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September 28, 2006


I dreamt last night that my whole family went to Paris. We were going to show the exchange student the view from some tall building, so we got in the elevator to go up as high as we could. Just as the elevator was about to leave, Billy Bob Thornton and his entourage got on to go to the penthouse. There was some kind of elaborate locking mechanism for getting to the penthouse, so they started engaging that, then Billy Bob wandered off the elevator. We waited for, like, fifteen minutes, then I got off the elevator and found Billy Bob shopping for dog food. I yelled at one of his many assistants (who I think was George Bluth's "surrogate" on Arrested Development) and he yelled back at me to tak another elevator (I don't know why this hadn't occurred to us, but maybe it was the only one). Then he was like "Do you even know what you're doing and who this is?" as though shopping for Billy Bob Thornton's dog food was worth holding the elevator for fifteen minutes. Thanks a lot, Billy Bob Thornton!

srah | 6:55 AM
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September 26, 2006

Yankee go home!

In my Arabic class right now we are working on how to say "I am from ___" and "Where are you from?" We started out going around the room and saying "أنا من Ann Arbor", etc., but now that we're learning how to say and spell the names of places in Arabic (including the ever useful ويتشتا, or Wichita), we have all been assigned a country and city that we are to pretend to be from, from now on. And where am I from? Mouse over for the translation!

أنا من بغداد في العراق

srah | 5:27 PM
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September 24, 2006

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeezing is discouraged

We went to the Hillsdale County Fair today, where I was able to witness (and pet!) the Full Triumvirate of Cute:


Curious bun

and wiggly jumping Dachshunds!

srah | 10:22 PM
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September 22, 2006

Hey, Big Tuna

My predictions for a new character, just barely introduced last night, are hidden below. I have spoiler-cut them for anyone who taped last night's episode and hasn't yet seen the part where Pam is having Creed's baby and then an alien pops out of her chest and eats Jim's face off (oops).

srah | 12:44 PM
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September 21, 2006

Ryan is... dead

Do you know what today is? It's The Office premiere day, that's what! If I had a Chili's in town, I would be there tonight, ordering an Awesome Blossom, Extra Awesome. Instead I will have to sit at home and cook bacon on my George Foreman grill.

Wait, I don't have a George Foreman grill. So much for that plan. I guess it's the same old ham and cheese, then. And perhaps some GRAAAAAAAAAAAAPE soda.

And now another of my favorite moments from one of my favorite episodes:

(Michael, after cooking his foot, falls in the bathroom and no one answers his pleas to pick him up and "clean me up a little bit")

Michael: Disabilities are not things to be laughed at, or laughed about. You people are jerks. Imagine if you had left Stevie Wonder on the floor of that bathroom instead of me.

Phyllis: Oh, we wouldn't. We love Stevie Wonder.

Why isn't that on YouTube? Phyllis, you are awesome!

Watch it! Tonight at 8:30!

srah | 12:03 PM
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September 19, 2006

Oh, happy day, with joyous glee

After seeing that LiveJournal had been boarded and scuppered in a very subtle and tasteful way, I went to Google to see what they had cooked up for Talk Like a Pirate Day. NOTHING, that's what!

It would appear that Google has never celebrated this momentous holiday.

I expect all the Google employees I know to do their utmost to correct this by September 19, 2007!

srah | 7:19 AM
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I think I am right in saying that there is only one here who will understand this stupid joke

Where does an Arab pirate live when he's not sailing the high seas?


Where does a French pirate live when he's not sailing the high seas?


And for all of you English-speakers, who's a pirate's favorite elephant?


srah | 6:39 AM
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September 18, 2006

But who are you, sir? Speak!

I am a pirate!

(A pirate? Horror!)

I think that I will be a Gilbertandsullivanian pirate tomorrow. Avast!

srah | 9:34 PM
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Now for the tea of our host!

Today I learned a word that will increase my survival-potential significantly if I am ever plonked down in an Arabophone country:

شاي (tea)

All I need to learn now is "please" and "thank you" and I'll be all set to get on a plane and go!

srah | 12:29 PM
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September 17, 2006

Are you a unicorn?

I have had the theme from Awesometown in my head all morning. So now you can all share in the earwormness:

Clap clap!

(This is from the same dudes who brought you Lazy Sunday and Young Chuck Norris' moustached lip and tender kiss.)

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Sausage convention!

Things that I learned at/about Cincinnati's Oktoberfest:

  • Cincinnati (or Zinzinnati)'s Oktoberfest claims to be the second biggest in the world!
  • Chicken hatsLife is more fun with a chicken on your head.
  • There is more to Oktoberfest than just beer and sausage (but not much more)
  • German margaritas taste just like regular ones (they were also selling real German style Cajun crawfish etouffée!)
  • There is not much actual walking to do at Oktoberfest - more milling around and pushing through crowds.
  • If you drive around in circles enough in Cincinnati, you will eventually find your way out

Things that A learned at Cincinnati's Oktoberfest:

  • Srah is a real lightweight, and when already tipsy on about ⅛ of a margarita, will tell you that she loves onions and twirling soooooo much. (Ha ha! I told the Internet before you had a chance!)

srah | 12:23 PM
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I fell asleep on the couch last night and when I woke up at 6:45, I was annoyed that I had slept through the night AND forgotten to turn on my alarm. I got up and started making tea so I could get ready for work. Fortunately it only took me about two minutes to realize it's Sunday and I could go back to bed. First I thought I would record my dream:

I worked in the office from The Office, except instead of a paper company, it was a golf ball company (plus a small shop where Meredith sold greeting cards and candy and stuff). My dad and my sister also worked there and were always talking to each other on walkie-talkies. I was hanging around the warehouse and avoiding going into the office, because it was the first day of season 3 and I was scared about how things would have changed. In this version of The Office, I was secretly in love with Jim and Jim was slightly-less-secretly in love with Pam. I walked into the office and found that Jim had moved his desk into the same corner mine was in, instead of transferring to the Stamford branch. I was nervous about what this meant about his relationship with Pam, but I was happy that he hadn't left. I thought about using some smooth moves on him to subtly let him know I was interested, such as flicking a Hateball ball at him and saying, "So hey, how's about you and me?" Then I woke up. Alas! The times we could have had together, Halpert, and you missed out!

srah | 6:59 AM
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September 15, 2006

Turning to the dark side

I finally bit the bullet and got an Ohio driver's license. I live here, I'm registered to vote here, my car has Ohio plates, and my driver's license says I'm from here. I suppose I'm now officially a resident of the...

srah | 1:35 PM
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September 14, 2006

The pen is mightier

The latest news from my Arabic class is that I got my HIGHEST STEPCOUNT DAY EVER yesterday. Wait, no, that's not related. But I did.

The latest news from my Arabic class is that I have a crush on the "calligraphy professor" who lives in our textbook's accompanying DVDs. He's a scholarly, bespectacled type, who knows how to wield a pen. Ah, how I love a man with stylish writing implements! Yes, I am insane.

As we learn to connect more letters, I am learning more and more words that can be made out of those letters. So now I can invite you to knock on the باب (door) of my دار (house) in the واد (valley) in يابان (Japan), where we will eat تين (figs) and drink نبيذ (wine).

srah | 12:43 PM
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Well at least we're not round on our ends!

Yesterday I walked to the library as part of my HIGHEST STEPCOUNT DAY EVER. On the way there, another pedestrian passing in the other direction said, "Great shirt." I looked down and saw that I was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt. Ah, a fellow Wolverines fan!

When I got to the library to pick up the books I had on reserve, the clerk said, "I don't know if I should give these to you."

I thought, 'What have I done? Do I have enormous fines I don't know about? Did I reserve porn??'

She continued, "... wearing that shirt."

Aha! A teasing fan of... something. Ohio State football or The University I Work At's hockey team or the state of Ohio in general or something. Unfortunately my excellent Big Ten¹ education was not enough to provide me with a good comeback, so I just stood there dumbly with my mouth hanging open.

As I walked away, I came up with all kinds of great responses, like "Oh yeah? Well we lost to both OSU in football and TUIWA in hockey last year, so whichever one you support, I'm covered."

She won't be laughing so hard when I show up at the library next time in this t-shirt! Neither will the people beating me to a pulp!

¹ Big Ten in that Michigan is in the Big Ten football conference and in that our School of Information is probably one of the top ten information schools in the country! Out of... ten, or however many there are.

srah | 12:28 PM
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Gaseous matters

Seen yesterday whilst pursuing my HIGHEST STEPCOUNT DAY EVER:

When was the last time you saw a 1?

Many people have suggested that lowering gas prices is a ploy by the GOP to entice people to vote Republican this November. I, myself, do not think Oh my, such good prices on gas! Thank you, Ken Blackwell! Clearly the price of this gas is thanks to YOU! Here is my vote!. Who does that? If that's actually the case, then I'm mostly just disgusted that the Republican party thinks so poorly of us. I will take my cheap gas, thank you, and drive to the polling location where I will vote for the candidate whose stances I agree with.

Speaking of politics, it's really bizarre having moved from the liberal part of moderateish Michigan to the conservative part of conservative Ohio. The other night there was a political commercial on TV that basically sounded like:

  • Candidate X doesn't hate poor people!
  • Candidate X doesn't hate gays!
  • Candidate X doesn't think it's a budgetary or national security priority to spend billions of dollars sending the Army to shoot Mexicans as they cross the border!

....This commercial is brought to you by the Campaign to Elect Candidate Y.

Buh? The commercials around here are clearly geared toward an audience that is not me.

srah | 12:14 PM
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September 11, 2006

Shall we gather at the river?

Raw sewage taints sacred Jordan River

[...] The faithful wet their faces and arms, shouting 'amen' and 'hallelujah' after each baptism, unaware that just downstream, raw sewage was flowing into the water.

That's the split personality of one of the world's most sacred rivers.

Small sections of the Jordan's upper portion, near the Sea of Galilee, have been kept pristine for baptisms. But Israel, Jordan and Syria have siphoned off huge amounts of river water to meet their needs in this arid region, and pumped waste water back in. [...]

Touching the Jordan River
And here I thought that burning sensation was the eternal hellfire of damnation!

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September 10, 2006


I dreamt last night that I was in Arabic class and hadn't done the homework. AND I was eating an enormous bowl of cereal and spilled it all over the floor. Then a girl in my class and I were apparently cousins and we were staying with our huge extended family in a house in the country (probably inspired by watching Jeeves & Wooster on TV last night) full of aunts who cackled at us. I believe there was some kind of scavenger hunt going on, and the cackling aunts liked to change everybody's bedrooms around without telling anyone. Later I think we were trying to escape in a car and went out for doughnuts.

srah | 8:48 AM
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September 7, 2006


When I went to class this morning, the air everywhere on campus seemed to smell like a combination of miso soup and funky moldy cheese.

srah | 12:18 PM
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September 6, 2006

I have something in my pocket that belongs inside my face...

I posted this as a response to a call for brownie recipes in the LiveJournal Cooking community, but it occurred to me that a) you might like to read it too and b) (and possibly more importantly) the front page of my blog was starting to get empty. So here you are:

srah's favorite brownie recipe

1½ stick butter
4 oz. unsweetened chocolate
2 cups sugar
3 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
½ tsp salt
½ tsp baking powder
1 cup flour

Melt butter and chocolate together in a saucepan, remove from heat. Stir in sugar, then eggs, then vanilla, then dry ingredients. Grease 9x13" pan on the bottom only, pour mixture in. Bake for 25 minutes at 350°.

Sometimes I make the brownies plain, and sometimes I make raspberry jam brownies. I put half of the batter in the greased-bottom pan and spread it out flat. Then I melt some seedless raspberry jam (I usually start with 2-3 tablespoons, then add more because it turns out that wasn't enough - sorry I don't have a good measurement!) in the microwave, 15 seconds at a time till it's a pretty even, spreadable consistency. I pour/spread the jam over the brownie batter, then spread the rest of the brownie batter over the top of it and bake using the same directions as above.

These are usually nice and chewy, which is the way I likes 'em. Now I want some brownies...

srah | 9:11 PM
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Because you're mine, I walk online

My walking progress since joining Walker TrackerThanks to Ed, I have discovered Walker Tracker, which has many of the features of the previous step-tracking site I was using, but with more community interaction and graphs! Read my step logger! Watch my progress go up and down! Join this one now!

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September 1, 2006

Signs (today) that I am old

Twice today I found myself talking about the way college was "back in my day." Yes, it's official, turning 26 has turned me into a grumpy old coot. I'm not ready! Where has my youth gone?

First, there was an email sent out to students reminding them that they are responsible for reading their university email at least twice a week. It would seem that students are coming into the school with so many email addresses that they tend to neglect their university email altogether and miss important announcements. BACK IN MY DAY, I was one of the only people I knew who had (and used) email before they went to college. Email exploded with popularity once we got there and had an exciting constant T1 connection, but it was the early days of Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail and the like, and everyone had dial-up at home.

Next, I revealed during a conversation with a student that when I studied in France in 2000-01, when I worked in France and 2002-03 and when I did an internship in France in 2004, I used to send rolls of film home with my visitors in order to take advantage of the cheaper developing costs in the US, then my parents would scan the pictures or (later on, when the technology really got going) have them burned onto a CD. Yes, BACK IN MY DAY we wasted a lot of money by buying film and we couldn't see the pictures until they were developed, so we wasted a lot more money developing pictures of, like, the inside of a backpack. I've never lived abroad with a digital camera! I would like to! I wish I had!

And then we walked uphill both ways to school in six feet of snow, because we couldn't afford to feed the dinosaurs because we only made a nickel a week working in the mines. AND WE LIKED IT THAT WAY!

srah | 5:13 PM
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