Believe it or not, I probably haven't seen this movie in over a year and a half.

James: What are you doing Saturday?
Helen: Probably killing myself.
James: Excellent. What time does that finish? Do you like boats?
- Sliding Doors

The kind of week this is shaping up to be:

  • Cold symptoms worsening: likely.
  • Schoolwork: lots.
  • Schoolwork done in the past week: nearly zero.
  • Sleep: unlikely.
  • Meetings: numerous.
  • Attention span: almost nonexistent.
  • Midterms this week: 1 (I hope).
  • Studying done: none.
  • Jez bored and lonely: probable.

As for now...

  • Location: midterm review.
  • State of mind: bored and panicked at the same time.
  • Concerned about: not learning fast enough for my tastes, that I am wasting my time by being here instead of working on other things.
  • My carton of orange juice: very empty.


srah - Sunday, 24 October 2004 - 7:52 PM

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gravatar Cheryl - October 24, 2004 - 8:14 PM -

This is totally irrelevant, but maybe this little story will cheer you up: I discovered yesterday that SNL is much funnier after a few drinks and that, also after a few drinks, Ashlee Simpson's tone-deafedness and poor pronunciation no longer makes me think violent thoughts.

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