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I dreamt last night that my dad and I were driving along Platt Road when I saw a giant tapir by the side of the road. I made my dad turn around and go around the block somehow so that we could see it again and I could take a picture, but apparently the tapir was a sort of were-tapir or shape-shifter, so sometimes it was a tapir and sometimes it was human and sometimes it was somewhere in between. When we got back around, we got out of the car to take a picture and it turned part-human and...

srah - Monday, 16 March 2009 - 7:51 PM
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Entirely fictitious account of fictional events

ME What to wear, what to wear? I will put on my Albion College t-shirt, so as to celebrate the fact that my awesome friend just got an awesome job there. [immediately thereafter] ME What to snack, what to snack? I will have a fudgsicle... so as... [pathetic justification] to celebrate the fact that my awesome friend got an awesome job? [eats fudgsicle] ME Om nom nom nom nom! FUDGSICLE Whee! Freedom! [bits of fudgsicle fall off the stick onto my shirt] ME Well, that was a short-lived celebration. [changes shirt] This is a fictional account only because a) I...

srah - Friday, 13 June 2008 - 6:58 PM
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It's a LAAAAAAADY! </Leon Phelps>

Some news for all my THOUSANDS (or rather, about five) of Albion alum readers from the Albion College News: ALBION, Mich. – Albion College today (Friday, Feb. 23) announced the appointment of its 15th president, Dr. Donna M. Randall, currently the provost at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. Randall is the first woman president in the college’s 172-year history. She succeeds Dr. Peter T. Mitchell, who is retiring in June after 10 years in the Albion presidency. Randall’s appointment will be effective July 1, 2007. Lead Albion proudly into the 21st century! I'm not sure they're there yet!...

srah - Friday, 23 February 2007 - 4:59 PM


Congratumatations to Alfie, who gradutates from Albion this aftermanoon. Albion, I hope, done gived you the same edumacation it gived me, which makes me spell in odd ways....

srah - Saturday, 13 May 2006 - 8:11 AM
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Coming... home?

It's Homecoming Weekend in Albion. Construction seemed light on I-94 and I got off at Jackson (and somehow ended up back on after Jackson, but that's due to my fantastic navigational skills) so I made the one-hour drive in under two hours. It was okay, because sitting still on the freeway gave me a chance to change CDs so that I could sing at the top of my lungs along with both Fiddler on the Roof and The Neil. I'm staying with the sister and using her shower products because it's easier than trucking my own around. Who came up...

srah - Saturday, 11 October 2003 - 11:02 AM
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Let me entertain... me

I am still at Albion. I stuck around a bit longer to help the sister redesign her weblog and set up a commenting system. So go over there and leave some comments. Maybe that will encourage her to blog about her Exciting New Life At College....

srah - Sunday, 8 September 2002 - 9:17 PM
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Thank you, Vin Diesel

Upon their arrival in the U.S., Albion's new native speakers and international students were taken on a tour of Albion, which included passing the Bohm Theatre. Imagine their surprise when they saw XXX plastered on the marquee. So..., they thought, Albion only has one theatre, and that's a porn theatre. Fortunately, we have rectified the situation....

srah - Monday, 26 August 2002 - 7:09 AM
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Movin' on up to the second floor

We've been moving Becky into Albion today, hence no updates. Hopefully now that she's in a room with 24/7 Internet access, she will update her blog from time to time. Congrats, Becky, and welcome to the #7 Most Wired College in the Country. Bleurgh....

srah - Friday, 23 August 2002 - 7:16 PM
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Pictures from around the world

I just found the pictures from Albion's Off-Campus Programs Photo Contest online. There are some that are quite nice!...

srah - Wednesday, 31 July 2002 - 10:20 AM
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Mmm, tastes like chicken

Email from the college president: "Becky and I hope you can join us as our special guest at a cook-out celebrating the 2002 Senior Class! The theme this year is "Derby Days" so gallop on over to Bellemont Manor on Wednesday, May 1 at 5:00 p.m. for the final lap before Commencement." Note on the cafeteria menu: "Wednesday, May 1, there will be a special party for seniors only hosted at Bellemont Manor by Peter and Becky Mitchell. It will start at 5pm and end at 7 pm and a very special and unique menu has been planned for your...

srah - Monday, 29 April 2002 - 2:47 PM
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Not getting anything done

The H: drive has mysteriously disappeared. Greaaaaaat for all of us who are in the middle of something. Granted, mine was the new website design and not a term paper, but I thought it was important. Can't get through... Fix it, Krista! That's what you Lab Assistants are there for, right? ;) I wonder if I have homework for tomorrow......

srah - Thursday, 18 April 2002 - 10:56 PM
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International SOAR

This year's crop of new international students was so successful and dynamic because of the excellent SOAR leaders they had, Ayako and srah. Heh heh, modesty. Next year, the SOAR leaders are the RAbid Bitch and Señor Superficial. Let's hope they don't all run screaming back to their native countries. I can see how he got picked - he's very superficially charming. Her? Not so much. The last thing the psycho needs is more "power". I feel sort of like all of my assumptions keep falling apart. I assumed ISU had a shot at the Organization of the Year award....

srah - Monday, 15 April 2002 - 4:10 PM
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Hurrah for Baldwin chefs!

The wok is my new best friend. I made a yummy stir-fry today. Ingredients: tofu, chickpeas, pineapple, green pepper, onion, peas, french fries Sauces: oil, stir-fry, soy, teriyaki Spices: curry powder, lemon-pepper, garlic powder Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Alex made something with vinegar that was also pretty good. We should start a (Baldwin) recipe blog. Who wants to do it? If you don't, I will....

srah - Monday, 8 April 2002 - 4:35 PM
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Thoughts on Vera's email

Vera's leaving. Why? What do I care? I'm going to be gone too. But I do care. She's excellent and very supportive to the international students and ISU. Not to mention the Center for International Education. How does she handle it all? Maybe that's why she's going. I don't know why she's leaving. She didn't sound like she wanted to. I'm going to miss her... but I want her job....

srah - Monday, 8 April 2002 - 4:06 PM
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Baldwin recipe

Krista and I talked about sharing Baldwin recipes... Yesterday I had a sandwich based on something Roommate, Stephanie and I used to do freshman year. It was toast (although when the three of us did it, it was sub buns) with mayonnaise, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and green pepper between the slices. Nothing fancy, but rather tasty. It's good with black olives too, but the likelihood of finding both mushrooms and olives in Baldwin is low....

srah - Tuesday, 19 March 2002 - 1:26 PM
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Shower light

A freaky weird thing about being home is that there's so much light in the bathroom. It is not the dark, dank cavern that is our Albion bathroom. I can actually see things when I am in the shower....

srah - Wednesday, 6 March 2002 - 12:09 PM
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Test your keys

If you are an Albion College student, you may be interested to know that your key can probably get you into another dorm. Sorry, residence hall. Maybe you already know this. If you don't, you should test every door on every building on campus. I just thought of it because my I-House key works in a very inconvenient door in the Patito's residence hall, but I'm hoping that it will be moved to a closer one when they change the locks after Spring Break....

srah - Friday, 1 March 2002 - 11:43 AM

Celestial Ball

The Celestial Ball was great fun. I wish I still had the digital camera so I could show off everyone's dresses. Yen and Marie looked sexy. Laura wore a Vietnamese dress she bought in Hanoi. Samata and I had scarves. My dress was a big hit. I liked Stephanie's and Serafina's dresses, too. My boyfriend is a cutie patootie little duckling and he and Samata's date, Sean, appropriately played the role of Man Whore and danced with all the girls, especially those who didn't have dates. I danced like a maniac, all over the floor. We had little stereotypical foods...

srah - Sunday, 24 February 2002 - 11:12 AM
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Cafeteria Food, etc.

I complain about cafeteria food as much as the next person. But really, we're quite lucky. We may not have a noodle bar, like Wooster, but we do have a lot of interesting foods. You can always find something to eat, if you have enough imagination. I think that's what's wrong with Albion students in a lot of cases. There's nothing to doooooo in Albion... I have no problem finding things to do with my friends. Playing games, watching videos, going to the movies, campus-sponsored events, visiting friends, going out to dinner, or sitting in Baldwin or the KC or...

srah - Thursday, 21 February 2002 - 5:02 PM
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Blogging into the void

I went to dinner with this and had this. Later, I moved on and had dinner with this and this (should have used flash. darn). This year's International Week theme is Mexico. Tonight was the Mexican dinner. Yum yum yum. I was very upset that most people seemed to be ignoring the Mexican food and eating sandwiches or something. I tried a little of everything. 1) Some kind of salad with avocado in it. Mmmm, avocado. Avocado and lots of it. The French words for "avocado" and "lawyer" are the same word. When the lawyers went on strike last year,...

srah - Wednesday, 20 February 2002 - 11:29 PM
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Honors Social Event

I have such a love for Trivial Pursuit that it drove me to attend an Honors Social Event. I think that these events are planned to give the planners something to do, as the only people who showed up were those who are already freakily gung-ho about Honors and do strange things like attend Honors Council. I've only talked to her in person twice, but it's gotten to the point where I really can't stand to be within hearing distance of D's voice. She has spent so much time in the Theatre department that nothing she says sounds remotely sincere....

srah - Tuesday, 19 February 2002 - 9:51 PM
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The Pleiad: Encouraging squirrel-shaving since 1884

You can't get rid of me that easily. One last thought. Our student newspaper this week had a lovely story about one of my favorite things about Albion: the black squirrels. They're so much more elegant and cuddly-looking than brown ones. Anyway, I lost my copy somewhere so I can't quote exactly, but it said something to the effect of "If you shaved a black squirrel and a grey squirrel, they would essentially look the same." Cooooool. Does Tamara Crupi (or whoever the heck it was they got the quote from) know this from experience?...

srah - Friday, 1 February 2002 - 3:56 PM
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Although Thursday should be my sleeping-in day

Although Thursday should be my sleeping-in day, one of my duties as President of ISU is to attend Umbrella Group meetings (Umbrella oversees all of the multicultural/diversity groups). So I got an email from the President of Umbrella Group saying that the meetings would be Thursdays at 10 in "the usual place". Well, the one time last semester that I had been to a meeting, they were in the basement of Multicultural Affairs. So I showered, wrapped my wet hair in my scarf and trudged across campus. I was going to be a few minutes late, but nothing too scandalous....

srah - Thursday, 17 January 2002 - 11:34 AM
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I am the only person

I am the only person in my Tudor-Stuart England class who is neither a History major nor a Catholic. Dr. Horstman just asked out of curiosity if anyone was Roman Catholic and a forest of hands went up. Well... six, anyway. At least I don't feel as completely out of place as I did in The Worst Class Ever, Great Issues in Science....

srah - Wednesday, 9 January 2002 - 9:54 PM
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