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Votre dévouée élève, qui vous aime de tout son coeur

While reading The Professor (thanks for suggesting it, Katie), I was full of fantasies about updating it (à la Pride & Prejudice/Bridget Jones), writing a novel loosely based on it, or bringing it to the big screen. The book is about an Englishman who is unhappy in his work, so he goes off to Belgium and teaches English. I like it despite the protagonist's airs of grandeur, because there are parts that remind me of my experiences as a teaching assistant in France. No man likes to acknowledge that he has made a mistake in the choice of his profession,...

srah - Thursday, 24 July 2003 - 12:07 AM
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Even más fotos

Vulcania Vichy Brioude Brugge/Bruges Various trips in southern Auvergne NYC trip Shenandoah Valley...

srah - Saturday, 31 May 2003 - 10:49 PM
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Boba Fett in Vichy

Just when you thought Vichy couldn't get any stranger, along comes the Cusset Star Wars Convention complete with special guest Boba Fett. It's a shame it's coming at a time when I have so much to do, because I would have gone just to experience the weirdness and to say hi to Boba....

srah - Friday, 2 May 2003 - 3:00 PM
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Hey you! On the bicycle!

Spotted today in the Capital of All Things Weird: a car inching (or should I say centimetring?) down the road, a speaker strapped to the top. Unfortunately, they were not advertising a Rhythm and Blues Show, but some kind of reptile extravaganza in Cusset with Real Live Crocodiles From America!...

srah - Thursday, 24 April 2003 - 12:32 PM
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Bon cinéma!

For weeks now, I've been looking forward to seeing Bon Voyage. The previews looked incredibly stupid, but the leading man looked really hot. No, not Gérard Depardieu. The other leading man. Anyway, WWII-era costumes and Grégori Derangère were all this movie had going for it in my opinion, but I am shallow, so I considered it well worth paying 6€ to see a Hot Guy In Costume. I am glad I did, because it turned out to be a funny, dramatic, good movie with, as an added bonus, scenes filmed at the Aletti Palace Hotel in Vichy. Rather ironic that...

srah - Monday, 21 April 2003 - 5:17 PM
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Ah, ces Américaines!

Vichy, as we know, is insane. While everything was unexpectedly open on Easter Sunday, everything was unexpectedly closed on the fake fake holiday of Easter Monday. We managed, however, to have a visit to our favorite salon de thé (yes, THOTs, we are old ladies), where I nibbled on a Paris-Brest and drank a thé au lait (rather than protein-rich beet juice). There's a joke in there somewhere, but I don't expect you to get it and I'm certainly not going to explain it....

srah - Monday, 21 April 2003 - 12:59 PM
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Sunday, damn bloody Sunday

One thing I will not miss about Vichy is Sunday afternoons. It reminds me of Art Fair in Ann Arbor. Suddenly the town is invaded by hordes of shoppers who descend upon it, much to the chagrin of the natives who can't get anywhere because of the crowds. Strangely enough, both cases involve Andean pipe bands playing on street corners and selling their discs. Vichy, as a heavily touristic town, is one of the few places in France where shops open on Sundays. Thus people come from all over the region to shop, to see, to be seen, and to...

srah - Sunday, 20 April 2003 - 1:07 PM
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It has suddenly struck me that when I go home, the main problem may be boredom. This is completely ridiculous, since I regularly complained of boredom here in Vichy, where I don't have a TV or computer. I think, instead, that I fear monotony. I fear that life won't be as incredibly strange and unpredictable as it has been here in the Epicenter of All Things Weird....

srah - Tuesday, 15 April 2003 - 6:46 PM
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About your town

This meme comes from here. I have chosen to talk about Vichy because I don't know anything about hotels in Ann Arbor. I'm coming to visit your town. Recommend the following, with reasons why I should go to these places: The best resturant, the one I have to eat at, at least once, while I'm in your town. The restaurant gastronomique of the lycée Valéry Larbaud, of course! It is very fancy and elegant and not too expensive for the excellent quality of service and the quality and quantity of the food served there. Only 11€ for lunch, 22€ for...

srah - Monday, 31 March 2003 - 5:53 AM
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Visit of the sister

Sophie came to visit me this weekend, and I took her to a dinner at Presles. There was great confusion in explaining to the others who she was and what she was doing there, seeing as she was not actually my sister, not an assistant, and that while she was a high school student, she was not a student at Presles or in Vichy at all. We explored the sites of Vichy, then invented some more when we had exhausted the established ones....

srah - Sunday, 23 March 2003 - 11:15 AM
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February Vacation pictures

Here they come: Vichy Grenoble Paris Meldreth Stonehenge Andover London...

srah - Friday, 21 March 2003 - 6:11 AM
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Vichy soie

Did you know that vichy is the French name for the fabric we call gingham? That makes me wonder if we used to call it vichy ourselves, and the name got changed during WWII, like calling sauerkraut "victory cabbage" or German shepherds "Alsatians"....

srah - Monday, 10 March 2003 - 12:57 PM
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Plumbers at the crack of dawn

So much for my nice Wednesday grasse matinée. Apparently they did not finish the shower yesterday, so they are back this morning. I've said it before and I'll say it again: that room is cursed and the entire building is the epicenter of All Things Weird in Vichy....

srah - Wednesday, 12 February 2003 - 4:25 PM
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Three reasons to stay home

1) It's sales season in Vichy and the streets and stores are packed, which makes me claustrophobic. 2) The price of a demi-baguette has gone up from 30 to 32 cents, making things very uneven and ensuring that I get a handful of nasty little copper coins instead of an even 10 or 20 cent piece. 3) There is a clown playing the trumpet in the Rue de l'Hôtel des Postes. As I walked by, he was attacked by a dog, but unfortunately it was part of his act....

srah - Saturday, 18 January 2003 - 11:46 AM
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The shutterbug strikes again

More Vichy and the environs Thiers Trip to the Puy-de-Dôme Les Sables d'Olonne...

srah - Monday, 16 December 2002 - 4:57 AM
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In case you haven't noticed, THERE'S NO INTERNET HERE

So I am spending my "Planning Period" (a time when the teachers can come and consult me... cleverly scheduled during a time when all of the English teachers are in class) surfing the Encarta encyclopedia instead. Here are the fascinating things I've found: I already knew about Iggy Pop, but apparently 1976 Nobel Prize (Physics) winner Samuel Chao Chung Ting was also born in Ann Arbor. There is a place in Provence (Vaucluse, to be specific) called Le plateau d'Albion, where the French had underground missile silos, but apparently don't anymore. I'm a little disappointed. The 1990 population of Vichy...

srah - Tuesday, 26 November 2002 - 3:36 AM
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Yup, that's about it

Googlism for Vichy, France: vichy, france is bad enough vichy, france is that it The other day, one of the conversation-starting questions I used on my class was "Would you like to live in Paris one day? Why or why not?" That worked so well, I had them list the advantages and disadvantages of Vichy as well. They talked about the parks and the opera and the nightclubs and how it was calmer than Paris and less polluted. The only disadvantage they could come up with for Vichy was that there were so many old people. Nice to know it's...

srah - Friday, 8 November 2002 - 11:52 AM
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And yet more pictures

This should be the last of the bunch for a while... this roll got held up a while with processing problems, but it's number 3 of 5 and therefore fits in somewhere in between the last two installments: More Clermont-Ferrand More Vichy Mon appartement Views from a 25km hike...

srah - Friday, 8 November 2002 - 11:15 AM
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Pickshers continued

The Allier river The Spas Le Parc des Sources Seeing Becky in Grenoble...

srah - Monday, 4 November 2002 - 11:35 AM
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Pictures, continued

Mouse over for captions, if you please. Sophie's braids, as done in Mali (and as undone in Grenoble) Y a quoi à Vichy? (to be continued...) School sweet school Trip to la Grande Chartreuse Assistants' Meeting in Clermont-Ferrand...

srah - Wednesday, 30 October 2002 - 10:16 AM
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Damn you, Immo Vichy (25.9.02)

I finally got to visit an apartment today. This one was through an agency, Immo Vichy. The Immo Vichy woman showed me the apartment, which was a delightful studio (read: kitchen in the bedroom) with construction work going on outside, no closet space, no linens, and no oven, all for the delightful price of 250€, which of course does not include tax or utilities. I told her I'd call her. I got an email from one of the other American assistants in the Vichy agglomeration, telling me her phone number and address and saying she was lonely and had an...

srah - Thursday, 26 September 2002 - 4:57 PM
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