And yet more pictures

This should be the last of the bunch for a while... this roll got held up a while with processing problems, but it's number 3 of 5 and therefore fits in somewhere in between the last two installments:

More Clermont-Ferrand
View from the top of the cathedral in Clermont-Ferrand - is it just me or does this angel have a lightsaber? The Virgin Mary looking out over Clermont-Ferrand

More Vichy
The headquarters of the Vichy Regime in WWII, now the tourist office covered walkway in the Parc des Sources

Mon appartement
Welcome to Villa Montcalm!  Here is the courtyard and the front door to the building... ...and here is the door to my apartment.  If you'll turn to your left upon entering, you'll see... kitchen appliances - refrigerator, stove/oven, and sink, as well as my table and chairs and the window, from which you can see... ...the view out my window onto the alley behind.  Going back inside, to the right of the window, you'll see... table and chairs again, as well as my pantry/dish cabinet and my chest of drawers.  This picture was taken before I had moved in, which explains the lack of crap on the top of the chest of drawers.  Isn't it nice (and accidental) how the poster matches up between this picture and the one of... bathroom door and my bed.  Now we'll open the door so you can see... ...the bathroom.  Thrilling, isn't it?  Moving on, we see... ...the remaining corner of the room with my wardrobe and the door to my room, now closed.  Let's go outside now and see... window and the back door to the building.  Did you enjoy the tour?  That will be 4€, thank you.

Views from a 25km hike
a house with a mill and water running under it I have a weakness for photographing landscapes 'Moo', remarked Renata the woods I imagined the Gévaudan Beast jumping out at me from the bar we ran into to escape from the rain

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