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February Vacation pictures

Here they come:

Mommy tasting the delicious waters

Grandma, Daddy, Mommy, Sophie, and Françoise at the top of the Bastille

Sacre-Coeur steps up to Sacre-Coeur family in front of the Louvre painting in the Louvre entitled (by me) 'Woman Selling Commemorative Crucifixion Tea Towels'

me and the petites cousines

view of the henge view of some fallen bits Grandma at Stonehenge cutest picture ever of my mom all hengey and nonsense

the river Anton the old mills, mentioned in the Domesday Book St Mary's church Daddy visiting the relatives inside the shrubbery in which their tombstone now resides tree in the sunshine in Auntie Averill and Dennis' yard

I am so disillusioned that they put this sign up.  OUCH! Samuel Johnson with pigeons pooping on his head Londoners - in an unusual fit of Anglo-Franco thoughtfulness - try to prevent their neighbors from across the Channel from getting run over

srah - Friday, 21 March 2003 - 6:11 AM
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