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May 28, 2007

This I Believe (At the Moment)

NPR has an ongoing series called "This I Believe" where people share their important beliefs. I've often thought about that segment and what I would say if I were featured on the show. Unfortunately, I've never been able to settle on one theme for very long. And I am also not very good at taking things seriously. So I bring you:

This I Believe (At the Moment)

  1. I believe that the highest point in the history of recorded sound was when Johnny Mathis recorded "Chances Are." Whatever the motivations were for inventing sound recording technology, they were ultimately satisfied when Johnny Mathis' voice was preserved for posterity. It's not so much that any of Johnny Mathis' songs are that great (I wouldn't be wild about a Mathis cover album), but because his voice is the most beautiful and pure thing that has ever existed on earth. It is like listening to angels. Now please pardon the fact that this video has cartoon lions in it.
  2. I believe that the best song ever is King Harvest's "Dancing in the Moonlight." If they held a vote to find the best song ever, this one would win, because it's just well-known enough to be familiar, but not well-known enough to be considered overplayed or offensive to anyone (except maybe Fundamentalist Christians who are opposed to dancing in the first place).
  3. I believe that vanilla ice cream is not worth eating all by itself, but vanilla bean ice cream is delicious. There is probably no difference, but those little speckles make it seem so much fancier and more elegant.
  4. I believe that the construction at the point where I-70 meets up with I-75, which has been going on since before I moved here (more than a year and a half ago) will never ever be finished. I have never actually seen anyone working there so I'm pretty sure they've just abandoned the idea of doing whatever it is they were going to do there, and have decided to make the cones and barrels a permanent fixture.

srah | 5:45 PM
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The crane in Spain stays mainly on the train

Alrighty, I would say it's high time I blogged something, especially since I am going to be away and conferencing all this week.

I went to Chicago last weekend and had lots of fun visiting Roommate (who you may remember as a star of my blog about five years ago) and Bob. My pictures are here, Roommate's pictures are here and Bob's weekend commentary and captions on Roommate's pictures are here. We also saw a lot of stuff, considering that my hosts asked their visitor what she would like to do in Chicago and she said, "I dunno. What is there to do? I just want to see you guys." I am not an expert in the Tourist Arts.

srah | 5:27 PM
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May 25, 2007


Ha ha travels!I am going to Michigan today. On Sunday I am driving back down to Ohio. On Tuesday I am driving to Dayton in order to fly to Detroit and on to Minneapolis for a conference. On Saturday I return to Dayton via Detroit and drive home.

I ab hobing that sobewhere in all of by travels I will find a place that I ab not quite as allergic to as Srahtown. I am drowning here. I cannot breathe! And that is with all the Claritin!

Since I never had any serious problems¹ with allergies before moving here, I'm wondering if the problem is an increase in the allergens in the air rather than my having developed a new sensitivity to them. And if leaving town actually does cure my allergies, then too bad for Srahtown. I will find a chance to escape whenever possible for the rest of the summer. What's it like where you live? Because I'm coming to visit.

¹ Like, you know, getting to the point where I have to grab my chest and manually push it up and down to allow air to flow into my lungs every time I go outside.

srah | 4:29 PM
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May 23, 2007

It's time to get Lost, yo!

If my sister can liveblog American Idol, I can do it for the Lost season finale! Also, this will keep me from falling asleep like usual.

srah | 9:00 PM
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Search and ye shall find

This is the part of Sprockets vere ve analyze recent/popular search requests that got people to my blog, thanks to 100bees.

  1. weird smell when i sneeze
    I don't know what it is, sorry. But people sure like to speculate and discuss it:
  2. you say i only hear what i want to +lyrics (and a million variations therof)
    I seriously get, like, five to ten hits an hour for this, just because I once titled a post with that line. Who knew Lisa Loeb was so popular? The song is called "Stay" and the lyrics are here.
  3. what is the fnb on the office pam and jim
    I am guessing you are referring to "Fancy New Beesly", which is what Jim calls Pam the first time he talks to her in Season 3 when she is talking about her new post-Roy life.
  4. should hips be larger than waist??
    Ideally, I think that's the case.
  5. you know you're from ohio when
    You put frosting where frosting need not be (on paczki, angel food cake, scones, etc.).
  6. the office dwight what is the best color
    Black. It is the most dominant.
  7. hello is it me you're looking for?
    Probably not. But if you're looking for "Hello" by Lionel Richie, here are the lyrics and here is the video:
  8. how many james bonds have there been
  9. who sings "you can dress up like a sultan in your onion head hat
  10. aren't you relieved to know you're not a golem?
    Yes, thank you.

I have also gotten a million hits from people searching for Creed Thoughts.

srah | 12:12 PM
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In the future, we will all have flying cars! But our kids will be jerks.

When I was driving to work yesterday, I thought, "Well, it's Tuesday. Gas prices are usually lowest on Wednesday or Thursday, but this is a holiday weekend, so I should probably fill my half-empty tank this evening when I get off work."

Between driving past the gas station in the morning and the time I got off work, gas in my town went up 30¢ a gallon! Argh! I am obsessed with gas prices so I tend to watch them like a hawk so that I can save something like 20¢ on a fill-up, but this will probably be a difference of about $2.50. That kind of stuff adds up!

Do we have to wait another eight years for Doc Brown to reveal our flying DeLoreans that run on garbage?

srah | 12:04 PM
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May 18, 2007

TV's grip on my soul is nearly at an end (for this season)

But what will I blog about when there's nothing on TV????

Anyway, the best part of The Office last night (thanks to, which already has the transcript up!):

srah | 11:30 AM
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May 17, 2007

Her art... was the prettiest art... of all the art

This blog would like to take a moment to announce, before tonight's season finale of The Office, that it supports Pammy Pam "Fancy New" Beesly (Miss Beesly if you're nasty) in all her future endeavours. This blog is firmly Team Pam, rather than Jam, so this blog would be totally cool with it if, say, Jim made a move in tonight's episode and Pam refused him. This blog would think that was awesome, because Fancy New Beesly has made a lot of progress and personal growth this season, what with her courage and honesty and fire-walking and tire-changing and art-showing and - most importantly - surviving the terrifying, possibly syphilitic advances of Ben Franklin. I think Jim needs to figure some things out for himself before he'll be right for her.

Here is a video tribute someone made to the FNB herself.

Team Pan FTW!

... Pan?

srah | 12:50 PM
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When do we get a show about the Aflac duck?

Hey readers, I think you're totally awesome so here's a link to a preview of the best new show of the fall!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Made you click! Okay, that was mean. I hope you survived the badness. In fact, that looks like the worst new show of the fall. Part of me can't believe they would put something on TV that a) sounds like such a bad idea and b) isn't even executed well. Then I remember that TV executives are pretty much idiots.

To make up for my tomfoolery and all the damage it has done to your eyes and ears, I will point you in the direction of the online pilot of the Flight of the Conchords TV show, coming to HBO this June! Why must all the goodness be on cable, while all of the very very very very very badness burns my eyes on ABC?

srah | 6:48 AM
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May 16, 2007

Coughing up the galleons...

My copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is now on reserve at my local bookstore. I forgot that I even had a local bookstore until someone pointed out to me this week that one of the textbook stores in town also has a collection of real books. That's nice. I hadn't yet figured out how I was going to get Harry Potter, but I thought it would involve either driving an hour to Cincinnati, going up to Michigan for the weekend or hoping that they had it at Meijers. None of them had the right combination of:

a) being surrounded by other Harry Potter fans and
b) being able to devote the whole weekend to reading and mourning the end of Harry Potter.

They'll be opening their doors at 11:30pm in order to let us Harry Potter obsessives mill around for a while, then pick the book up right away on the 21st. Then I can surround myself with snacks and tea and make every attempt to read through the night. Yippee! I am unlikely to have an Albion reunion in the Harry Potter line this year, though.

srah | 5:46 PM
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May 14, 2007

Sock it to 'em!

In the song Harper Valley PTA, Mrs Johnson says,

Well, there's Bobby Taylor sittin' there and seven times he's asked me for a date
Mrs. Taylor sure seems to use a lot of ice whenever he's away

What is she insinuating about Mrs Taylor? Is it that she has a drinking problem or that she's going through too much ice for one person and obviously isn't drinking alone? I understand the insinuation about why Mr Baker's secretary had to leave town, but "using a lot of ice" isn't a euphemism I'm familiar with.

srah | 12:56 PM
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May 12, 2007

Eight is Enough

I've been tagged by Tiff for this meme. Here are the rules:

  1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.
  1. Ever since I started trying to change my diet because of the whole PCOS/insulin resistance thing, I am a big weenie when it comes to sweets. Whereas I could once drink pop and eat ice cream all day long, now I get really messed up when I eat too much sugar. Last weekend I had a huge ice cream cone (not on purpose - I asked for a kid's size!) and I was knocked out for the rest of the day. The thing is, I sometimes worry that it's all in my head and it's not so much that my blood sugar fluctuations have felled me, but rather guilt.
  2. I spend a lot of time walking in circles around my apartment in the evenings because I'm so committed to getting 10,000 steps a day, but I'm too lazy to go to the gym. Maybe if I could watch and listen to TV in the gym it would be different.
  3. I love... I simply love... Corn BranI love Quaker Corn Bran. I really really love Quaker Corn Bran. It's important for me to fill up on fiber-rich foods so that I'm not obsessing over sweets, so I've been trying various new cereals, which add both fiber and breakfast to my diet. It's very novel. The other day I was lamenting the fact that I hadn't eaten Quaker Corn Bran in years and couldn't find it in my local stores (it is a hard-to-find product, apparently) and that it would be the perfect cereal for eating dry at work. So my friend Robin brought me down a box from Ann Arbor and told me she'd found it at Hiller's. When I went up to Ann Arbor last weekend, I bought two more boxes and my parents bought one too. We almost cleaned the store out. Then we went to Meijer and found that they had it there too, so we bought another box in order to stimulate local stores to keep Corn Bran in stock. Anyway, the point of this story is, Quaker Corn Bran is delicious and the texture is wonderful for snacking. You should all go and buy some so that Quaker will suddenly realize a huge demand for the product and will put it in all the stores in the nation. Thankssomuch.
  4. It has taken me a while to accept the fact that I don't really have any friends my age in town. For a long time, I thought there was something wrong with me, but I think I'm okay with it now. I've got friends around the office and I've got long-distance friends my age. I don't go out much, but on the other hand, there isn't a whole lot to do in town anyway. It's very different from the way my life was in college or grad school, and it just took me a while to adjust.
  5. I am a genius. I decided that last weekend, when I ordered a burger with blue cheese, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms, then put A-1 sauce on it. It was delicious, like some sort of burger paradise, and I am some sort of burger genius.
  6. One of the weird side effects about developing this love for walking and working out and weird stuff like that that were so foreign to me a year ago is that I don't mind sweating as much as I used to. It feels sort of healthy and good to sweat, whereas before it was something I tried to avoid at all costs. Still annoying when I'm dressed nicely, but it's nice when it's something I've planned for. I also didn't own sweatpants until a year ago!
  7. I am in the market for a new apartment. When I moved down here, the way I thought I would live turned out to be different from the way I actually do live. I thought, "I need a spare bedroom where I can put the people who visit me and use as an office the rest of the time!" but it turns out that I don't really get many visitors in this obscure corner of Ohio; certainly not enough to warrant paying for a second bedroom. And I do all of my computing while sitting on the couch. I have my eye on a much smaller apartment with fewer conveniences, but also with a rent price that's $300 lower. An extra $300 per month could come in handy for a rainy-day fund, savings and for travel money.
  8. I frequently leave my blinds closed all day and live in my own little private cave.

I'll tag: No one! But if you choose to do it, please leave a comment and let me know!

srah | 5:32 PM
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May 10, 2007

My waist, it would seem, is larger than that of a certain Brick House

I am, as is well-documented, an idiot. So when I forgot to get my mom to take my measurements last weekend for my bridesmaid's dress, I put off doing it myself until today (they need to be ordered by tomorrow. I am frankly surprised I did it even a day before it was due). I figured there wouldn't be much to it, and the longer I could put off talking to a stranger on the phone, the better. Today I called up the bridesmaid-dress-place and gave the nice lady the information about which wedding party I belonged to, etc. Then she asked for my measurements.

I gave her the numbers that I had come up with and then I could see her forehead scrunching through the phone line. We went back and forth with me re-measuring as she instructed me how you're actually supposed to measure yourself, and she kept asking me for my waist measurement over and over again. Finally she asked me what size dress I usually wear.

"I don't know," I said, "A zero or a two?"

She replied, "Because with this number you gave me, that would be about an eight. That doesn't seem right."

No, it certainly doesn't! Eight is a perfectly fine dress size, but when you are 5'1" and are used to wearing whatever the smallest size available is, it's a huge shock! Not to mention that my bust and hip measurements are more appropriate for a size zero! And that's with all that junk inside my trunk! I know that bride/bridesmaid dress sizing schemes are bizarre, but even the bridal store lady thought that sounded odd. She said that I should go to a store in person to be professionally measured. So I will take an extended lunch break tomorrow to drive to Springboro, home of the closest store that carries that designer's dresses.

Meanwhile, I am left to fret about my measurements and to measure and remeasure myself, trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong or where I could possibly fit on the sizing chart. Anorexics are supposed to have a chemical imbalance in their brain that makes them see themselves as fat, no matter how skinny they get. Now I am worried that I am, like, the opposite of anorexic - that I am nearly spherical and the image I see in the mirror is all in my head.

srah | 7:28 PM
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May 9, 2007

Made of real gorilla chest?

Blake is doomed. He is doomed and he is going to meet his doom in grubby pants and a tuxedo t-shirt. Blake Blake Blake.

However, I'm almost prepared to forgive him this horrifying fashion blunder because of the Hard Day's Night-inspired video for their weekly stupid American Idol Ford commercial, wherein Blake wears a vest.


Vests impress me a lot, but not quite enough to make up for a tuxedo t-shirt.

(Oh look! Another video!)

srah | 9:31 PM
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This is no time for joking, Gigantic Turkey Sub!

I don't seem to be able to go a week without posting videos on here. It's a sickness. At least I'm mostly limiting myself to once-a-week rather than giving up altogether on posting original content.

Saturday Night Live gets a lot of flak for not being funny anymore, but I'd be willing to wager that Saturday Night Live now is just as good as Saturday Night Live in the 70s or 80s. It's just more recent and fresh in people's minds. There were probably episodes of SNL that tanked back then and don't show up in reruns. There were lots of terrible sketches that didn't make it to the "Best of" compilations and have therefore been forgotten.

I love Saturday Night Live in all its hit-or-miss glory. Any given episode may have great sketches, terrible sketches or something in between. Last weekend, they showed a "Best of Season 32" (2006-07) episode where - even in a "best of" compilation - there were good sketches, bad sketches and great sketches.

Now that I have written enough original text to justify their inclusion, I give you... my favorite sketches from last week's episode!

First, TSA regulations make no sense, so it's nice to see them getting picked apart by TSA agents. "What if you put a turkey sandwich in a blender?"

Second, this is the best dancing I have seen on television in a while. But I am probably saying that because this is pretty much how I dance.

srah | 5:51 PM
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May 8, 2007

"Adjective" is a noun. And I just BLEW YOUR MIND!

To prepare for today's National Adjective Day (Observed), I took a look the 2005 list of my favorite adjectives, only to find that it hasn't changed much since then (except I'd like to add "irreverent"). So, since EV gave the okay, I will list some of my favorite French and Arabic adjectives instead:

  • nombreux (numerous)
  • naïf (the masculine form of "naïve")
  • éphémère (ephemeral)
  • بارد ("bard" meaning "cold" because it's sort of onomatopoeic and sounds like shivering)
  • كبير ("kabir" meaning "big" because I like the way our DVD-video-host Maha stretches it out for emphasis: "kabeeeeeeeeeeer")
  • جميلة ("jamelah" meaning "pretty" is a person AND an adjective!)
  • لطيفة ("latifa" meaning "nice" makes me think of Queen Latifah every time!)

Alright, now everyone chime in with your favorite adjectives!

ETA: I forgot to mention that - in case you didn't see it in earlier comments - I have been been awarded the Master of Ceremonies hat for this year's National Adjective Day (Observed) festivities. And here is a picture of me in said hat:

srah | 12:25 PM
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I think I'm Dilbert

I think I'm Dilbert

As well as my own Dogbert.

srah | 12:06 PM
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May 3, 2007

I am anaspeptic, frasmodic; even compunctuous to have caused me such pericombulations

Shoot. I forgot. Today is, for the next four minutes, National Adjective Day. Fortunately I have a backup, as May 8 is the traditional date for National Adjective Day (Observed). So I will get right on that... next week. Prepare the festivities! They ought to be... festive.

srah | 11:56 PM
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May 2, 2007

Who's your daddy?

This season of American Idol has been very disappointing. I probably say this every year, but this year it seems like I hate more people than I like. With any luck, Whiny Chris and Alien Phil will leave this week and we will be left with only talented people. Out of the other four (Blake, Lakisha, Jordin and Melinda) I don't really care who wins, because Blake is so much better than everyone else that he has already transcended American Idol and doesn't really need to win. It's not that he's a better singer than the other three (he's usually "pitchy"), but he is comfortable on stage and commands the audience's attention in such a way that he makes up for any vocal weakness. Plus he wears a lot of plaid and argyle.

Here are some of my favorite performances:

The first time I really noticed Blake standing out from the rest of the gang:

Blake making love to the camera (which doesn't gross me out the way it did when Brandon Rogers, Sanjaya and Constantine did it). He also does an awesome little moonwalk thing:

He may be dressed like he came from a bad sci-fi movie, but he will always love me (isn't that nice of him?):

Last night's Bon Jovi extravaganza (as I IMed to my sister, "He can do some impressive things with his mouth. That's what she said."):

(Unfortunately I can't show you the video of Blake singing "Power to the People" during the "Idol Gives Back" episode because he sang the wrong damn John Lennon song. Last night's performance made me forgive him for not following my commands, but I will not forget.)

Blake could make it without Idol, but I would rather he stuck around another few weeks and came in second or third (not first, because then you have to be The American Idol and that's a kiss of death to anyone who is not Kelly Clarkson). Unfortunately, I got my numbers mixed up and accidentally voted for Phil last night, and that makes me worry that Phil will beat Blake by one vote tonight. Blake will go home and we will all have to wait until his album comes out to see him again and we'll have to watch Phil's strange head for another week. Sigh.

srah | 12:23 PM
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May 1, 2007

Cinnamon bun crumb moustache aaaaaaaaaaargh!

The entire month of May has been ruined for me, as of 6:30am on May 1st. Thanks, Lynn Johnston.


On the plus side, there's no need to worry about buying furniture, as Granthony can just make some extra room for you in his basement dungeon.

srah | 6:48 AM
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