Um, who wouldn't be starstruck at this?
I dreamt last night that I met Darren Criss at some kind of work function. I wanted to be cool but I was excited and got all flustered and starstruck. I wanted to tell him that I'd seen all the StarKid productions but instead it came out, "I watch you on the Internet all the time!". All of my coworkers groaned, either because it sounded so creepy and I had embarrassed the whole office or because they had all been talking amongst themselves about how I would not know how to properly greet a celebrity and had this fear confirmed.

Fortunately, Darren took pity on me and invited me to come to a rehearsal of the next StarKid Harry Potter production. Unfortunately I don't remember anything about this production, although while I was in the dream, I thought it was brilliant. There was this notebook lying around where each of the StarKid members had written an essay. One of the members said something about how their greatest inspiration was this one time on a messageboard where someone named "srah" had responded to their post and quoted a Gilbert and Sullivan song¹. I thought it was Darren at first, so I went and embarrassed myself again by trying to convince him that I was his muse. He pointed out that his essay was the one before it, and it was someone else who had written it. I thought that the name he gave me was the guy who played Yaxley so I went and hunted him down and during the time I was looking for him, the production turned from a StarKid Harry Potter thing to Yeoman of the Guard, the worst of the Gilbert and Sullivan plays. Anyway, it turned out it wasn't him either. It was some limping, hunchbacked, missing-fingered guy that I didn't remember having seen before but who - after I woke up - I realized may have been a limping, hunchbacked, missing-fingered version of the guy who played Arthur Weasley and Peter Pettigrew. Then we made out.²

¹ Specifically, "Bow, bow, ye lower middle classes!" from Iolanthe, which I woke up with in my head this morning. I have no idea how this would be in any way inspirational, except that he finally felt he had the freedom to be a Big Dork on the Internet, like me.

² I think the lesson of this dream is that I am not very good around celebrities and I should probably not be around them. And apparently if I embarass myself too much around celebrities, I will then make out with hunchbacks?

srah - Friday, 3 December 2010 - 5:44 PM

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