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Wicked trainers, Dobby!

Last night I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 again. For while I had seen it drive-in style and regular style, I still had not seen it on the IMAX. You wouldn't think it would make a difference, but it did. Everything was bigger and louder and I picked up on all kinds of things in a third viewing that I missed or forgot after the first two.

Before I left the house, I said to Jason, "Please help me remember to go to the bathroom when I get to the theatre, before the movie starts. Even if I don't think I have to go." This was accomplished, so I actually saw the whole movie for the first time.

I did not have a pen in my purse, which proved to be a problem when I started thinking of things I wanted to remember to blog about. So by the end of the movie, I was repeating a little mantra in my head to help me remember all the things I wanted to mention. When I actually said, "bathgeelensankmizda" to Jason after the movie was over, he asked if I was speaking Parseltongue, but in fact, it meant:

  • Burrows
    I hate that Mad-Eye kept calling "The Burrow" "The Burrows". That is all.
  • Accent
    What the heck is Scrimgeour's accent supposed to be? I'm not sure if Bill Nighy was going for some kind of regional accent I don't recognize or if he thought he sounded "lionlike" but sometimes he just sounded like he'd had a stroke.
  • Ties
    It's weird to see Fred and George wearing ties, like real grownups. It's not just in the wedding scene, where everyone is dressed up, but also in the Seven Potters scene where people just show up in whatever they regularly wear. The Weasley twins are important businessmen! But they are still our Fred and George.
  • Haircuts
    I suspect the real reason Ron left Harry and Hermione was that he was jealous that Harry got a haircut when clearly he needed it more. Why wouldn't Molly make Ron get a haircut before the wedding? It looked like a bowl cut to start with, and only got longer. Not Goblet of Fire bad, but still... take a lesson from Fred and Georgie's shorter haircuts, Won-Won, and please return to Chamber-of-Secrets era hair length. (My theory: The Grint has a lightning-bolt scar on his forehead that he has to cover up with bangs all the time.)
  • Glasses
    I like it when the Seven Potters are arriving at the Burrow and you see Fred and Ron wearing Harry's glasses. Wear glasses, The Grint! You are adorable!¹
  • Lawyer
    In 1776, there's a scene where John Adams and John Dickinson are arguing, and it doesn't come to blows until Dickinson angrily calls Adams a lawyer, which... is his actual job. It's always made me laugh that that's the one that pushes Adams over the edge. A similar thing happens in HP7a where Harry and Ron are arguing, and it's not until Ron points out that Harry doesn't have any family to worry about that their fight becomes physical.
  • Edgar suit
    Nagini was wearing Bathilda Bagshot like a suit. An Edgar suit. The first clue was when she asked for a glass of sugar water.
  • Nursery
    This was the first time I've seen Harry and Hermione exploring Godric's Hollow (the last couple of times I've come back from the bathroom just as Bathilda appears) and the first time I've seen the Potter house. It's hard to tell how far it is from Bathilda Bagshot's house but I seem to remember in the books that they were nearby. When Harry and Nagini crash into the nursery of the house attached to Bathilda's, at first I thought it might be the Potters' house and his former nursery, but looking at the state of the Potters' house, it seems like it probably isn't.
  • Socks
    Harry strips down more than it is necessary for me to see, jumps into freezing cold water and then is rescued by a fully-clothed Ron. Then he puts on his glasses, dry jeans and dry shirt and they get to destroying the Horcrux. The whole time, Ron is wearing freezing cold, wet clothes AND Harry doesn't even bother to put socks on until after the Horcrux has been destroyed! Socks would have been one of the FIRST things I would have put on, especially standing around on the ice/in the snow.
  • Antlers
    It's super duper cute when Harry explains that his Patronus is a stag rather than a doe and Ron makes little antlers around his head.
  • Name
    I picked up on Xenophilius Lovegood saying "Voldemort" to call the Death Eaters on the first viewing. I didn't notice who it was that said the name in the café until this viewing. And I still haven't picked up on anyone saying "Ron" to activate the Deluminator. I was listening hard for it, too! As far as I can tell, it must be that rather than coming up in conversation, Hermione just said his name to herself in a non-filmed scene. Maybe it will be a deleted scene on the DVD.
  • Kiss
    I realized on the third viewing that I have never actually made myself watch the Harry/Hermione kiss. The first time I think I just said "GROSS!" and averted my eyes, and I think I may have hidden behind my hands the second time. So I made myself watch most of it this time, and it was really weird. I'm pretty sure the kissing made Ron come-to and kill the locket because he was like, "Clearly no one has ever kissed Tom Riddle, because his idea of a romantic kiss involves Hermione pecking at Harry's face like she's eating it. This is not real."
  • Mural
    I wish we'd gotten to see Luna's mural of her friends. Again, it's not essential to the plot, but it would be nice. I hope they filmed EVERYTHING in the book, including things they knew wouldn't make it into the finished product, and we'll have an hour of deleted scenes.
  • Scabior
    The head Snatcher is kind of weirdly attractive sometimes. I really like the costuming in this movie. Scabior looks kind of like a rock star, in his skinny pants and long leather jacket. Speaking of people who are supposed to look cool, where's Bill Weasley's dragon-tooth earring?
  • Draco
    I think the movie has made Draco a little more positive than he was in the book, like the death of Charity Burbage and the threat of more death actually scares him. I think this makes him a little more complicated and interesting.
  • Avonlea
    At the end, when they arrive at Shell Cottage, there's all this tall grass and music and red hair that makes me think of Anne of Green Gables. Speaking of random red-haired people to compare Ron to...
¹ Allow me to remind you, kind audience, that (30/2) + 7 = 22.

srah - Friday, 3 December 2010 - 7:26 PM
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gravatar Amy - December 5, 2010 - 4:12 PM -

I thought my family were the only people who still made jokes about wearing an Edgar suit and various types of water that could be asked for but weren't. Love it.

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