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Jez has already heard me tell people about this dream at least eleven times, but here's one more.

There was a political event going on in my front yard. George W. Bush was already there, then John Kerry arrived in a hot air balloon and sort of rappelled down to the yard from it. People stood around being political, but it was really boring and lame and it wasn't going to affect my vote, which I think may have been the cause for the big rally. So I just grabbed John and George by the hand and we went for a long walk downtown. We went to a weird occultish museum, we went to a café and we got lost. We all got along pretty well - I found that they weren't very bright but that they were nice and they meant well, so we had an enjoyable afternoon together.

srah - Sunday, 31 October 2004 - 9:45 AM

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gravatar alfie - October 31, 2004 - 1:03 PM -

Was there pudding?

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