - Monday, 1 August 2005 - 7:29 AM
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As long as I'm trapped at Bubble Island for hours on end...

Lychee fusion tea With lychee jellies. It tastes like perfumed fruit juice. Lychee fusion tea has lychee jellies that look like diseased maggots. Lychee fusion tea has lychee jellies that feel like diseased maggots. And yet, overall I find lychee tea to be quite enjoyable....

srah - Thursday, 24 March 2005 - 8:04 PM
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Poetry corner

Ode to my dinner tonight Oh muttar paneer You are made with peas and cheese I have leftovers. Ode to a conversation we had over dinner about Mongolian delicacies I like peas and cheese. I like the two together. I like both of them. I like butter, tea. I like them separate, but Not butter in tea! Ode to yuckiness in a bottle I've just taken some Robitussin to fight off A cold I'm getting. It tastes rather crap. Medicine men, please work hard To make it tasty. It has maken me Jittery - and nauseous too Not really sleepy....

srah - Monday, 21 March 2005 - 3:01 AM
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'For what, we ask, is life without a touch of Poetry in it?'

Fall arrived today. I was not forewarned of this. Came as quite a shock. Bare legs and flip-flops Are not autumn apparel. I may not survive....

srah - Friday, 17 September 2004 - 9:23 AM
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Haiku regarding the picture at left

See how I'm dressed in November 2002? I want a scarf now. This cold weather is inappropriate - July should be stifling!...

srah - Friday, 9 July 2004 - 9:21 AM
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Syllables counted/ Poems being created/ Haiku explosion!

A few years ago I went to Le May sur Evr' Haiku all the way. Return of haiku! Return of Srah to Le May! Return to pastry? I was to go to Angers tonight, but so is The darned Tour de France! There's too much traffic. Darned sports! Instead, I must take the train to Cholet. See friends, eat pastries Sight-see... most importantly: Escape the abbey!...

srah - Friday, 9 July 2004 - 6:25 AM
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My big fat huge foam-rubber poetry anthology

Going to Easter Island? Bring me back a huge Foam-rubber Moai head. "What's a Moai?" you ask? Easter Island's are in stone. Not in foam-rubber. Moais are big stone heads - more mysterious than their rubber counterparts. How did they get there? Stone ones are a mystery. Foam ones: from Taiwan. Are huge foam-rubber Moai heads available at Easter Island shops? If not, I will found a booming industry in foam-Moai souvenirs. Huge foam-rubber things: fingers saying number one, cheese hats and Moai heads. All talk of Moai-heads aside, I would still like to wear a praline-hat....

srah - Sunday, 4 April 2004 - 12:00 AM
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More sick-day haiku

Katie and Sarah Are once again caught up in The Haiku Cycle. 7 AM: Barf*. Rest of the day: Starve instead. Neither is much fun. Tea, broth and crackers Don't provide much sustenance For poor, sickly srahs. I watched A New Hope. Grainy film, Han shot Greedo. The Special Eds suck. Attack of the Clones srah wants the clones to attack Hayden Christensen. Oh Princess Leia Hair all bunnified. You could Kick your mother's ass. ––––– * Could be replaced with "bjork," thanks to jday......

srah - Tuesday, 17 February 2004 - 3:16 PM
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Ode to the flu (or whatever this is)

Poor little Sarah Have a cup of tea. Wet heaves instead of dry ones. Before: curl up with a good movie. In grad school: curl up with text books. It seems I do have stomach muscles. I know 'cause I feel them spasming....

srah - Monday, 16 February 2004 - 8:24 AM
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Ode to the new love of my life

A reason to stay in my room and to study: Thank you, space heater. Normally, mine is the coldest room in the house. It isn't today. Today, only a few sweaters are required - Not gloves in the house....

srah - Sunday, 25 January 2004 - 8:57 PM
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Yet another food-ku

I have spent so much time shopping, wrapping and cleaning that I haven't had more than a cup of soup in over 24 hours. I was at the point where I was so hungry it made me nauseous to think of food. I am now easing myself in with tea and am looking forward to a cheese sandwich. O My Cheese Sandwich! With Ossau and a bagel come to my rescue!...

srah - Wednesday, 24 December 2003 - 1:04 PM
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Collaboration haiku

End of group project. At 3am, groupthinking becomes nothinking....

srah - Wednesday, 10 December 2003 - 3:32 AM
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Haiku explanation for stains

Lunchtime incident: Lentil soup should stay in bowl Not on Sarah's shirt....

srah - Thursday, 20 November 2003 - 1:05 PM
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Best. Combination. Ever.

Talk Like a Pirate Day at SI. How can we apply this? Piracy as a social system: What is their collection? Booty. Read some much better pirate haiku. [via Dave Barry's Blog]...

srah - Friday, 19 September 2003 - 12:45 PM
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Employment haiku

I have heard tell of a mythical job making websites for IC. I have emailed the guy who hires folks. What, oh what will be the verdict?...

srah - Tuesday, 2 September 2003 - 12:55 PM
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Haiku Fever epidemic

Am bored out of my mind in the train; will torture myself with haiku. I am afflicted, when I visit assistants, with Haiku Fever. I don't know what langue to speak with Christianna. English? French? Flemish? Why I like Belgium: Multilingualism and pommes frites and waffles. I am sad to leave Grenoble but it's Sophie's turn to visit now. Sometimes I wish that I lived in an area more geared t'words tourists. Then people would be sure to stop and visit when they came to the States. Other passengers wonder why I keep counting up to seventeen. Haiku is too...

srah - Sunday, 27 April 2003 - 10:55 AM
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Ode to a Man With an Empty Tupperware Container, or View From My Bus Window

Man holds Tupperware. A greyhound pees behind him, wearing a raincoat. I was inspired. I'm very sorry. THE HAIKU CURSE STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!...

srah - Friday, 20 December 2002 - 10:51 AM
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Trouble ahead...

Oh for heaven's sake! Weekend plans not bad enough in song? Try haiku! To Angers I go to see Antoine, our former assistant français. I don't know what there is to see in Angers but I guess I'll see it. The Loire Valley is full of castles but I don't think he lives in one. He lost my number and called Alex but Nasko answered as usual. Poor Nasko, Pato's receptionist. At least he speaks to France often... Antoine and srah will commiserate, both having cheris far away. Between le Mexique and le Chili, he and I should practice Spanish!...

srah - Tuesday, 12 November 2002 - 3:51 PM
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Apparently April is poetry month. I shall refrain from returning to haiku-mode. Don't worry, Katie. Instead I present a new poem via Rob's Poetry Maker. srah They *are you But always said read up of , his application. Which obviously makes the morning to Denis, We guessed that the world Console me? [categorically to attract people might help.Take you blah blah blah. blahs as well in one thing Happened in Meijers, just like Hello Dolly meets A Virgin sequence and Rob want her power, what would want to leave the Duckling Has a video clip with me. going out....

srah - Friday, 5 April 2002 - 2:28 PM
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Haiku galore

Stinking fishies are living in a dirty tank. They like oxygen. Neighbors came by and sprayed each other with canned whipped cream. Don't muss our space. The Heart and Stomach of a King is perused in my History class. Elizabeth re- placed the Virgin Mary in the new English church. She fooled around with sev'ral men but was still known as the Virgin Queen. Programming is hard. Even Visual Basic. Non-logical mind. It is good to know for sure that you do not have a brain infection. What is your advice for making a long-distance relationship work? Winter storms approach....

srah - Tuesday, 26 February 2002 - 1:44 AM
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I am still thinking in haiku. Help me! Help me! Where is the off-switch?...

srah - Monday, 25 February 2002 - 1:56 PM
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Check out the rabbit haiku!

I never wrote one but Dave's bunny incites me to give it a try. I invite you to leave your own bunny haiku in his comment-thing. As for me, I say that the pancakes-Oolong makes me hungry... for which?...

srah - Monday, 25 February 2002 - 2:05 AM
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