Recent dreams

I dreamt earlier this week that Alex and I were in London and I left him to go buy bread at Piccadilly Circus (?), but it started to rain, so I ducked under some kind of shelter. One by one, the surviving members of Monty Python took shelter with me and we started talking. They liked me so much, they decided to adopt me as a sort of mascot. When I went back to the hotel/apartment, Alex was wearing a kilt and wanted to show me all of the used books he had bought from the restaurant downstairs.

Last night, I dreamt that Queen Elizabeth II had died quite suddently and unexpectedly and the British people refused Prince Charles as their king. I got annoyed and wanted to tell everyone that putting up with kings you don't like is the price you pay for having a monarchy. This was particularly odd because in real life, I have no such opinion. In fact, I have no opinion at all with regards to Prince Charles as King of England or with England having a monarchy at all.

In another dream last night, Jennifer, my dad and I were in Paris or London, looking for a lesbians-only p0rn shop. We kept missing buses or getting on buses that were going in the wrong direction. I think my dad wanted to do some genealogy.

srah - Friday, 21 March 2003 - 4:23 AM

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