srah's Real World update (yet again)

All of the people on The Real World are just as stupid as they were last week, and I still hate everyone except Simon. The good thing about this week's episode, though, is that they actually did something. Sort of.

They had their first deadline this week for their ultra-important guidebook-writing job. Their assignments were due at 6pm. Two tried to get extensions, two emailed them at six, and the rest just sent them in late. This isn't college! You don't get extensions! This is real life!

Okay, no, this is The Real World, which is fake real life, but still. Did you see me scraping up English lessons at the last minute? Well, okay, you did. But we don't call that procrastination. We call it improvisation.

srah - Wednesday, 2 July 2003 - 6:29 PM
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Comments (2)

gravatar katie - July 2, 2003 - 7:29 PM -

I call it maximization of time. You get the same task completed, while saving more of your time for other things. :)

gravatar Cheryl - July 7, 2003 - 12:48 PM -

Thanks fir the update since I missed the show last week. Tomorrow!

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