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Blah blah blah here's some stuff about me that you probably already knew

I've seen this meme around a few places, but now I've been directly tagged.

What I was doing ten years ago

Hmmm. Summer of 1995. I would have been 14, nearly 15, and would have been going into 10th grade in a few weeks' time. This was a particularly unmemorable year for me, unfortunately. I can't remember doing anything remotely interesting in 10th grade! And summers were even worse!

What I was doing five years ago

I was about to turn 20, so I would have been preparing to leave for Grenoble. I may have been applying for my visa, but I bet I already had that taken care of by August.

What I was doing one year ago

I was trying my best to stick out my internship until the end. Ahem.


I went to my sister's roommate's wedding. Somehow it doesn't seem right that someone so young should be getting married... or that Alfie's friends are starting to get married before mine are finished! Ah well. It was my third wedding so far this summer!

5 snacks I enjoy

  • chips and salsa
  • gingersnaps (homemade - the storebought kind are crunchy and gross)
  • buttery popcorn
  • cheese and crackers
  • salt and vinegar potato chips

5 songs I know all the words to

Um... I don't know. There are a lot. Although if you asked me for songs I know all the correct words to, I might be at a loss. I'll say:

  • "Good Morning Starshine" by Oliver (because it's playing right now and the lyrics are all "Flibby flip floopy, nibby nobby noobie")
  • "If I Fell" by the Beatles
  • "In My Life" by the Beatles
  • "Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin
  • "Unsent" by Alanis Morrissette

5 things I would do with $100 million

We've been talking about this a lot lately, especially since I was supposed to win the MegaMillions jackpot a few weeks ago before it was stolen from me just because I didn't buy a ticket.

  • Endow SI's Alternative Spring Break
  • Wave some money under U-M's nose and then not give it to them
  • Instead, donate enough to Albion to get a building named after me
  • Buy lots of clothes and shoes
  • Work part-time

5 locations I would like to run away to

  • Iceland
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Peru
  • Quebec

5 bad habits I have

5 things I like doing

5 things I would never wear

  • clown suit
  • trucker hat
  • false eyelashes
  • suit of armor
  • woolen underclothing

5 TV shows I like

  • Blackadder
  • Red Dwarf
  • Lost
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Simpsons

5 biggest joys of the moment

  • hope that I will soon be gainfully employed
  • my best friend is home from Japan
  • fudgesicles (I don't have one, but thinking about having one is pretty joy-inducing)
  • everybody's healthy
  • apete

5 favorite toys

  • Isidore
  • Hecate
  • The Sims 2
  • Um... Trivial Pursuit? I'm really stuck for toys. I think I require more gadgetry.
  • books?

Now I'm tagging

srah - Monday, 8 August 2005 - 7:49 AM

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Comments (7)

gravatar chrispy - August 8, 2005 - 12:21 PM -

You were 15 in 1995? Jesus....

gravatar srah - August 8, 2005 - 12:25 PM -

Sorry. If it makes you feel any older, I was 14 for most of the year.

gravatar Jamie - August 8, 2005 - 3:32 PM -

Yay for salt and vinegar potato chips. Also, Unsent is a good choice. I should've thought of that one. And I should have thought of Iceland. I have a strange obesession with Iceland and I have no idea where it comes from.
And The Sims 2? How could I have forgotten. But I stand by my first answers. There fine as they are.

PS: Nice new outfit.

gravatar katie - August 8, 2005 - 9:02 PM -

What's a trucker hat?

gravatar Cheryl - August 9, 2005 - 9:45 AM -

You don't KNOW trucker hats?

I've been wanting fudgesicles for weeks! We should get some. I'll be in town this weekend. I'll call you.

gravatar Tony - August 10, 2005 - 11:43 PM -

Watch out Srah, Cheryl may only be bringing 1 pair of underwear to town with her this weekend :-P

If so, I'd be free to join you ladies for breakfast on Sunday.

gravatar srah - August 11, 2005 - 9:26 AM -

I read Tony's comment before Cheryl's post and thought he had some kind of fetish about dirty underwear!

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