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Thank you kindly for obeying the law!

My sister just bought the first season of Due South on DVD and we've been working our way through it. It's widely accepted, I think, that Benton Fraser is The Perfect Man, but in episode 4, I realized that he was The Perfect Man for me (well, except for being fictional and all). In the episode, Fraser - who is handsome, clean, polite and respectful of rules - is inexplicably riding a horse through empty streets in Chicago. He stops his horse and his companion looks up to see that Fraser stopped because the traffic light had turned red. That...

srah - Saturday, 13 August 2005 - 10:15 AM
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The cloying taste of failure

I would just like to rant here (because it's the only place I haven't ranted about it yet) that NO, I have not yet won the iTunes/Pepsi contest. Not that I'm bitter or anything. You are supposed to have a 1 in 3 chance of winning a free song download and I have now suffered through three 20-oz. Pepsis with no results. People have tried to tell me that, in fact, I was no more likely to win on the third bottle than on the other two - that each bottle has a 33.3% chance of winning. And to them...

srah - Wednesday, 16 March 2005 - 12:44 AM

Nextel me what's so good about it!

There are only two things in this world that I hate: people who are intolerant of other people's cell phone providers... and Nextel. This is what I think when I hear that little chirping noise: NGGAAAAGGHHHRRRRAAARRRGGGGNNNNAARRR. [thanks to Mr B------ for the crappy title, since I couldn't even come up with a crappy one]...

srah - Wednesday, 3 December 2003 - 2:15 PM

Speaking of writing...

Robin and I decided yesterday, while driving aimlessly around the outskirts of Ann Arbor (we saw a goat on a picnic table!!!! Shut up - it did so deserve four exclamation points), that while not knowing how to spell or use correct grammar was all well and good in your personal life, it should end there. You may misspell or use bad grammar in your own personal emails or grocery lists. I will even allow for spelling errors and typos in blogs. But once we are at the point where you are making a sign, writing in a newspaper, making...

srah - Wednesday, 9 July 2003 - 11:55 AM


Between the Evil One as mentioned in the previous post and ISU being treated badly and ignored at the Sleight Leadership Awards, I feel like my spirit has been broken. I am depressed and my tummy has a lot of stress in it. I want to go to sleep but I have to stay up and do this stupid paper. I am sad....

srah - Tuesday, 9 April 2002 - 10:31 PM

RAbid bitch

My boyfriend is nice and polite and you are an idiot who doesn't know the difference between polite questioning and shouting and who doesn't know how to behave herself in public. Fight your own battles and leave your friends to fight theirs. If you fight battles for your friends, I will fight battles for my boyfriend and kick your self-aggrandizing delusional Greek ass. You don't know anything about anything so stay out of it. And while I'm being angry, Evil Suitemate is at it again....

srah - Tuesday, 9 April 2002 - 6:59 PM

I'll try again

It's LY-sher. Get it right. I'm not going to correct everyone who calls on the phone. Sometimes people manage to mispronounce my last name. I figure you really have to be making an effort to annoy me to read "McN*tt" and pronounce "McNight", or even better - "McNutt". Is there anything that really bugs you when people pronounce it wrong?...

srah - Tuesday, 12 March 2002 - 9:09 PM

Stupid people

Stupid people shouldn't breed, they shouldn't breathe, and if had my way, they wouldn't even exist. In Spanish class today, this fat bearded lump of an excuse for a college student (you know who you are - I only wish you were reading this) with no volume control on his booming voice described Columbus Day as "a day when all the Dagos go out and get drunk". When confronted with this answer, he said something to the effect of "Well, Columbus was Italian, so..." Earlier he had described St. Patrick's Day in pretty much the same way except with those...

srah - Monday, 3 December 2001 - 11:24 AM

Last night as I was driving home

Last night as I was driving home from Alex's, I heard Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time" on the radio. Normally, this would not have bothered me - indeed, it would have been a pleasant experience. But last night, it was playing on the local oldies station. Billy Joel? On an oldies station? Am I old enough that the music of my childhood is considered "oldies"? AAAAAAAAAAAAH, sigh lament....

srah - Saturday, 24 November 2001 - 11:55 AM
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