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February 17, 2009

My name is Srah and I'm here to recruit you!

Oscar time snuck up on me and there are still three more I'd like to see before the night itself. We'll see if I actually accomplish that, with everything else I have to do. In the meantime, you can still enter my Oscars poll. Some people have reported errors in submitting their picks, so if your name is not on the list below, please re-enter!

  • Trisha
  • Alfie
  • Katelin
  • Jess (fushmush)
  • Aunt Pam
  • Sylvie
  • Jason
  • Marylene
  • Bob B.
  • Erin P.
  • Mike H.
  • allthewine

The rest of you have until Saturday night to enter!

srah | 8:35 PM
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February 13, 2009

Tadpoles is a winner!

There was an Internet quiz going around several months (years?) ago that was supposed to tell you who was Your TV Boyfriend. I took the quiz and it told me My TV Boyfriend was Jim Halpert. I was less than enthused, especially because this was sometime in season 3, where Jim was kind of a jerk or season 4, where he was just boring. So it got me thinking about who would be My TV Boyfriend if I - rather than an Internet quiz - were doing the picking. I had, after all, just eliminated The Ultimate TV Boyfriend, so who would be better?

So I bring you the ULTIMATE VALENTINE CHALLENGE where fictional TV characters compete to be my Valentine. It is a truly exciting life I lead.

Round I

First up, in the Monday night quadrant of the bracket, we have the How I Met Your Mother showdown. Marshall wins over Barney for being better boyfriend material. He is... not Barney, basically. In the other part of the Monday night quadrant, I will pick Wilson over Kutner, because we have at least seen him in a relationship. I am pretty sure Kutner is in a relationship with an Xbox or something.

Now for the Northeast (Wednesday night) quadrant, we have the Lost showdown with Desmond vs Ben. As much as I love Ben, I think we all saw the episode with the ham. So Desmond it is. And Demetri Martin gets a bye because there's no one else on his show. He's not strictly fictional, but I'm a bit limited in my options on Wednesday night.

On Thursday night we have 30 Rock's Kenneth vs Toofer. Let's see... one has a mouth on his back and freezes up when talking to ladies. The other... well, we don't know much about him relationship-wise, but he is a Harvard man. Toofer advances to the next round. On The Office, we have the stalwart Ann Veal Jim Halpert vs Andy Bernard, who uses cats and a capella music to woo the ladies. This is a pretty tough one actually, and I'm going to go with... the Nard-dog for the surprise win. What an upset!

Friday night, we have Baltar vs Helo. I love Baltar for much the same reason I love Ben on Lost - he's got his own motivations that come into conflict with all the other characters and create drama. However, drama is not necessarily a good quality in a Valentine, so Helo it is. And on Psych, in another come-from-behind win by a sidekick rather than a main character, it's Gus! Because as charming as Shawn is, can you imagine actually dating him?

Round II

Now to determine the Ultimate Monday Night Champion. Will it be Marshall or Wilson? The answer is Marshall, who is adorably schmoopy and loves brunch and commitment, whereas Wilson is all damaged and morose after his relationship with Amber, and never seems to stick with one woman for very long even if she survives.

Wednesday night, our champion is Desmond. Demetri Martin may be a time-travelling gigolo, but Desmond's love for Penny is even more attractive than Demetri in that green plastic hat.

And it's Cornell vs Harvard in the big Thursday night showdown. Basically I see this as a battle between sense and sensibility, and I'm going to have to go with Toofer, because when Andy's emotions are positive, they result in stolen ice swans and when they're negative, the walls had better look out.

Friday, it's Gus. Helo who?


Now the different nights of television start to face off!

My justification is the same for both sides of the bracket: I don't want to break up two of my favorite couples on TV, just so that I can take the male half as my valentine. So Toofer and Gus continue.


Gus wins! Gus wins! Gus is my valentine!

srah | 5:07 PM
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February 12, 2009

Proof that I am a teenaged girl

Here is a Wordle of commonly-used words in this blog:

Wordle: srah blah blah

srah | 7:30 AM

February 1, 2009

I'm BLOGGIN' here!

Turns out I made way more progress on the AFI list in January than I'd thought.


  • The French Connection (#70)
    I think this mostly made the AFI Top 100 list because the car chase was influential on later movie car chases. There wasn't much to the movie, other than chasing. I didn't get to know or care about any of the characters, because it was just chase chase chase. I did like the subway scene, though, with Doyle and Charnier trying to chase/lose each other without letting on that they were aware of each other.

  • Jaws (#48)
    SO SCARY. Good thing I hated going in water already.

    I wish the shark had been a little more discriminating in his feeding choices, and had passed judgment on who needed to die, rather than just eating whoever was available. Then he would have eaten the mayor as punishment for wearing those ugly ugly jackets.

    Great cinematography, great writing (a good balance of comedy/drama/terror) and not at all what I was expecting. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it and how much it engaged and terrified me.

  • Midnight Cowboy (#36)
    Fascinating characters, but the flashbacks were hard to follow and there were other parts (the "Warholesque" party?) that were confusing. I'd recommend it to others, but I don't feel a need to see it again.

  • Doctor Zhivago (#39)
    First of all, this didn't have NEARLY as many zombies as I expected it to. In three and a half hours, it seems like you could have worked in more zombies. Second, it made Russia look terrible and bleak and made me never want to go there. Third, was I supposed to find this movie romantic? Because I liked Tonya #1 and I thought her husband was an asshole for cheating on her, especially since they never really developed the relationship between Yuri and Lara, and it was sort of a "they love each other because we just told you they love each other" sort of thing. Somewhere in three and a half hours, we could have seen something of them falling in love!

srah | 2:40 PM
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I kept dreaming and waking up last night, so - although there are portions of these dreams that are unrelated - I've divided them into three parts.

Parte the First

I was riding a bus with Adrian Monk¹. I was also a TV detective or mystery-solver of some sort with my own show, maybe sort of like the one on Medium. I looked like Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica though. Somehow - whether through a Groundhog Day thing or because we both had psychic powers - Monk and I both knew that he was about to get shot by a bullet ricocheting from somewhere outside the bus, and we tried to stop it even though - like Daniel Faraday on Lost - we knew that there was no way to change the inevitable. I saw the bullet flying through the air in slow motion and saw it hit Monk, at which point I threw myself on him sobbing and told him that I loved him and I had always loved him. The woman in the seat behind him took his wedding ring off, because she felt if I was confessing my love for him as he died, it would be best for the both of us if he weren't wearing it. That made me sob harder and say, "I love you! I love Trudy!" The bus pulled up to my stop, and I was going to get off, and then rethought it and said, "I love you so much! Who cares if I'm late to work? I'll stay with you until the end." Then as the bus was about to pull away, I realized that we were stopped right outside the hospital, and that he might not have to die after all. So I took him to the hospital.

In the next part of the dream, it was twenty years later and we were having dinner at home, but each one of our kids had to sit at their own table - Monk seemed to have lost most of his OCD habits, but the kids had inherited some of them or made up their own, including having to sit at their own tables.

Then we were in the same room, but it was in a restaurant now. I walked into another room where one tomboy daughter of ours was having a fight with her boyfriend (I thought she was a son until she turned around and looked at me) at her own table. One of the waiters said that the restaurant was infested with these creatures that looked like beautiful women in Cats costumes/makeup, although he had captured one and felt he had to show me that it was actually a male.

I walked away and then dropped the contents of my wallet all over some stairs. Some girls helped me pick it up, but one nearby diner stole my credit card and said that she wouldn't give it back to me until she'd confirmed that it was valid.

Parte the Seconde

I dreamt that I had to go to church, so I went to Sunday school instead and was doing some kind of craft project, then we went to a potluck afterwards. I went to drop off my grandma's friend, Rachel Lynde, who blamed me when her all-white pantsuit got dirty from brushing against my car. I ended up back at my grandma's house and somewhere in all of this, my parents went missing. The police and everyone I knew was looking for them, but when we hadn't found them after a certain amount of time, I decided that meant we would never find them. Then I saw them waving through my grandma's back door, but they were all wibbly so I knew that they were ghosts, although everyone else there could see them too.

Parte the Thirde

I was in Grenoble with my sister and we stopped to get a sandwich at this stand because I knew that they put mustard on their cheese sandwiches. I could tell the sandwich lady was annoyed that everyone was ordering in English so I ordered our food in French, but I didn't know how to tell her that my sister wanted "extra onions" so I just said, "more onions" and was very frustrated that I couldn't translate the request exactly. Then I told the lady that this was the only place I kept coming back to, because she was the only one who wasn't mean and didn't make me cry when I tried to order in French. She thought I meant Grenoble, as opposed to her sandwich stand, and recommended that I go on a steamboat river cruise while I was there.

¹ Why was Monk riding a bus? This is out of character.

srah | 2:19 PM
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