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July 27, 2007

... and a little clap!

Every time I walk past the building they're renovating uptown, I scrunch my eyes closed¹ and wish as hard as I can that it will be an Indian restaurant, or maybe sushi or falafel. Sure, all the rumors are that it's a third Chinese restaurant, but I keep thinking that if I wish hard enough, it will be transformed.

Clap if you believe in Indian restaurants, children!

¹ This is poetic license. If I actually closed my eyes, I would get hit by a car, because the Chinese Indian restaurant is right by the corner.

srah | 9:45 PM
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July 26, 2007

This storye doth not start wyth 'blah blah blah'

Let me tell you a little story in three parts.

Parte The Fyrst: 13 Julye 2007

Our heroyne and her fammilye did venture unto that happy land called The Bob Evans fore a layte dinnere. And they did enter into The Bob Evans, whereupon the door-master, guardian of the entrance, did ask how many were dyning in their partye. They did answer four, to which the door-master did respond in question, "Do you need any children's menus?" Our heroyne was well put out, for it had been nigh on three yeares since the last tyme she was accosted with suche a queystion, but the querye was met with laughtere nonetheless.

Parte The Seconde: 14 Julye 2007

Our heroyne did venture unto a Circle K shoppe the followinge daye for to buy a refreshing milk of chocolate. When she confronted the shopmaiden with the wares she did wishe to purchase, the shopmaiden did address her thusly: "And is this all you want, dear?" Now our heroyne did begin to fret, for this shopmaiden could not have been older than her own years (and was most certainly younger, if our heroyne did judge correctly), and yet she did address her in the manner usuallye reserved for smalle childes!

Parte The Thyrde: 25 Julye 2007

Our heroyne, through meanes which are far too obscure to descrybe in detail in this ludycrous way of wryting, did find herself walkinge in the woods yesterdaye with a groupe of young Korean persons of a scholarly bent, with whom she was encouragede to converse so that they myghte practyce their Englyshe (as you may tell from this eloquent passage, our heroyne is well skilled in speaking Englyshe!). The young Korean personnages did ask our heroyne her age, and she offered to them that she had neerlye reached the age of seven-and-twenty yeares. O! The young persons did laugh and did announce that our heroyne was oldere than they would have imagyned from her appeyrance.

As they ventured through the foreste, the young Korean persons did turn their conversationes to the study of persons on the acting-stage of moving pictures. They did comment to one Amerycan that she did resemble a troubador known as Beyoncé, although the resemblance was not acute (it was more lykely that they had not experyence with manye Amerycan faces). Then they did turn to our heroyne to do the same comparyson. They did confer amongst themselfes and announce to our heroyne: "The actor you look most like is Dakota Fanning!" Our heroyne was disappoynted, e'en when the young persones did tell her that this acting-person Dakota Fanning is quyte popular in their place of home. Our heroyne thought she myghte have preferred Beyoncé over Dakota Fanning.


Our heroyne did decide that she should stop wearynge her locks in the pony-tail style and did take her head to the barber-surgeon to have her hayre cut (and perhaps a regymene of leeches applyed)! She hoppes that thys will allay the confusione o'er her age.

srah | 11:10 PM
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Blah blah blah video blah

Seriously. I am in a titling rut. I think if I try to blog about the same subject more than once, I will have to just start adding blahs.

So recently I have been thinking about how I always find these amusing videos on YouTube and I add them to my Favorites and then... that's it. If they're really really good (or I'm really desperate for content) I blog them. Or maybe I email them to people.

Well, how about if I email them... TO THE WHOLE WORLD? Such is the idea behind my new side blog: This is awesome!. Go and check it out. Add the RSS feed and see what arrives! It promises to be filled with cutting-edge Internet phenomena... and Anne of Green Gables fan videos. Because I am cool like that.

srah | 5:06 PM
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July 25, 2007

Blah blah blah Fergie blah

So is Glamorous (oooh, flouncy flouncy) the best song ever, or am I durnk?

Don't answer that.

srah | 7:14 PM
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July 24, 2007

Blah blah blah Flight of the Conchords blah

(My titles are very creative lately.)

I put a wig on you when you were sleeping... put a wig on you, ooh ooh ooh, and I just laid there and spooned you...

srah | 11:15 PM
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Blah blah blah Harry Potter blah

I keep meaning to blog but:

  1. whenever I sit down to write a blog post I forget all of the brilliant ideas I came up with earlier in the day, and
  2. about 20% of my thought processes this week have been devoted to work, 5% to other miscellaneous thoughts (including blog-ideas that I forget five minutes later) and 75% of my thought processes during any given day are related to Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger and why they are so perfect that I am overwhelmed with emotion at every single thing that has ever happened to/between them in the books

These two need to get out of my head. Unfortunately the only way I can think of to fix this is to reread EVERY SINGLE HARRY POTTER BOOK and rewatch ALL OF THE MOVIES. But I'm pretty sure I won't be completely satisfied until 2010. It's possible I will be a zombie for the next three years.

Anyway, speaking of Harry Potter, here is something that has been bothering me since I finished the book:

srah | 10:25 PM
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July 22, 2007

Now I will go try on some shoes...

Hello, The Internet. If you care to be all up in my personal business like that, I will tell you that apete and I broke up today. We couldn't make the long-distance thing work, it's mutual but it still hurts and that is all I care to share with The Internet. I hate telling people about breakups and I really hate being all Web 2.0 about it, but I feel like I have to tell people somehow. I wish I could just wear a sandwich board instead, or maybe have a t-shirt printed. At least this way I can just put it out there and not have to deal with anyone's "help" or sympathy or advice or questions, because I really don't want that right now.

I will now live by the words of that immortal sage, Joe Junior from While You Were Sleeping:

And, um, you know, right now, you should get in touch with the child within and, um, explore your feminine side. And, um, you know, don't start eatin' cookies... and cake and stuff like that because you'll blow up like my Aunt Roberta, you know.

srah | 3:59 PM
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July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: my thoughts

The book (and a free tote bag)In the past, when I've taken notes or "live-blogged" a new Harry Potter book, it's been mostly because I knew that when reading later books, I would want to look back at notes from earlier books - especially hints and clues that seemed relevant but weren't covered in that book (and were potentially being saved for later). That's one of the sad things about HP7: there are no later books! But I think these notes will serve two purposes:

  1. to record my first reaction to things and theories as the book goes on (like in book 6, where every few pages I had a different theory as to who the Half-Blood Prince was)
  2. to make notes of particularly amusing parts of the book so that I know where to find them when I'm looking for them later when I'm rereading the series over and over again

Here goes nothing. You are welcome to read along, comment on your own theories or things you found amusing... but please don't spoil anything for me if you're ahead of me! In return, I will try not to spoil things for you: the notes will be marked with chapter numbers (I tried just page numbers last time but that doesn't match up for all versions), so if you have the willpower, you should be able to stick to only the chapters that you've already read. Or you can just wait until we're both done.


  • 11:15pm - I arrive at the bookstore. The crowd isn't very big so I go to Starbucks.
  • 11:20 or so - I go and sit outside with the other Harry Potter fans. There was one little girl dressed like Luna Lovegood who made me want to cry. I don't know why. Harry Potter makes me all emotional. I think I'm preparing for all the DEATHS. Don't kill Luna Lovegood! That girl was so cute!
  • 11:30 - Doors open. We go inside and explore. I make an origami snitch and eat a licorice wand, then get in line.
  • 12:00 - Book is distributed to pre-pay customers (yours truly included in that group)
  • 12:11 - Book is in my hands
  • 12:20 - I arrive at home, change into pyjamas, talk to Cheryl on the phone, make myself a cup of tea, prepare snacks
  • 12:47 - Time to begin!

srah | 12:47 AM
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July 19, 2007

Dobby kills Harry Gollum kills Dobby Professor Plum does it in the library with the lead pipe

I'm going to go (attempt to) hide from the Internet for a while¹ (even though this was the closest I've come to Harry Potter spoilers). I will return to you all in the wee hours of Saturday, when I begin my liveblogging of book 7 (following the popularity of my book 6 notes). Come back and read along!

¹ Who am I kidding? I will probably be on the Internet all day tomorrow. Sigh.

srah | 9:38 PM
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I can has quiz results plz?

I am not normally all about the quizzes (well, not anymore), but this one is so enjoyable to take (if you like lolcats), that I shall post my results in the hopes that you will all take it too.

Your Score: Cheezburger cat

78% Affectionate, 53% Excitable, 71% Hungry

Sure, you deserve one. You helped popularized lolcats from a running gag to an online sensation. Now mainstream media writes asinine columns on this 'phenomenon', students write theses on the topic, programming languages adopt the grammar, and losers write tests about them on dating sites. Now take your cheezburger and never touch the internets again.

To see all possible results, checka dis.

Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test written by GumOtaku on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

[via misanthropic tendencies]

srah | 9:12 AM
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We would have such a very good time/ Such a fine time/ Such a happy time

Hey, my new excuse for why I haven't blogged is: I moved last weekend, so I've been spending a lot of my free time unpacking and cleaning up. I think it's a valiant excuse for not blogging, and I may just use it for the next several months, even after my apartment is unpacked. I have worked my way through the bathroom, the utility closet, the living room and the kitchen, so now I have the bedrooms and the linen closet left to finish. Here are some photos of my progress:

Cleaning supplies, neatly shelved
My cleaning supplies are all organized instead of being in cardboard boxes. Hooray for me.

Bathroom, all set up
The bathroom door can't clear the rug, so it's placed a little ways over.

Kitchen, all set up
I thought the kitchen would take forever, but I finished it up tonight! Still haven't figured out where my cookbooks will go, though.

Another view of the living room
This is where the magic happens. If by "magic" you mean "me watching TV."

srah | 8:59 AM
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Don't kill Arthur Weasley!

While I was out for a walk last week I passed the textbook store in town where I had reserved my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I dropped in to ask about their Harry Potter festivities, because I could remember being told that they were opening sometime before midnight, but I couldn't remember the exact time. I asked the woman behind the counter what time they were opening for Harry Potter and she said, "11:45. 11:40. Half an hour before midnight." I don't know if she was just making it up as she went along, if she kept pushing the time back based on the surprise and disappointment on my face, or if she just didn't know how to tell time and her next try was going to be 13:88.

So let it be known that at 11:45, 11:40, 11:30 or maybe 13:88 tomorrow night, I will be in line. Since this is a small town and this is really more of a textbook store than a real bookstore, I may be the only one in that line. Can it still be called a line? Maybe I should bring a friend to make it more line-y.

I had briefly considered walking uptown and back to get my book, as it is good exercise and I like steps, but then it occurred to me that 13:88am in the middle of summer (when the town is mostly empty) might not be the best time to go wandering around, especially since I would probably be buried in the book, straining and squinting to read by the streetlights and then I'd get hit by a train and it wouldn't even be the Hogwarts Express. So driving it is, alas.

I shall drive home, brew up a pot of tea and gather my snacks (this year I am thinking Things Spread On Crackers will be nice) and read until I can read no more. I may need a nap tomorrow after work to prepare myself.

Anyway, yippee skippy - it's almost here! What are your big Harry Potter plans?

srah | 8:46 AM
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July 18, 2007

Oh waaah waaah, my life is so hard.

One of the nice things about being a grown-up is that I have a lot more free time for fun-reading in the evenings than I did when I was a student and had to do school-reading all the time or feel guilty about the school-reading I wasn't doing.

One of the bad things about being a grown-up is that I only ever seem to want to sit down and read a book when it's time to leave for work. Alas, I have to go to work instead of reading, so it is taking me forever to finish the multiple books that I am trying to read all at the same time. Shakespeare got to get paid, son.

srah | 9:29 PM
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July 15, 2007

... I am the slave of doody.

You may be interested - nay, fascinated - to learn that I have just been granted posting privileges at the humorous list-based blog lists(dq). You can all rush over there immediately to read my hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious first post:

Lines from The Pirates of Penzance That Would Be Funnier If The Word “duty” Were Changed to “doody”

It is a very mature and thought-provoking topic, and unfortunately I am also pretty sure that it marks the apex of my career as a humorous list-maker. It will all be downhill from here, folks! Many thanks to Alfie, who laughed with me in the car on the way home from seeing Pirates last weekend and inspired me to accept Chad's invitation.

As an special bonus to srah blah blah readers, I give you an addendum to that list:

Lines About Duty From Other Gilbert and Sullivan Productions That Are Not Quite As Obsessed With Duty as The Pirates of Penzance Is, But Still Talk About Duty A Fair Amount

  • Hail, hail! gallant gondolieri, ben venuti!/ Ben' venuti!/ Accept our love, our homage, and our duty.
  • Oh, philosophers may sing/ Of the troubles of a King,/ But of pleasures there are many and of worries there are none;/ And the culminating pleasure/ That we treasure beyond measure/ Is the gratifying feeling that our duty has been done!
  • We sail the ocean blue,/ And our saucy ship's a beauty;/ We're sober men and true,/ And attentive to our duty.
  • For duty, duty must be done;/ The rule applies to every one,/ And painful though that duty be,/ To shirk the task were fiddle-de-dee!

srah | 9:18 PM
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July 12, 2007

Weasley is our king!

To begin with, I have to say that I really liked the movie version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is a huge challenge to turn an 896-page book into a 138-minute movie and they did pretty well with it. I do still miss the things that had to be cut, though. I shall hide further discussion of this subject in the extension, for those of you who have not seen the film yet.

srah | 12:58 PM
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July 9, 2007

Ok, fine, you're Boba Fett and you're Grand Moff Tarkin.

While watching Can't Hardly Wait:

X-Phile #1: There's going to be drinking there. What are you going to do? They're going to kick you out if you don't drink.
William: Well, I will be drinking.
X-Phile #2: (shocked) But William! You could get drunk!
X-Phile #1: You could get addicted.
William: I downloaded this little baby off the Net. I will know exactly how many spirits I may imbibe without affecting my judgment or my behavior.

me: That's totally us. That would have been us in high school.
Alfie: Except we didn't go to any parties in high school. We weren't even as cool as those guys.

srah | 5:07 PM
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July 6, 2007

A sign that you are not me

You hear the name "Felicity" and think of Keri Russell rather than Gema Zamprogna.

srah | 12:51 PM
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Blah blah blah exercise blah blah fiber

I went to my weekly core-based toning class yesterday, offered through the Office of Employee Health and Well-Being (they do offer us a lot of opportunities to take care of ourselves here!). We seemed to focus a lot on the obliques. Obliques? I didn't even know I had obliques. I have certainly never used them before. I seem to manage to go through life, never putting myself in situations where my obliques are in any way stretched. So I contorted myself into all kinds of ridiculous positions to use my newfound obliques for the first time, and today they are sore. I think I forgot to take the wrapper off.

(I keep thinking that if a version of myself from five (or even two) years ago could hear me talking about my exercise class or my personal trainer or watching my sugar intake or eating more fiber or walking for 10,000 steps a day, she would probably punch me in the face.)

srah | 12:45 PM
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July 3, 2007

Eatin' up your whole neighborhood

Everyone complains about the ubiquity of Starbucks, but what about Applebee's?

I got lost in Hamilton today and those things were everywhere.

srah | 9:46 PM
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Signs of the Lovepocalypse

The end is near! The end is near! Soon all Pattersons will be neatly matched up with their high school and/or elementary school boyfriends/girlfriends, no matter what kind of terrible decision it would be to do so!

Apes, overwhelmed... with... emotion... at... Shannon's... moving... week-long... speech... has decided to beg her boyfriend Gerald to take her back for no reason as far as I can tell. He made fun of Shannon, told everyone in school that April was roadside and joined her nemesis' band, then Shannon stood up in front of the school and gave a slowly-delivered and implausibly well-received speech and suddenly all was forgiven. I don't get it. The only logical explanation is that Their God, The Lynn, determined that it was their fate to be together. And so it was.

Meanwhile Lizardbreath has sunk so low that she is considering The Moustacheless Moustache again. It's like she's so down on herself after her two recent breakups that she her self-esteem took a plunge and she decided he was all she deserved or that she was a terrible person and deserved to be miserable. Well, good on you, Lizardbreath. Way to go. Here comes the horror. Gag gag gag.

Well at least one of the kids turned out happy in his contrived relationship!


For Better or For Worse, I wish I could quit you!

srah | 12:24 PM
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I chose... poorly

I just discovered a blog entry that I wrote down on my way back from Acapulco and forgot to publish. It was over-dramatic and therefore worth publishing a few weeks late. Here goes:

Here let it be known that on this, the twenty-second of June, two thousand and seven, I did experience the most egregious trespass of the Srah Tea-Making Code that I have come across in my long (although now probably shortened) life. The offender in this case is Harold, a Continental Airlines flight attendant who did, with malice aforethought (whatever that means) put milk and sugar in the cup, then proceeded to fill it with hot water and handed me a teabag. So I got this murky, horrible sludge handed to me and was expected to make a delicious, delectable cup of tea from it. What, Harold did not know of my neurosis, you say? But everyone should know! For it is on The Internets, verily. Forsooth.

Then to add insult to tea-neurosis, it smells like sweat. And to add insult to that, it occurs to me that while I eschewed tea in the airport for fear that the water had not been boiled enough to kill off the famous Mexican bacteria, tea on a flight originating in Mexico might not be any safer, Unitedstatesian carrier or no.

Fie upon thee, evil tea! I shall not touch thee! Thou shalt have to be disposed of in another way.

srah | 12:12 PM
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