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October 31, 2004

'Death is coming!'

me: Here comes another trick-or-treater... it's the Devil!
The Devil's Mom: He's the devil who got arrested!
(I look down and realize that the kid is wearing an orange jumpsuit in addition to his devil mask)
srahmom: How did you get arrested?
The Devil: I got caught.

Hee hee hee. I don't know why I find this so funny. Satan is no match for earthly law enforcement! Take that, Beelzebub! Crime won't pay after all!

Among our visitors: a butterfly; Death; The Devil; a fairy and a pirate-bat; the Incredible Hulk and a Care Bear; something with a turtle shell and a pumpkin face; a hippie, a video game character and a "hippie with a gun... or something... dressed all in black... so I'm a goth hippie with a gun"; Sully from Monsters, Inc. and Superman; another devil, some kind of biker with a big purple pig nose and a sort of female Captain America; a blue-haired butterfly princess; Dorothy, Toto, a flying monkey, the Cowardly Lion, Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West; Spiderman, the Green Lantern and some kind of black cloaky thing.

Haven't seen Batman so far...

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Jez has already heard me tell people about this dream at least eleven times, but here's one more.

There was a political event going on in my front yard. George W. Bush was already there, then John Kerry arrived in a hot air balloon and sort of rappelled down to the yard from it. People stood around being political, but it was really boring and lame and it wasn't going to affect my vote, which I think may have been the cause for the big rally. So I just grabbed John and George by the hand and we went for a long walk downtown. We went to a weird occultish museum, we went to a café and we got lost. We all got along pretty well - I found that they weren't very bright but that they were nice and they meant well, so we had an enjoyable afternoon together.

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October 28, 2004


I dreamt last night that Mr B------ and I were going on a road trip to New York City. We were trying to figure out if we should drive his car all the way or if we should drive to Greenwich, CT and take the train from there... but as we were discussing this, suddenly we were on the train (and somehow the discussion was continuing). Rachel and Nnnick were also in the train with us.

We were getting near the city and could see lots of buildings, when suddenly a huge dart (almost like an arrow) came shooting through the air and hit the train window next to me. It went partway through and just stayed there. I started to point the dart out to people in the train, saying, "Oh my god, did you just see that dart just hit the train? What's going on?" but everyone else in the train was paying attention to the huge evil monkey at the front of the train car. Apparently whoever shot the dart had been aiming at the monkey and had missed. The monkey may have been rabid - all I know is that it was dangerous and that people kept saying it was a puma and I was the only one who could see that it was a monkey. We had a nice little monkey of our own with us near the back of the car and whenever I tried to point out that the "puma" was a monkey, people thought I was talking about my monkey.

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October 26, 2004

The Greatest Story Ever Told

" THE LIBRARIAN tells the story of a repository for humanity's greatest secrets, all hidden beneath the monolithic Metropolitan Public Library. From the Golden Fleece to the Ark of the Covenant, every enigma and artifact from every known and unknown civilization is protected from the forces of evil who, if given the chance, would use the priceless treasures for their nefarious plans. Only one man can keep them safe: The Librarian."
- TNT Originals: The Librarian

I don't quite know how to feel about the idea that when a librarian finally becomes an action hero, it's a dude.

[thanks to Dharma]

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October 25, 2004


Aspects of my many comment-problems seem to have been resolved. Take that, Movable Type 3.12! You are my biaaatch!

Comment at will.


Update: I hate you, MT-3.12.

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So fresh and so clean!

Upon realizing it was my blogiversary, I took a look at the ol' archives to see what I was like three years ago. I seem so young and fresh - not my old, jaded, cantankerous and senile current self. And yet...


I've decided I'm going to be a graphic designer, or whatever you call a person who designs CD labels and cases, movie posters, etc. Yeah... about that... Some art training might have been useful.

Wish I hadn't spent all that time thinking I was going to be a librarian, because I might have made some effort to look into other opportunities - or maybe an additional major.

Last year at this time I was thinking 'I have so many marketable skills - people are going to be knocking down the door to get ahold of me.' Huh?

Dear srah-of-2001,

No art training required! Simply be hired as a web designer and emphasize and stress that you do not have any graphic design training and suddenly people will be knocking your door down, trying to get you to design posters. I suspect that all I do these days is design posters.

Three years later, concern about setting your cap on librarianship becomes concern about setting your cap on HCI and considering librarianship instead. And then realizing that I don't have a library education.

As to your concerns about being employable: You are not. And one degree later... you still probably aren't. Sorry. Enjoy living in a cardboard box, dear.


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'And so you shall!'

I wonder what I was doing a year ago today, thort I, Let's see, that would be the October 2003 archives... and that would be which day? Ah, the 25th.

The 25th? Of October?

Holy shit, thort I in my very delicate and ladylike manner, I've been blogging for three years.

And so I have.

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Oh, joy unbounded! Oh, sweet relief! Oh, rapture unexampled!

That which I felt I could but dream of has finally come to be.

Can it be true? Have the Fates smiled on one so lowly as myself? Can such unequaled happiness really be my own? Here is food for joyous laughter, indeed!

Yes, folks, they have finally finished the construction on Bonisteel Avenue and the North Commuter bus is trundling all the way up instead of stopping at the end and making me walk.

Shut up, I was excited.

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October 24, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

I am so paying attention to the review.

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Believe it or not, I probably haven't seen this movie in over a year and a half.

James: What are you doing Saturday?
Helen: Probably killing myself.
James: Excellent. What time does that finish? Do you like boats?
- Sliding Doors

The kind of week this is shaping up to be:

  • Cold symptoms worsening: likely.
  • Schoolwork: lots.
  • Schoolwork done in the past week: nearly zero.
  • Sleep: unlikely.
  • Meetings: numerous.
  • Attention span: almost nonexistent.
  • Midterms this week: 1 (I hope).
  • Studying done: none.
  • Jez bored and lonely: probable.

As for now...

  • Location: midterm review.
  • State of mind: bored and panicked at the same time.
  • Concerned about: not learning fast enough for my tastes, that I am wasting my time by being here instead of working on other things.
  • My carton of orange juice: very empty.


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October 22, 2004

Why won't this damn work do itself???

Am sick. Am dying. Have so much work to do, so many visiting Englishmen to entertain, so much sleep to get, so much--


I appear to have passed out on the desk. Someone do my work for me while I recover?

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October 21, 2004

The end is near!!!1oneone

The time has come to do laundry.

I never should have let it go this long, but I got busy and have been sucked up into the way of thinking that if I postpone something long enough, it will just disappear. This hasn't worked for my stupid internship poster or my research consultation proposal and it didn't work for my laundry.

I don't even mind doing laundry. There isn't a lot of work to do - I'm not beating the clothes on rocks or something. I think it's just the lingering fear of my basement and the fear of falling down the stairs while carrying a huge basket of clothes. The longer I put off this potential
Death By Breaking My Neck And Landing Face First And Smothering To Death In A Pile Of My Own Dirty Socks, that's one more day I can have in my valuable and rewarding life and can spend blogging and putting off other upleasant things.

It makes sense, dude. I swear.

So the deadline came yesterday. It was Laundry Time. There was no more time to waste. I had to face my fate.

And then I forgot.

Which means that today I must pay the ultimate price for procrastination*: the last pair of underpants.

Does everyone have a Last Pair of underpants? The ones that sit at the bottom of the drawer, hated and ignored, until the moment where they are the last resort? I have. I hate these underpants, but they are the cross I must bear for my sin of Sloth.

I also have a favorite pair of underpants, which I wear when I need extra confidence or when I think it will be a good day. No one sees them, but I know they're there and that's enough for me.

Do other people have an underpants hierarchy? Or do you do this with some other piece of clothing?

* Well, I guess I would have paid the ultimate price if I'd waited one more day, but I don't really want to think about that.

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October 20, 2004

'Did you get everything you wanted out of this internship?' *SNORT!*

Lack of sleep does strange things to you.

It can make you suddenly decide that you HAVE TO UPGRADE MOVABLE TYPE at 8am. It can make you upgrade Movable Type when you're also supposed to be gluing things to your poster. It can make you late for work because you were sticking things to posters and panicking about missing comments when you should have already been at work. It can make you forget to put on deodorant. It can make you go to the bookstore for an emergency deodorant purchase and end up buying chapstick and a vile weird-ass energy bar as well. It can then make you eat said weird-ass energy bar. It can make you send the following in an email to Mr B------:

Subject: Summary of flavors

No, wait, not honey.
Something like honey though.
Some kind of sweetener.
Damn, this is sweet!
Too sweet?
I don't know.
It tastes like other things, too.
Grainy things.
It tastes like burning!
Likeburnt rice.
Or maybe just stale rice.
Why's it got to be so conglomerate? There are bits of mysterious things in my teeth.
It's ugly, too. I shouldn't look at it.
By the time I finish chewing one bite, I forget that it was kind of nasty at the beginning.
I guess that's good.
It's okay once it's been mashed around in my mouth for a while.

These are, of course, all completely hypothetical and didn't happen to me today. *sniffs armpits*

How many more hijinks can I have today? I look forward to answering questions about my internship with excessive sleep-induced honesty!

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In fact, it was a baton de colle


How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Was it more than two and a half? Then you are a WINNER!

I, unfortunately, did not have quite as many as you, as I stayed up quite late making a pointless, crappy poster out of construction paper and glue sticks* and sleeplessness. I was running on adrenaline or chai-caffeine or pure, unadulterated construction paper creativity and wasn't even that tired when I went to bed... but I had nothing better to do, so off I went.

I felt better then than I do now. Small sleep is worse than no sleep at all for me. I am slogging through the day. I will prop myself up next to my poster for two hours and smile pretty and maybe I will win a door prize. This piece of shit poster sure ain't winning anything!

Is it nap time yet?

* Yes, glue sticks! Even after they told us not to! I am that kind of rebel!

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Fear strikes deep in my heart

I have upgraded to Movable Type 3.12. Things are fishy. I am scared. I thought I had lost all of my comments before June 2003, but this may not be the case.


Update: Apparently I have to manually approve all comments now. I will let you know if I figure out how to turn this off but in the meantime, you should probably assume your comment's gone through. Also, none of my comments are SHOWING UP on the front page. Who the hell knows why?

Update: Now new comments are showing up but the existing ones only do if you click on them. What madness is this??? WTF?

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And their little dog, too!

I am, as Dana Carvey playing Mickey Rooney would say, "a star, kid..." *does weird hand/mouth gesture* "... A STAR!"

Or at least I will be, as soon as I am discovered by Hollywood! When I read about Bob's trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, I decided I wanted to do the same thing. The exhibit about movies sounded quite fun and interesting and you got to appear in your own stupid little film! So I convinced Jez that this was the best museum to start with, which turned out to be a good thing because admission was free on Monday.

As we sat in line to begin the movie-making experience, I speculated that I wanted to star!!! in the film so that Hollywood would be able to find me better. As it turned out, the kids in our group took the bit parts and Jez and I were left as the stars!!! of the Escape from Zircon trailer, Pat and Jessie.

It truly is a cinematic masterpiece, with some fine acting from the leads, including my trademark Smiling While A Car Comes Careening Out Of Control At Me, Smiling While The Plane Loses Control And We Might Die And I Don't Have An Oxygen Mask, Smiling While Being Kidnapped and Smiling While Wearing A Sweater And Kneesocks On The Beach In Hawaii. I must, however, give props* to our intrepid kidnapping spies, who were adorable beyond belief in their huge trenchcoats very menacing.

No autographs, please.

* Namely, either the Barbie dolls in the background of the Hawaii shot or the pepper shaker in the Paris scene that looked like it was full of coal dust.

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October 19, 2004

Never the twain shall meet! If I can help it!

Guess what? I have insane compulsions. I bet you were in no way aware of this. I, myself, am sometimes unaware of my own compulsions until they are pointed out to me. Apparently it is strange to threaten someone with bodily harm when they try to add the milk to your tea before removing the teabag, without being able to explain exactly what it is that you find so distasteful about the two touching. It's just wrong! It just is! Who would do such a thing? GAH!

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October 18, 2004

Compendium Chicagodus

Unchronological, disorganized thoughts from my weekend in Chicago with Jez:

  • My hair and I can never live together in Chicago. If I were to be employed in Chicago, we would have to be parted. (My hair is normally parted, but in this case, it would have to be parted from me.) The Windy City is, indeed, quite windy. My poor head.
  • We went to The Melting Pot for fondue on Sunday night. Mummmmmnummmyummmy. Bread, apples and vegetables in cheese. Seafood and vegetables boiled in oil. Evurrrrrrthing dipped in chocolate. 'Twere wonderful.
  • You know what's funny? Museum space exhibits that list the windspeed of Uranus are funny. Hee hee hee hee hee. Uranus.
  • Our hotel was dizzamn nice and not nearly as expensive as it looked or felt. Thank you, Hotwire.com!
  • Chicago-style deep dish pizza is deep. Not in a philosophical sense, but in the sense that there is a LOT OF PIZZA THERE. Eek.
  • Amtrak should probably die. I guess. We were about two hours late in getting to Chicago, but pretty much on time for the return. Other than that, it was okay and the café car guy was pretty entertaining. So maybe Amtrak should live a long and uncomfortable life and maybe be dismembered or something.
  • We managed to hit the Museum of Science and Industry when it was free and the Shedd Aquarium on Discount Day. Our timing r0x0rs!

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October 17, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

You've got SERVED! ... a fine helping of free associations, that is!

... Plus, I suck.

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October 16, 2004

Uh oh, here comes the Walter

Thanks to my old chum Mr B------, I have been endowed with a moniker that evokes great poetical talent. Playing upon my last name and my fondness for a certain song that is popular on the radio, he has decided to start calling me Nitty. I am only too proud to be connected with the genius that brought us such beautiful verse as:

We're standin face to face, uh
I knew right where to take her
That private room called the bathroom
Uh oh, here comes the waiter

I am so amused that rappers are now sampling The Archies. What's next? Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Love In My Tummy? Puppy Love? The future is so bright!

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October 15, 2004

This is either a poem or a collection of thoughts.

Junior Mints are a little firm and standoffish
on the outside,
but the inside is soft and comforting.
They are like a hug, in candy form.
I like Junior Mints.

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'It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw...'

Enough of this music-posting shiznit! I declare one week sufficient, although now that I've done it, I may throw something in unexpectedly if it relates to a post. I leave you with a few works of genius, like the great bursting grand finale of a fireworks show:

  • Teh NEIL - September Morn
  • Gilbert Bécaud - C'est en septembre (sound familiar?)
  • Teh NEIL - Forever in Blue Jeans
  • Teh NEIL - Hello Again
  • And a few for anyone who may be arriving on a new continent within the next two days:

  • John Linnell - Michigan
  • Simon and Garfunkel - America
  • Teh NEIL - America
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    October 14, 2004

    'Since many years, I haven't seen a rifle in your hands...'

    I am cleaning my room in preparation for Jez's arrival on Saturday. Unfortunately, by "cleaning my room" I mean "making no visible progress on cleaning my room because I spent a lot of time organizing my CD collection instead of dusting and clearing up the piles of clutter."

    The only advantage is that now my CD collection is nicely ordered and I got to listen to a few things while organizing. So I bring you a selection from various mix CDs I made in college:

  • Sarah MacLachlan - I Love You
  • Coldplay - Everything's Not Lost
  • REM - Everybody Hurts
  • Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleasure (This is one of those songs that you may find yourself singing in public and get embarassed about... not that it has ever happened to me...)
  • ABBA - Fernando
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    Cellphones in the bathroom!

    I walked into a bathroom stall today and dropped my purse. Unfortunately, the purse was open at the time and my cell phone fell out and slid under the dividing wall. I leaned down and was about to reach my hand under when I realized that the bathroom was fully occupied and that it would be extremely creepy for a hand to appear in your bathroom stall. It was probably almost as creepy to have a cell phone appear in your bathroom stall, but the mysterious stranger handed it back under to me very kindly.

    I wish I had bothered to write this story in such a way that it would be entertaining to others. Stupid blogging!

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    October 13, 2004

    People lying in the woods, eating sandwiches?

    I came to my meagre appreciation poetry because of the movies. I don't feel that any effort was really made in my education to encourage us to read or enjoy poetry... off the top of my head, I can't remember ever reading any in school. So when I was growing up and especially in my first year of college, poetry was something to be feared - something written by Jewel and angsty college freshmen and other people with no talent.

    Not having had that basis in school, I have to say that my poetical education is very limited, extending mostly to Poems Which Are In Some Way Perhaps Tangentially Related to John Hannah. Funeral Blues is, of course, one of my favorites. When John was making Pandaemonium, I read a biography of his character, William Wordsworth, and discovered that Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a lot more interesting than Wordsworth, what will all of the fluttering, dancing daffodils vs. drugs and fast thick pants.

    Unfortunately, most of the good poetry recordings I have are on cassette rather than in digital form, but I can offer you the following lovely ones:

  • W.H. Auden - XX (Funeral Blues) - read by John Hannah in Four Weddings and a Funeral
  • Pablo Neruda - Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines - read by Andy Garcia on the soundtrack to Il Postino
  • Groove Armada - At the River - I have included this song for the stupidest reason that I can think of: I heard it around the time that Pandaemonium came out in the theatres and misheard the lyrics as "If you're fond of Xanadu..." (which I am). But I like it and I hope you will too.
  • What are your favorite poems or poets? Who and what should I be reading?

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    October 12, 2004

    'It's a big enough umbrella'

    At least three times today in class, our professor has told us that something is "magic" so as to avoid explaining it to us and to shut up our incessant questioning. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    The Police - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

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    October 11, 2004

    'Sad smiles are strange' 'He can be very strange'

    For no reason (other than they're good and I'm too lazy/busy to come up with a related post/music choice today) I bring you:

    Kismet - Stranger in Paradise
    Kismet - And This is My Beloved

    All of the songs in the musical are lyrics set to music originally composed by Alexander Borodin. I lurves him. I lurves Kismet. Have an earful.

    Also: I am maniacally dancing in my seat to these. (Thanks, Jez!)

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    Saving it for later?

    The refrigerator here at work is kind of strange. There are about 17 different kinds of cream cheese there and someone has a large collection of yogurts. Besides that, it's mostly all tiny, healthy little meal parts. I rolled my eyes at my dieting co-workers and reached for the milk... and saw a can of Bud Light at the back of the fridge. I love the idea that someone is going to crack open a cold one in the middle of the work day!

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    October 10, 2004

    'No time is a good time for Sara'

    I've been having issues with Thunderbird, Mozilla's email client. It's perfectly lovely at school and at Mr B------'s house, but won't let me send outgoing mail from my house. I learned that this is because I have to use my internet service provider's SMTP address rather than the Umich one, but I couldn't find documentation of this.

    So I called up my telephone/internet provider and went through all of the button-pushing rigamarole before I got to be put on hold. The music began and I was sort of annoyed that they were using their own proprietary jingle-music instead of anything real - it was all about calling your home and billing your house and things... but the most frightening thing was that the hold music knew my name.

    While I was waiting, I Googled the lyrics and discovered it was not a jingle, but rather Fleetwood Mac:

    'He said "Sara, you're the poet in my heart
    Never change, never stop..."
    But now it's gone, it doesn't matter what for
    And when you build your house, well then, call me home'

    I don't have this mp3, but here are a few others for your listening pleasure, all written by people who don't know how to spell:

    Jefferson Starship - Sara
    Hall & Oates - Sara Smile
    Ben Folds - Zak and Sara

    Update: I have fixed it! I am a genius!

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    Unconscious Mutterings

    At nearly three in the morning, the contents of my mind are laid before you, in a free-associating style. Or something. Listen, I had to write an intro and I have to do it every week and I never know what to say. And are you really reading this part anyway? Let's just get to the "good" stuff.

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    October 8, 2004

    Silly, but it's true!

    Here is your challenge. Download today's musical selection:

    The Hollies - Bus Stop

    then listen to it and tell me why it makes me giggle. (Hint: I am very mature.)

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    October 7, 2004

    You say you want a revolution?

    I went to a meeting today which was the first step in making some significant changes in a terrible class I am in. I think a lot of the people at the meeting had unrealistic expectations of what would come from it. I feel energized and ready to start the process... I think they expected this to be it.

    No matter. Something will happen because something has to happen.

    I feel like sharing music with you, my close personal friends. Don't know why or how long it will last. So I bring you:

    John Lennon - Power to the People (which I had in my head through about three hours of said class this week as "Power to the <p> tag"). Download it soon... I'll probably take it down after a week or so.

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    October 6, 2004

    Blogformation overload

    Whenever someone mentions "blogs" in class, my head pops up and - often - several heads will turn to look at me. I'm not sure why I've become the blog-representative of the world - even among people who have their own blogs - but I have. So there's this reflexive prairie-doggish action of head-popping whenever the word comes up, and it seems to be coming up much more often now than it did last year.

    Blogs are everywhere now. I've never been one to hate the word and all of its derivatives, but the more I hear it... I'm really starting to.

    [Jeopardy link via A Season of Mists]

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    Telegram to the girl who passed me on the sidewalk

    Dear Girl Wearing a Trucker Hat,

    I'd like to be able to tell you about now I feel about you (and your fashion decisions) STOP Unfortunately, this wire is already too expensive STOP So instead I will just say please STOP.

    Sincerely Cordially Affectionately Yeah right,

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    Inspired by a conversation overheard on the bus

    I like a good caramel apple, me.*

    That's not entirely true. The idea of the caramel apple is a delicious one. The sweetness of the caramel combines with tartness of the Granny Smith (the best variety of all for caramel appling) for a delightful mixture of flavours. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eat a caramel apple without looking ridiculous eating off a stick and without getting your face and hands all sticky. And as you may know, avoiding messiness is one of my top priorities in life**. It's a conundrum for me, so I often only catch myself halfway through the eating of a caramel apple and wonder why I put myself in this situation. A much better alternative is Granny Smith slices dipped in caramel sauce, but this is much more difficult to find at fairgrounds and apple orchards.

    So what do you think annoys me most about this delicious delicious waylaying temptress, the caramel apple? From the previous paragraph, it would seem that the messiness and stickiness and lookingstupidness would win out. Oh reader, how little you know! The most annoying thing about caramel apples has nothing to do with the apples themselves, but with the tendency of the caramel-apple-vending industry to advertise their product as "carmel apples." Do they come from California? While I am terribly obsessive-compulsive about messiness, I am far more OCD when it comes to spelling.

    * Another thing I like: Starting blog posts with short, one-sentence paragraphs. Have you noticed?
    ** Along with The Acquisition of Things That Glow In the Dark.

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    October 5, 2004

    A poem by me

    Yay me
    I contribute
    To the downfall of Internet Explorer

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    I've created a monster...

    Guess who's back?
    Back again?
    Katie's back.
    Tell a friend!
    Guess who's back guess who's back guess who's back guess who's back...

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    October 4, 2004

    Cry for help

    Is there a question you've always sought to answer to but have never known how to do it yourself? Are you looking for the answer to that trivia question you could never find? Do you need help finding sources to get started on a paper? Why not try the Internet Public Library's Ask a Question feature. Give a struggling would-be librarian something to do!

    Note: Don't use it just for the sake of giving us something to do - use only if you do have a tough question you can't answer on your own!

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    October 3, 2004

    Unconscious Mutterings

    Heavily influenced this week by L. Frank Baum and G. Stupid Lucas...

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    October 1, 2004

    Yep, that's about it

    The Fam was sitting around, watching The Simpsons. Mr Burns bought all of the media outlets in town and by the end of the episode, everyone in town was publishing their own newspaper about whatever was on their mind.

    Me: It's like blogging!
    Homer Simpson: See Lisa, instead of one big-shot controlling all the media, now there's a thousand freaks xeroxing their worthless opinions.
    (frowns, family titters)

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