'No time is a good time for Sara'

I've been having issues with Thunderbird, Mozilla's email client. It's perfectly lovely at school and at Mr B------'s house, but won't let me send outgoing mail from my house. I learned that this is because I have to use my internet service provider's SMTP address rather than the Umich one, but I couldn't find documentation of this.

So I called up my telephone/internet provider and went through all of the button-pushing rigamarole before I got to be put on hold. The music began and I was sort of annoyed that they were using their own proprietary jingle-music instead of anything real - it was all about calling your home and billing your house and things... but the most frightening thing was that the hold music knew my name.

While I was waiting, I Googled the lyrics and discovered it was not a jingle, but rather Fleetwood Mac:

'He said "Sara, you're the poet in my heart
Never change, never stop..."
But now it's gone, it doesn't matter what for
And when you build your house, well then, call me home'

I don't have this mp3, but here are a few others for your listening pleasure, all written by people who don't know how to spell:

Jefferson Starship - Sara
Hall & Oates - Sara Smile
Ben Folds - Zak and Sara

Update: I have fixed it! I am a genius!

srah - Sunday, 10 October 2004 - 10:17 AM

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Comments (3)

gravatar Mr B------ - October 10, 2004 - 12:38 PM -

Hooray! By the way, this continues to be the best blog post ever.

gravatar Noor - October 11, 2004 - 9:30 AM -

Actually, Sara (with no h) means princess in the Irish tradition.

gravatar srah - October 11, 2004 - 9:49 AM -

So? It's still WRONG! ;)

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