Now I lay me down to sleep/ I guess I'll go count the sheep

(upon finishing my Java programming homework)

Mr B------: As President Clinton said, Mission Accomplished!
srah: When did he say that?
Mr B------: Well, he didn't. But his banner did, when he was on a boat.
(long pause)
srah: Did you mean President Bush?
Mr B------: Huh?
srah: You said President Clinton.
Mr B------: Oh.
srah: You meant President George Clinton.
Mr B------: He has the distinction of being the only president who had a Parliament.

srah - Tuesday, 9 March 2004 - 12:10 AM
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Comments (10)

gravatar Mr. B--------- - March 9, 2004 - 12:32 AM -

I never said Clinton! Besides, I don't remember if Bush really said it, or if the banner did...

Nonetheless, "hee hee"

gravatar Mike - March 9, 2004 - 1:01 AM -

I'll have to agree with Mr. B------ when he said "huh?" And even though I half followed, I find it entertaining...hmm....

gravatar srah - March 9, 2004 - 8:02 AM -

That whole thing on the aircraft carrier?

gravatar katie - March 9, 2004 - 2:42 PM -

You linked Mr. B------'s name all six times.

gravatar katie - March 9, 2004 - 2:43 PM -

Five. Yes, I can count.

gravatar Mr B------ - March 9, 2004 - 2:55 PM -

I'm glad she didn't link to someone else with my name!

gravatar katie - March 9, 2004 - 4:49 PM -

That would be funny. We could make a day of it. Call it: "Claim to link to one person but actually link to another" Day.

Then there can be some kind of game about figuring out who is who, or something. I don't know. Someone else will have to think up the game. I'm just contributing the premise.

Actually, Mr. B------ thought up the premise. I am just stealing it.

gravatar Urs - March 9, 2004 - 4:55 PM -

I totally support the premise and I may not have as many people as Srah to link to erroneously, but I think I can participate

gravatar katie - March 9, 2004 - 4:58 PM -

Ok, but somebody still needs to think up an actual game to be used in connection with this seconded premise.

gravatar Justin - March 10, 2004 - 11:43 AM -

This is my new favorite srah post.

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