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It's funny because Dumbledore appears to be saying 'poo'.

30 Days of Harry Potter - day 24: Favorite HP related GIF/photo/fanvid I may have gotten a little carried away there....

srah - Wednesday, 24 November 2010 - 5:12 PM
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Such a well-rounded individual with so many varied interests

It's summer and there's no TV to watch. (Except hey, did you know the cast of The Office is playing Celebrity Family Feud tonight against the cast of American Gladiators?) So in these sad days when Celebrity Family Feud is the most exciting thing on, let's revisit TV as once we knew it, because I am a boring person who has no other interests outside of TV and therefore I am unable to blog about anything else. These are my favorite episodes of some of my favorite shows: Favorite episode of 30 Rock (easy): Tracy Does Conan. ("Blue man! You’re...

srah - Tuesday, 8 July 2008 - 5:29 PM
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Sarah's television recaps/predictions/woes in one handy package

There may be spoilers mixed in here, so if you have not yet watched all the shows you ought to, then you'd better cover your eyes as you scroll down the page and have a trusted friend tell you when to open them. This is the extent of my non-spoiling efforts. So there. FIRST OF ALL, please have it be known that I saw The Last Temptation of Homer on TV Tuesday night and later read this thread on Fark and as a result, the name "Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo" has been echoing in my brain for hours now. Whenever...

srah - Thursday, 9 February 2006 - 12:03 PM
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There have been a couple of times at work this week when I've had to repress the desire to throw my arms in the air and exclaim ¡STUDY ABROAD! in the manner of ¡STEVE HOLT!. (I think it's really necessary to preface these exclamations with the little Spanish upside-down ! to get across the ¡STEVE HOLT!ishness of the situation. Yes?...

srah - Wednesday, 8 February 2006 - 5:44 PM
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Last night I dreamt an episode of Arrested Development where Rita was going to be in some kind of televised sporting event so Michael was trying to arrange for the whole family to watch it together, George Michael had decided it was finally time to reveal his feelings for Maeby, and Lucille and Oscar were up to something too, but I'm not sure what. It involved huge Esther Williams-esque musical synchronized swimming numbers (I mean really huge, like thousands and thousands of people) and Michael collecting George Michael and Maeby from the swimming thing, dragging them home to see Rita's...

srah - Sunday, 5 February 2006 - 8:34 AM
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I woke up this morning horizontal across the bed, having just dreamt that I was sitting on a folding chair in the middle of the Ohio State University bookstore, grousing at a freshman because she was complaining too loudly about not being able to find the books she needed for her class. Couldn't she see that I was trying to watch Arrested Development on a TV I'd brought from home? Some people....

srah - Sunday, 29 January 2006 - 7:37 PM
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