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Who can take a blanket, sprinkle it with sleeves, price it fifty dollars, then sell it off to me? The Slanket Man can...

One of my guilty pleasures when I fly is reading the SkyMall catalogue. It's not because there's any actual shopping that I want to do, but more because I'm amazed by the range of things that other people are - apparently - willing to buy. I've always considered the target audience for SkyMall to be "OCD hypochondriacs who are really obsessed with their pets, have more money than they know what to do with and whose children hate them." That said, I really want a Slanket. Frangela say(s) they rock! And they are even more desirable after this recent conversation...

srah - Tuesday, 13 May 2008 - 12:16 PM
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What a hilaaaarious misunderstanding

Radio: Blah blah blah blah blah Les Miles. me: Could we STOP TALKING ABOUT LES MILES? Les Miles doesn't want to be here. Les Miles rejected us. If Les Miles changed his mind and wanted us all of a sudden, I wouldn't want him. Just give it up already! Stop dwelling on stupid Les Miles and move on! Radio: Blah blah blah Charlie Weis. me: "Charlie Weis should probably eat less!" srahfamily: ... me: Um... I said, "l-e-s-s." But that works, too....

srah - Sunday, 9 December 2007 - 10:37 AM
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In the opinion of this court, this child is depraved on account he ain't had a normal home

A couple of weeks ago I commented on an annoying-slash-hilaaaarious conversational habit of mine. I picked up on another one that my sister and I do while we were grocery shopping today: 1: Where is the [X]? (Or brings up [X] in some other context) 2: You're an [X]! 1: I'll [X] you! Such as: Alfie: Where are the cheese and crackers? me: You're cheese and crackers! Alfie: I'll cheese and crackers you! Then when we went to drive home, Alfie unlocked the car and let me in. I reached over and grabbed the keys off her lap and joked,...

srah - Wednesday, 21 November 2007 - 3:58 PM
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On the phone whilst driving! Naughty!

me, driving on I-75 back from Ohio: I hate these flammable tanker trucks! apete: It's just milk. me: What? No, they've got big signs with flames on them! apete: Nah. Milk. me: What? Cows don't have flames on them! What kind of cows have flames on them? apete: Racing cows....

srah - Friday, 23 September 2005 - 9:15 AM
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Forget a job - here is my future

(upon seeing the reflection of my beret-clad head in a window as I walk past) srah: My hat has a stem. I'm an acorn! Mr B------: Are you going to grow up to be a mighty oak? (sad, pensive pause) srah: No. *sniff* I think I'm a dud. Mr B------: You're going to be eaten by squirrels!...

srah - Monday, 24 January 2005 - 11:38 PM
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Yep, that's about it

The Fam was sitting around, watching The Simpsons. Mr Burns bought all of the media outlets in town and by the end of the episode, everyone in town was publishing their own newspaper about whatever was on their mind. Me: It's like blogging! Homer Simpson: See Lisa, instead of one big-shot controlling all the media, now there's a thousand freaks xeroxing their worthless opinions. (frowns, family titters)...

srah - Friday, 1 October 2004 - 8:33 PM
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I ain't got no damn money

srahmom: Rebecca, Rebecca, tell Sarah about your job. Alfie: Well... I'm getting paid $750 a week... basically to do nothing. srah: *kills herself*...

srah - Thursday, 20 May 2004 - 6:25 PM
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Now I lay me down to sleep/ I guess I'll go count the sheep

(upon finishing my Java programming homework) Mr B------: As President Clinton said, Mission Accomplished! srah: When did he say that? Mr B------: Well, he didn't. But his banner did, when he was on a boat. (long pause) srah: Did you mean President Bush? Mr B------: Huh? srah: You said President Clinton. Mr B------: Oh. srah: You meant President George Clinton. Mr B------: He has the distinction of being the only president who had a Parliament....

srah - Tuesday, 9 March 2004 - 12:10 AM
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Love and sympathy from The Fam

Me: My Becky is home! (they embrace) Alfie: Did you blog? Me: Nooooo. (Alfie pushes me away) Alfie: No hugging until you blog! Me: I need hugs to blog! (srahmom tries to hug me, Alfie pushes her away) srahdad: I'll hug you. (hugs me and spins me around. And around. And around.) me: Ahhhhh! I'm being squished! And my toes are being stepped on! And now I'm dizzy! (they stop spinning) Alfie: Well, at least if you throw up in the middle of the kitchen, you'll have something to blog about....

srah - Saturday, 7 February 2004 - 11:52 AM
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The nerdding planner

(watching preview for a stupid show about some reality TV people getting married) Stupid TV bride: I want everything in the wedding to be pink! Stupid TV groom: She wants everything to be pink! I'm not getting married at some Strawberry Shortcake wedding. srah: What do you care? Why should you have any say? You're just an accessory, groom. That's why you leave the planning up to the bride's mother. So then you can get married in a nice ruffly shirt and you'll like it that way. srahmom: I promise, when you get married, I'll keep out of the planning....

srah - Saturday, 22 November 2003 - 2:50 PM
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Bring home my name/ on the wings of Gwaihir*

(listening to Neil Diamond as I get ready this morning) srah: I always want to sing this "Sar... Saruman" instead of "Soo... Soolaimon". (pause) srah: I am such a nerd. Mom: Well, from what I've heard, you're in good company at SI. srah: This is very true. Hopefully Return of the King will come out after all of our exams are done. Otherwise we're in trouble! Mom: Why's that? srah: Because no one will show up for class the next day! Mom: Oh. Well, that's okay. Your teachers probably won't either. ––––– * thanks to Mr B------ for the nerd-assistance...

srah - Tuesday, 11 November 2003 - 11:04 AM
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Another family conversation

(watching You've Got Mail) Dad: Is that Meg Ryan and her mom dancing? Me: No, it's... uh... the devil. And Noah Webster. Mom: That's Daniel Webster. Me: "YOU WILL PUT THIS WORD IN YOUR DICTIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!"...

srah - Tuesday, 26 August 2003 - 10:50 AM
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Awakened consciousness, asleepened

Last night as I was falling asleep, I came up with a song parody that was so funny and insightful that it would have changed the world. Unfortunately I was too lazy to get up out of bed and find a piece of paper in order to record this amazing thought forever. So my masterpiece, which probably would have turned out to be crap in the light of day anyway, is lost. I can't remember now what the tune or the subject of the parody was. So instead, I bring you this not-very-hilarious-unless-you-were-there exchange: Mom: I'm reading Seabiscuit. It's really...

srah - Thursday, 21 August 2003 - 10:08 AM
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Conversation in my mind

Little Srah: Cough cough cough hack HACK HACK! Moooan... The Governor: (raps cane on the floor) Come now. See here, girl. What's that I hear? Another Miscellaneous Character: Oi finks it's the croup, guv'nor. Li'l srah won't be wif us come Christmas, oi dare say. The Governor: Oh well. (peers disdainfully through pince nez) She was always too small and weakly to be of any good to us in the poorhouse, and too young to be selling herself on the streets. Best she goes now, really. One less mouth to feed. In other words, I think I'm coming down with...

srah - Monday, 11 August 2003 - 11:38 PM
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I tried to call Alex in Mexico, thinking that this time I wouldn't be silly and try to speak Spanish to him. Problem being: Alex wasn't there. Don't know who was, but she didn't speak English. Ella: Lksjro;isjeofjsoiejfisejfliisje;lifje Yo: May I speak to Alex? Ella: ¿Lkjw;oeijfowe;jfioweinfwe quien? Yo: ¿Con Alex? Ella: ¿Ljolsijeofisjifjlisejflseijflisje assistantes liwnelinwleifniwe? Yo: ¿Uh... sí? Ella: Lkwjeoinfwenofiwen numero. ¿Tiene pluma? Yo: ¿Qué? ¿Qué? ¿Pluma? ¿Ah... sí? Ella: Bueno. 982340923842092384308204092348. Yo: (writing down various numbers that have no relation to the ones she gave me) ¿...2348? Ella: Sí. Wlerjiowjfnk assistantes owiejroiwjeroiwjer llamar lwejrwiejrojwer. Yo: Okay, okay, mmm hmmm. Gracias....

srah - Monday, 21 July 2003 - 8:39 PM
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Interview With the Vampire Telemarketer

Him: Hello, may I speak to Ms Sarah McN!tt? Me: I'm Sarah McN!tt. Him: I'm calling on behalf of Northwest Airlines and Sprint. Me: I got this call yesterday. Him: I understand that. Me: So I already said I don't want to change my long-distance service. Him: I understand that. Me: So I'm not interested. Him: I understand that. Me: Okay... bye. What kind of response is that? Hopefully you didn't understand that before you called, or calling was a really stupid idea. Stop saying that. Maybe he was a robot....

srah - Thursday, 7 March 2002 - 1:03 PM
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