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October 29, 2008


In the first part of my dream, I had this cool house in the middle of nowhere in the woods, but people kept dropping in unexpectedly and popping up in different rooms of the house. They had no boundaries, but I didn't care too much because the house was so isolated that I was lonely. The only problem was trying to get people to leave me alone long enough to take a shower. There was this sort of insane (homeless?) lady who was super nice to me and just wanted to take care of me. At one point I went out to the woodpile and there was this gigantic rat that was the size of a small person. I was going to scream but then it started talking to me and I realized that it wasn't just a rat, it was either a person who looked like a rat or a rat-human hybrid. I decided it would be rude to scream, since it was at least partially human, but I still wanted to scream, so I just screamed inside my head for a while.

Then later I dreamt that I was the Democratic nominee for president and I was running against Sarah Palin¹. It was the day before the election and I was in a freight elevator with Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, George Bush and a few other people. The elevator had one wall that was a huge touch-screen with a map of the United States like this:

This graphic came up on the screen to ask everyone in the elevator who they would vote for. Bill Clinton leaned down, got all up in my face and said, very patronizingly, "Now Sarah, you can't watch who I vote for. You know that's wrong." I overdramatically covered my eyes, but when I went up to record mine after Bill Clinton and George Bush, it showed the tally thus far, and it showed that there was a whole spectrum of vote options where you could vote FOR either candidate or vote AGAINST either candidate. They'd both voted "Not Sarah Palin" and I got mad because Bill hadn't voted outright for me.

Then we got out of the elevator and continued this 5k running race that we'd apparently been doing before we got into the elevator. My pedometer's battery was dying.

¹ Battle of the Sarahs?

srah | 6:25 AM
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October 25, 2008


nablopomo2008color.jpgOn this, the momentous seventh anniversary of this blog (such as it is) I would like to announce my candidacy for National Blog Posting Month. Our campaign slogan will be: "She doesn't seem to blog all the rest of the year, so maybe she'll have plenty of material saved up for November."

The outcome is questionable.

During last year's NaBloPoMo, there was a reference to a song from a musical in each post. This year, I'm expanding it to songs in general, which may be from musicals or may be from this thing I've just heard of, called the radio. Some people call it "iPod", I think. I can't keep up with all this blasted 20th century technology.

So put your headphones on and get those song-guessing comments in early so that someone can beat my sister!

(Fellow NaBloPoMo participants, don't forget to add yourself to the blogroll.)

srah | 10:45 AM
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October 20, 2008

It's laminated!


In August, Dooce and somebody else¹ posted their Lists of Five within a few days of each other, and I thought that this would be a fun idea for a blog post, so I started compiling mine. It has taken me two months to get where I am now, which is:

ayoademosaic1. Richard Ayoade is a Cambridge graduate (and former president of Footlights), the talented director of many music videos and the star of The IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, The Mighty Boosh, The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz and several creepy posts on my blog that would scare him off if he ever got to know me. Sigh.
reynoldsmosaic2. Ryan Reynolds. When I watched Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, I used to wish that Berg had his own show because he was funny, and nothing else about that show was. This is the way I feel about a lot of things Ryan Reynolds has been in: he is usually - unfortunately - a beacon of comedy and beauty in a sea of crap. He is strong enough to carry a lot of movies that wouldn't have been worth watching otherwise.
pennmosaic3. Kal Penn is delightful and beautiful as Kumar (who lights weed on fire), Kutner (who lights patients on fire) and Gogol (who I don't remember lighting anything on fire EXCEPT MY HEART²), and I forgive him for not visiting me when he was in Srahtown. And he's a teacher!
segelmosaic4. Jason Segel. To tell you the truth, I had some difficulty filling the #4 spot. The list was stuck at 3 for a long time, with potential additions added and removed, but after watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall on the plane on the way to China, I decided Jason Segel needed a spot. Not so much because he was so very naked but because he wrote the movie, which was very cute and clever. For this, I am willing to overlook the fact that he pretty much stalks people in everything he's in.
20081020questionmarks.jpg 5. I can't come up with anyone else. Even in my wildest celebrity fantasies, I am bounded by practicalities like "He is a little too old for me, and the press would say he was robbing the cradle, so I'll leave him off the list for his own protection" or "Gee, I like his wife/girlfriend too much to break them up" or "It would be a waste of a spot to put anyone on the list who is dead or gay or fictional or who I love a younger version of, because I have not yet invented a time machine and even if I did, I hate time travel."

For someone with as active an imagination as mine, I am quite unimaginative.

¹ I thought this was Gretch-a-sketch but she said it wasn't. It was probably one of you jerks lovely people who are always deleting old blogs/blog entries and that's why I can't find it anymore.

² Not really. Gogol is not always a terrifically sympathetic character. But I couldn't think of anything else for him to light on fire.

srah | 5:28 PM
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Planet Earth is blue/ And there's nothing I can do

20081020michiganspace.jpgI was in Ann Arbor when Michigan won their first football game this year and in China (or in the air coming back from China) when they won their second. This weekend, the team started out strong when I was driving south through Indiana and got progressively worse as I approached Srahtown, pulling out all stops and sucking pretty hardcore once I actually got in front of the TV.

It would appear that Michigan plays better the further I am from Srahtown. The only solution is for the Wolverine-heavy NASA program to lend a hand by launching me into space on November 22. Anyone got any connections?

srah | 9:18 AM
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