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August 31, 2005

Whatever happened to class?

I've been watching the coverage of Hurricane Katrina this morning, including reports from newspeople on-site. All I have to say is, Peter Jennings would not have been wearing a t-shirt, shorts and a baseball cap on camera. I don't care how hot it is - I don't care what he changed into when he wasn't on camera - Peter Jennings would have been there on location in a button-down shirt.

I expect a certain level of dignity from my television journalists, thankyouverymuch, and no one seems to be delivering it anymore.

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I'll have a Golden Ticket!

I meant to stop at the gas station on my way home from work yesterday in order to fill up my tank (I'm at ¼ tank) and buy a lottery ticket (I know... I'm hopelessly addicted...)

Well, one of those didn't blow up in my face!

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August 28, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

Free associations! W00t!

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August 26, 2005

So let it be written; so let it be drawn

Dear Gods of the Mega Millions Lottery,

  1. I bought a ticket this week for the Mega Millions drawing tonight, with a jackpot worth $97,000,000.
  2. Today is my birthday.
  3. Hint hint.

Personally, I think I'm quite deserving.

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Good morning, Internet!

Do you know what today is?

Why today is...

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August 24, 2005

If today were your birthday, you'd be home by now

If today were my birthday, I would share it with Yasser Arafat, Kenny Baker, Stephen Fry, Steve Guttenberg, Dave Chappelle and everyone's favorite jailbait, Rupert Grint.

But it's not.

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August 23, 2005

I shall call them...

I don't know why I just thought of this, but now it's rattling around in my head and refuses to leave until I blog it all out:

When I lived in Grenoble, oh so many years ago now, there was a sign somewhere on the bus route from my house to campus¹ that pointed the way to the couvent des Minimes. The Minimes were, undoubtedly, an order of monks who had lived in the convent years ago². But every time I read the sign, I giggled a little inside at the thought of a whole convent full of Mini-Me.

– – – – –
¹ Bus #33 - why do I still remember this?
² Indeed they were.

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Mmmm, free bagels

I never plan ahead and can never remember these things. So since I'm thinking of it now:

I have to plan out my day on Friday and I thought I remembered seeing a list compiled somewhere of the places in Ann Arbor/Ypsi where you can get free birthday food/services. Any suggestions as to where I can find the list or your own favorite birthday freebies?

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August 22, 2005

The hills are alive

When I was at the Great Ann Arbor Mix Swap¹ Friday night, someone asked me where I find out about new artists or new music. This is what I've come up with so far (in the order that I thought of them just now):

How do you find new music?

¹ Highly recommended - there will be another one in September.

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August 21, 2005

Support rubber band collections with this rubber band!

No longer must you suffer the disdain of serious supporters of A Cure for Athlete's Foot when they see you wearing their rubber bracelet just for the trend factor! When apete and I were at Meijer yesterday we saw that they are now selling multicolored variety packs of blank "collectible bands." Now you can wear those bracelets for absolutely no cause instead of just a cause you don't really care about!

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Unconscious Mutterings

Here you be: free associatin' with me.

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August 18, 2005

I would like to be trained in the ways of the Job Force

Unidentified Ohio University got back to me yesterday, with a 'no.' Somehow going from two potential hires to one was much more upsetting than I expected. Rather than going from "I have two options" to "I have one option" I have gone to "Help me, Unidentified Pennsylvania University... you're my only hope."

They aren't, of course, my only hope. I'm still waiting to hear back from many places I've applied to and I'm continuing to send out applications. I'm just really tired and would like it all to be over. UPU is the job I preferred anyway, so if I get it I'll be really happy. It's just that until I hear from them, I will probably be a bit mopey. And afterwards, I may be depressed.

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I dreamt that I got a job as a teacher in Utah. Agnès and apete were also teachers there - Agnès was a Mormon and apete was in the small minority of gentiles (I believe that between teachers and students there were about 10). I tried to be good and tried to fit in, but eventually it was too much and I exploded. I stood up in an assembly and yelled about how I hated some of them and I liked some of them and I loved some of them but I couldn't keep up the charade and pretend to like everything about the school. Then my Mormon friends shunned me, except for my roommate, who was a scientist and was interested in The Ways Of Others.

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August 17, 2005

The way to a man's heart is through Keebler cookies (and huge foam-rubber Moai heads)

I was looking at my counter/statistics tonight - something that I probably haven't done in months. The top keyword that brings people to my blog has, for years, been blah. Now, suddenly, it's been inexplicably overtaken by Google searches for Roonil Wazlib (not to be confused with some other popular searches - Google for "Roonil Wazlib" and Yahoo for Roonil Wazlib). I searched Google on Roonil Wazlib and wasn't able to recreate the results, but I bet I'll be able to now! Ha ha ha! Huge foam-rubber Moai heads and Roonil Wazlib - that's me!

I have to say, though, that my favorite recent search was the person who visited at 17:55:59 today searching for temptress+el fudge.

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Super dibble adventures of the freshest kind!!!

There are an awful lot of people out there (myself included) who wasted their formative years learning more than anyone needed to know about Kid-Kits, silly-billy-goo-goos, and Jenny Prezzioso's family situation. Fortunately, today some of those people have put their knowledge to good use in the form of Baby-sitters Club fan fiction.

There is, frighteningly enough, lots of serious BSC fan fiction out there, where people are so enamoured with the series that they had to continue their fabulous adventures (including the never-ending repetition of the character introductions, from Kristy's MILLIONAIRE!!!!11oneone stepfather to Claudia's almond eyes and perfect complexion to Dawn being a Real California Girl - gack gack gack). But fortunately for all those who read the BSC religiously but felt kind of dirty about reading something so trashy, there are plenty of parodies out there, most of which involve Stacey becoming a crackwhore, Claire Pike being mildly-to-not-so-mildly retarded, Logan cheating on Mary Anne and Claudia wearing garbage. A few of my favorites:

"My hat was the best part. I took a stuffed polar bear and ripped the stuffing out before sewing ribbons to each of its legs, so I could tie it down under my chin. A lot of people can't wear unique outfits like that, but I'm an artist with silky black hair, and gorgeous almond shaped eyes. My boyfriend Alan once said I had a nice rack, but I'm not sure if he meant my chest, or the dish rack that I had incorporated into an outfit meant to show the true struggle of housewives. It was a great ensemble, I even had a fur trimmed apron and earrings shaped like spatulas."
- Super Special: Babysitters' Vancouver Vacation!
"No longer would I simply be Jessica Ramsey: Babysitter or Jessica Ramsey: Black Ballerina. Instead, I would become someone new - Jessica Ramsey: Rastafarian. "
- Amsterdam! Amsterdam!
"My name's Claudia Kishi. I'm twenty-three years old and an eighth grader at Stoneybrook Middle School. Most important, I'm the Vice President of the Baby-Sitters Club."
- Caludia Keeshi: Middel Skol Mamma
"My outfit was so special that it was probably going to make Ben fall in love with me. Not to sound conceited but even with my glasses and braces I could easily pass for thirteen in it. I was going to wear my new sweater dress with both my name and a book embroidered on the front. Hello sophistication! To complete the look I had borrowed a pair of tights from Stacey that had little red hearts all over them. She said the hearts would help me to find True Luv."
- Dawn in Prison
"I put my arm around her and did my best to reassure her that I would be coming home to visit very often. 'Well not too often' my father interrupted 'After all you need to branch out, find other friends, families, and places to stay for the holidays'"
- Mallory Pike: College Girl (if you read one BSC fan fiction in your life, it should probably be this one!)

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Huey Lewis could cover it...

Yet another one to add to the pile of Lyrics That Sarah Can't Sing Correctly Even Though She Knows That These Aren't The Right Lyrics:

What becomes of the broken hearted,
Who had love that's now retarded?

This one's deeply embedded in my memory; I actually had to turn off the radio and sing it to myself to remember what the correct lyrics are!

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Music makes the people come together

If you'd like to discover some new music, come and swap CDs at the Great Ann Arbor Mix Swap this Friday at 8pm at Leopold Brothers'. If you're going to come, please let the organizer know so that he'll have enough CDs to go around. I just hope my playlist will be eclectic enough - I've tried to include bands that I've only recently discovered and some French music I assume people won't be familiar with. Read on for my track listing (don't peek if you're coming - it might drive you away!):

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August 16, 2005

Conditioned to survive without conditioning?

Last week, we got the air conditioning fixed in the car that I usually drive. It wasn't great having no air conditioning this summer, but I made do¹. But we finally got around to having it fixed.

So I took it in on Monday, hoping that they'd finish with it by that evening. They said that it would take a little longer but that we could pick it up after work on Tuesday. On Tuesday, we found out that they'd accidently put a hole in the dashboard while fixing the air conditioner, but that they'd fix that for free (and just needed more time). So my dad picked up the car Wednesday evening and I drove it around that night. The next morning the dealership called. Apparently there had been some kind of mix up with paperwork and our car had been released before the hole had been fixed. It couldn't have been that bad, because I drove it around and didn't notice anything. Of course I am not the most astute...

To apologize for the delay and for releasing our car in less-than-perfect condition, they sent the dashboard fellow to our house so that he could fix it in our driveway. House calls from the car dealership!

Now I have the problem of adapting to my new environment. I find myself sweating in the stifling heat, forgetting that I don't have to do so anymore. When I remember, it's really nice to get into a car that's been sitting in the sun and to have the car cool off in just a few minutes. In fact, I find that this is (so far) one of the few situations in which I actually use the air conditioning, because most of the settings are too cold for me. I'll usually let it run for a while to cool things down, then turn it off once I'm comfortable.

¹ This is a weird phrase.

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I would buy me a green dress (but not this here green dress - that's cruel)

I went to the mall last night to shop for a dress for a wedding this weekend, a top to wear under my suits, navy blue shoes, a navy purse and a black purse. But mostly the dress. The problem was, I couldn't concentrate on one thing, because I had all these other secondary purchases that I wanted to make as well. So I had to visit every store and every department for anything that I might be interested in buying. As my time at the mall went on, it started to fill up with teenaged girls in skimpy tank tops and those little ruffly skirts.

By the time I got to the last stop, my brain was starting to melt from dragging myself unsuccessfully through the whole mall without finding a single thing even worth trying on, from the agoraphobia and from the hatred of those ruffly skirts and the brainless gossipy girls in them. So when I got to Hudson's Marshall Fields (which I had saved for last for easy exit to my car) I decided that the only thing to pick me up would be to play I'm Going to Buy This For You. There was no one else to play with, so I found the ugliest dresses that I could in my own size. I did find a few things that I was actually interested in buying, but I was more excited by how excruciating the others were.

I was most attracted to these two dresses (the pink and green thing at right and this pastel/metallic nonsense) because they were on some super clearance for the low low price of $70! This means that at some point, someone had the idea to ask for more than $100 for these things! I wanted to photograph them just so that I could share with the world how ridiculous the fashion industry was, but I didn't want to do it in public. So I took them into the fitting room and - as long as they were in there and were in my size - I decided to try them on.

Then they fit! They fit better than most of the dresses I'd brought into the fitting room with a mind to buying! Once again, I had that fit of insanity where I start to think A dress that fits me for once?! I should buy it! It's not really so ugly, is it? No! It's beautiful! And it fits! Somehow I managed to talk myself out of it and to congratulate myself on bringing my camera with me so that I could keep photographic evidence that dresses sometimes fit me... without actually buying the rags.

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August 15, 2005

Attention Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area residents!

It may interest you to know that bigfoots (bigfeet?) or tree sloths or flying groundhogs or something are loose in our neighborhoods and may require extensive poking with pointed sticks.

Thank you for your attention.

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August 14, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

I forgot to do the Obfuscation this year. :( But here are some free associations.

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August 13, 2005

Alas, poor license! I knew him, Horatio.

Gone are the days of yesteryear!

Gone are my days of trying to drink alcohol or identify myself in other states, only to be met with confused stares or suspicion of falsification!

I went to the Secretary of State's office* yesterday to renew my driver's license, which would otherwise have expired on my 25th birthday. I was able to renew my license by mail** when I turned 21, so I still had the 0ld Sk00l driver's license that is becoming rarer and rarer in the state as we oldies have to renew in person the second time and get a new card. Alas, there was no avoiding it. I think I was the last person I knew who was still holding on to one of the ugly oversized brownish things instead of the bright colorful new credit-card-sized blue one.

So I stood in line for about twenty minutes in front of some really bitchy people who got offended that there was someone there to make sure the line was in order and that everyone had the correct documents with them. Then I filled out my paperwork, had my picture taken, saw the evil-looking preview of my picture, asked if I could have it retaken, got DE-NIED, and sighed, resigned to the fate of looking rather nefarious in my photo ID. Maybe when it comes in the mail, I can draw a little pirate hat on.

* In Michigan, drivers' licenses, license plates, registration, etc are handled by the Secretary of State rather than a Department of Motor Vehicles. Who knows? We're strange.

** When you renew by mail, they send you a little sticker to put over the old "expires on your birthday [Year X]" saying "See back" and a sticker to put on the back with the new expiration year. No one in other states buys this malarkey and I suspect that they always think it is a stupid fake way to try to make your older sister's expired ID look valid.

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Thank you kindly for obeying the law!

My sister just bought the first season of Due South on DVD and we've been working our way through it. It's widely accepted, I think, that Benton Fraser is The Perfect Man, but in episode 4, I realized that he was The Perfect Man for me (well, except for being fictional and all).

In the episode, Fraser - who is handsome, clean, polite and respectful of rules - is inexplicably riding a horse through empty streets in Chicago. He stops his horse and his companion looks up to see that Fraser stopped because the traffic light had turned red. That is the moment where he stole my heart.

One of my pet peeves is Vehicles Who Don't Think They're Vehicles. I have been known to roll down my window and timidly murmur curses into my lap while driving past bicyclists who run red lights. Yes! I know! Such a rebel and a troublemaker! I'd run them over instead, but that's frowned on, apparently. Instead I must be passive-aggressive and nonconfrontational.

Bicyclists around here seem to think that traffic laws don't apply to them when they're riding in the street. You can't ride against traffic! You're not allowed to plow through stop signs just because you're not in a car! Just because nothing's coming, that doesn't mean that you can run a red light! If you're in the street, you are a vehicle - whether you're in a car, on a motorcycle, in a rickshaw, on a bicycle, or on a horse - and you're subject to the rules of the road!

Due South never explained why the streets of downtown Chicago were completely car-free to allow for horseback riding, but I'm happy to know that there's someone around who's found that the way to srah's heart is through following the rules.

I am such a geek.

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August 12, 2005

Make me a dang quesadilla!

I had a light lunch and now I'm hungry and I want some cheese. But I'm at work and there's no cheese here.


What's your favorite kind of cheese? Tell me all about cheese and perhaps that will ease my craving.


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August 11, 2005

Ambition stinks!

I went to the store recently to buy deodorant and discovered that Secret has introduced a few new flavors scents with inspiring names like "Optimism" and "Genuine". Looking over my options, I decided to try one out and hope that it really would encourage me in my job search, bolstering up a quality that I consider myself to be lacking.

But I have found that I do not like the smell of "Ambition" in the morning. It smells like... citrus and baby powder. They're popular deodorant scents, but weird together. Who wants to diaper a grapefruit?

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August 10, 2005

'Baby, check this out: I've got something to say...''s got a brand new face and - as far as I can tell - is running a lot faster as well. They haven't transferred their RSS feeds over from the old system yet, but I'm told that it's in the works. Have a look!

(If you're not familiar with, it consists of a plugin for your favorite computer-based music player which tracks your music statistics and creates a 'radio' stream that your friends can listen to. It's cool - check it out and add me as a friend!)

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August 9, 2005

'She was so beautiful that all other persons seemed apes in comparison'

Yep, that's about right. Apes, all of you!

According to Wikipedia, Sarah is also a street name for cocaine! Excellent.

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August 8, 2005

Yes, it's redesigned

Please leave your complaints in the blah blahs!

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Blah blah blah here's some stuff about me that you probably already knew

I've seen this meme around a few places, but now I've been directly tagged.

What I was doing ten years ago

Hmmm. Summer of 1995. I would have been 14, nearly 15, and would have been going into 10th grade in a few weeks' time. This was a particularly unmemorable year for me, unfortunately. I can't remember doing anything remotely interesting in 10th grade! And summers were even worse!

What I was doing five years ago

I was about to turn 20, so I would have been preparing to leave for Grenoble. I may have been applying for my visa, but I bet I already had that taken care of by August.

What I was doing one year ago

I was trying my best to stick out my internship until the end. Ahem.


I went to my sister's roommate's wedding. Somehow it doesn't seem right that someone so young should be getting married... or that Alfie's friends are starting to get married before mine are finished! Ah well. It was my third wedding so far this summer!

5 snacks I enjoy

  • chips and salsa
  • gingersnaps (homemade - the storebought kind are crunchy and gross)
  • buttery popcorn
  • cheese and crackers
  • salt and vinegar potato chips

5 songs I know all the words to

Um... I don't know. There are a lot. Although if you asked me for songs I know all the correct words to, I might be at a loss. I'll say:

  • "Good Morning Starshine" by Oliver (because it's playing right now and the lyrics are all "Flibby flip floopy, nibby nobby noobie")
  • "If I Fell" by the Beatles
  • "In My Life" by the Beatles
  • "Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin
  • "Unsent" by Alanis Morrissette

5 things I would do with $100 million

We've been talking about this a lot lately, especially since I was supposed to win the MegaMillions jackpot a few weeks ago before it was stolen from me just because I didn't buy a ticket.

  • Endow SI's Alternative Spring Break
  • Wave some money under U-M's nose and then not give it to them
  • Instead, donate enough to Albion to get a building named after me
  • Buy lots of clothes and shoes
  • Work part-time

5 locations I would like to run away to

  • Iceland
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Peru
  • Quebec

5 bad habits I have

5 things I like doing

5 things I would never wear

  • clown suit
  • trucker hat
  • false eyelashes
  • suit of armor
  • woolen underclothing

5 TV shows I like

  • Blackadder
  • Red Dwarf
  • Lost
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Simpsons

5 biggest joys of the moment

  • hope that I will soon be gainfully employed
  • my best friend is home from Japan
  • fudgesicles (I don't have one, but thinking about having one is pretty joy-inducing)
  • everybody's healthy
  • apete

5 favorite toys

  • Isidore
  • Hecate
  • The Sims 2
  • Um... Trivial Pursuit? I'm really stuck for toys. I think I require more gadgetry.
  • books?

Now I'm tagging

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Before I go to bed tonight, I want to record the dream I had last night:

I was staying in a cabin in the woods with my very large family. I went off somewhere (maybe to the mall, because part of my dream took place at the mall but I'm not sure where that was) and when I came back, I had to cross a river to get back to the cabin. I came to the bridge and it was covered with these savage orange raccoons. I decided to go to the next bridge, but the raccoons were there, too. I decided there was no way to avoid them, so I got a running start and jumped over the raccoons, who were so stunned that it took them a while to turn around and start chasing me. The raccoons chased me all through the woods but I ran through the door of the cabin and slammed it shut just in time. Then I discovered none of my family were there. They'd all gone outside to take a family photograph and I caught up with them just in time. Then we were all rounded up by the Nazis, because apparently now we were French Jews during WWII. This whole part of my dream was conducted in French. We were going to be taken to a concentration camp, where we believed that we were going to be burned as fuel. We stopped at a (modern) convenience store or truck stop or something on the way. A German soldier said that I could have some chocolate, which I understood as meaning that although it was forbidden to Jews, he would look the other way if I wanted to buy some. I got out my change purse and found that I had a lot of quarters (because somehow in my dream I was my modern American self and my WWII French self at the same time) and a few centimes. I had one English pound that had been painted to look like French money, but I couldn't spend that because then the Germans would know that we'd been planning to escape to England. I was disappointed that I didn't have enough spendable money to buy the chocolate but I looked in my purse one more time and suddenly there was a stack of deutschmarks, which were all coins about the size of a credit card but quite a bit thicker. I got out my deutschmarks to pay for the chocolate, but then found out that the German soldier had paid for my chocolate. Then I woke up.

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Waterman's Florida Blue

In preparing to write my post-interview thank-you notes today, I decided to take out and refill my fountain pens, which I haven't used in at least a year. I've been using them all day and remembering the joys of fountain pens.

I love the way they write! I don't know why it's so different from other pens, but I am fascinated by the movement of the ink on paper. A to-do list, rather than being hastily jotted notes, becomes an Event as I write out each entry in longhand, spelling out the full names of everyone I have to thank and reminding myself to do things that I don't really need to be reminded to do. I'm just making excuses to keep writing.

I've been reading a lot of creative writing guides lately (in preparation for NaNoWriMo) and I wonder if I would write more or write better if I wrote more things out with a fountain pen. Of course... when I lived in Vichy, most of my blog posts were drafted in that way before I typed them into the computer. And quite a lot of them were crap.

I don't know where I'm going with this (not a good sign for my NaNoWriMo novel, I suppose), other than to say: Reading a lot of books on How To Write a Novel is not helping me very much, but perhaps a mental crutch (in the form of a fountain pen) would.

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I shouldn't be this upset about someone I didn't even know...

Four months ago, when Peter Jennings was diagnosed with cancer, I had nothing but enthusiasm for what I was sure would be a safe and inspiring recovery. I certainly didn't expect that we would lose him so soon.

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August 7, 2005

Interview round-up

I felt like the interviews went well. The first one will let me know the week of the 15th and the second one will let me know this week. In the meantime... srah continues applying for things and not counting her chickens before they are hatched.

I am quite thankful to be home and to be able to avoid airports for a while.

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Unconscious Mutterings

I'm so happy that I had an opportunity to quote Tobey Maguire/Dustin Diamond.


Read my free associations, y'alls!

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August 2, 2005

Thoughts from the drive to Unidentified Town in Pennsylvania

Alas, I was not able to write down my thoughts as I went along for this portion of the trip. This is why I like public transportation! But here are my thoughts as I remember them:

  • Right, let's take a look at this here TripTik. First step: Turn northeast onto... wait, northeast? Which way's northeast? I don't have a freaking northeast turn signal, thank you, AAA. I am not a Boy Scout. I am not that kid in my 6th grade class who always carried a compass in school.
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Rental car! Rental car! Must not smash! Must not drive too fast! Must not drive so slow as to be rear-ended by someone coming fast up one of the many hills!
  • I don't think I was supposed to go into State College. Why is there nowhere to turn around?!
  • This area has a lot of great placenames, like Boogersburg and Waddle Swamp.
  • Apparently roadwork is not limited to the turnpike. I like it when a work zone ends about six feet before the sign for the next one.
  • Pennsylvania Public Radio had some nice Strauss on. It was good for driving. It should have occurred to me, though, that the rental car would have a CD player. Then I could have avoided the sadness that comes from driving away from a radio signal.
  • I have never been so happy to see divided highway. It's irrational, I know. You shouldn't be happy to see an impersonal divided highway like that. But with the great directions on these TripTiks, I enjoy something that is the same for miles on end and has clearly marked/numbered exits. I do not need to be told to get on 220 going northwest (what highways go northwest???) when I really should be going south. AAA, you and I aren't friends anymore.
  • The song that was playing as I turned into the hotel parking lot was Shilo! It's a sign! I don't know what it's a sign of, but it's definitely a sign.

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I'm going to spend the next few hours trying to forget the phrase 'feces stabilization,' thank you very much

Would you like to know more than you ever needed to know about waste management in space?

Of course you wouldn't. Neither did I. But curiosity got the best of me, and I hope it will get the best of you, too, so that we can suffer together.

[via Abroad at home]

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Thoughts from the flight from Detroit to Somewhere In Pennsylvania

  • It's a tiny, mini, baby plane! It's a freaking biplane! I think Charles Lindbergh flew this very plane! THIS PLANE HAS PROPELLERS! I prefer the mystery of the big planes with those whirly enginey things that people are always getting sucked into in movies. I don't know how those work or what they are exactly. I know how a propeller works, and that scares me!
  • The flight attendant has just informed us that we are in a Saab 340. This Saab is only slightly bigger than the ones on the road. I wonder how it handles on ice.
  • "... In the emergency, floor lights will illuminate." I think she meant "in the case of an emergency." Um... I hope that's what she meant. Dear god, how are these propellers going to keep us up?
  • That was the most unpleasant takeoff I've ever had. I wanted to cry. First I was convinced, for no reason whatsoever, that we were going to burst into flames as soon as the engines started up. Then once we got off the ground, we seemed to wobble back and forth a lot, which led me to believe we weren't actually going to get up anywhere and that our dinky little propellers weren't going to hold us up. Or one would and the other wouldn't and we'd fly sideways all the way there. This was followed by a hard left turn in midair, tipping the plane far to the side. I considered screaming but thought better of it. Now I am mesmerized by this one panel on the wing that doesn't look like it's fastened down very well. WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! And I have documented the whole thing. That's supposing that Isidore and his hard drive aren't melted when we plummet to earth and burst into flames, of course.
  • Hey, Cheryl! Apparently I'm flying over Cleveland right now.
  • "There will be a short wait after we've landed while we wait for your baggage to be unloaded and THE PROPELLER TO STOP." (capitals mine, inside my head, screaming)
  • Saab? That's what that landing made me want to do! I think the weaving and wobbling was even worse than on take-off, and I swear we were at at least a 75° angle at one point. Why do I clutch the armrest when that happens? If the plane is crashing, what good does it do me to hold onto the crashing plane?

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Thoughts from Detroit Metro Airport

  • The guy at the check-in desk asked if I was over 18. Sigh. I asked him if my bag was small enough to carry on and he looked at it for a while and judged that I should check it. I shouldn't have asked - it probably would have passed.
  • In my rush to get out of the house this morning, I skipped brushing my teeth, justifying it by telling myself that it would give me something to do while I waited for my flight. Now my toothbrush has been checked and I am The Great Untoothbrushed. Waaaaaah!
  • I am also The Great Unsweatered. Why the hell is it so cold in this airport? I want my baaaaaaaaaaag baaaaaack!
  • The scammers have scammed me in my attempt to scam them! When I order an iced chai latte from Starbucks, they fill the cup with ice and drizzle a few drops of chai on top. So now when I order, I ask for it with "light ice." Starbucks is plenty expensive and if I order it with "light ice," I get more chai for my money. No ice would be lukewarm and weird, but I don't need a whole cup of ice and would like to actually have something to drink. So just now, I just ordered a chai with light ice and they didn't fill up the cup! They left room at the top of the cup where the rest of the ice should be! I have been scammed! But I didn't feel like I could call them out on it because I was trying to get more chai than usual anyway. Sigh.
  • I have this desire to be one of those people whose name gets called in an airport - who's so busy having so much fun that they can't show up to their gate on time. Why the heck should I get on the plane as soon as it's announced? I'm just going to sit in a cramped area for longer - better to wander freely through the airport. Christopher Brookmyre, in one of his books (I've now forgotten which) has a character who does this all the time - knowing that the plane will wait for him if he has a checked bag, because they won't allow someone to check a bag onto a plane without taking that flight. Terrorism and all, don't you know. Unfortunately, I'm such a worrywart and a goody-goody that I am always waiting in the correct waiting area when the boarding is announced. Sigh. I'll never be a Brookmyre character at this rate!
  • Back in the days when my grandmother was flying to the US, people got excited about flying. It was a rare occasion, so you got dressed up in your Sunday best and put on a nice hat and gloves. Now the airport is the realm of the baseball cap and the flip-flop. And fat, ugly children, apparently. Why are these children so ugly?
  • I'm anxious and nervous and sleepy and unhappy. They just announced a flight to Norfolk, VA and I wondered if I could get on that one instead. :(
  • So much for my attempts to be a Brookmyre character. I was the first one in line when they announced the flight. I can't help myself. An authority figure tells me to get on my plane, and I get on my plane. Here we go.

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August 1, 2005

There sits WonderVase, sitting oh so proudly!

A malleable plastic vase! It's really cool looking. I don't know if I'd use it, but the idea is great.

If you're the kind of person who likes to travel... with flowers... it would appear that this is a product for you!

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Far! We've been traveling far!

I'm going to be travelling in and out of Detroit all this week. You know who else is going to be travelling in and out of Detroit this week?

Neil Freaking Diamond, that's who!

My overactive imagination has already started constructing scenarios where we'll meet up in the airport, despite the fact that he's probably travelling in a tour bus. Shut up, reality!

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'So... love has blinded you?'

I only saw Star Wars: Episode III once in the theater. That was enough for me - it finished things off and gave me some closure to the nightmare that was the Star Wars prequels. But then Katie linked to something that brought it all rushing back to me:

91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

WHAT? Only 91?

I think I've linked to the Reasons to Hate guides for the earlier prequel episodes before, but this is the first that I've seen of this one. It goes through the movie chronologically, annotating with the reasons why it sucked.

My favorite is Reason #22. My memory of the exact dialogue in this scene was starting to fade, but it's all brought back to me in all its nonsensical glory thanks to this excellent site.

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You are a weiner!

Everybody wants a personalized poem/song/haiku! But there can be only ONE! Sort of like vampire slayers, except there's more than one of those, apparently. So... not at all like vampire slayers.

In fact, the hydrogen peroxide that we found had expired in March 1983, over a year before the birth of Alfie.

So, with no further ado, I proudly announce that the winner of our contest is Jamelah with her guess of "july 85." Here are your haikus (I didn't say that they would be good or you'd like them!)

Lying on her back,
Jamelah's thinking about
Justin Timberlake.

She's Just Sitting Here.
Meditation? Laziness?
No, it's just sitting.

What a natural!
Jamelah holding babies...
She should have her own.

I thank you all for participating!

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