Hey, get outta there! You gonna make people sick!

  • Yes, I am definitely getting a cold. I am exhausted and am going to bed at 8:30 tonight. Whereas all the water in my body had been going into sweat production earlier this week, now most of it is going into snot production now. But don't worry! It's still hot and sweaty out! I am probably going to pass out from dehydration if I stop drinking water for five minutes.
  • I'm going to Nanjing tomorrow. I may not update this weekend.
  • But I have some notes and I will blog them when I can.
  • Zaijian!

srah - Thursday, 25 September 2008 - 8:25 AM
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gravatar JD - September 25, 2008 - 10:59 AM -

Asian Bird Flu....!!

gravatar Robin - September 25, 2008 - 2:49 PM -

Sick! That is horrible especially if you didn't pack any cold meds! I hope you can sleep it off... or at least eat spicy soup to help you breath! The toilets we are used to are generally called "Western Style" toilets.
It is neat you met someone at dinner. Although it is interesting how you can join-up with someone because you are both the same kind of different. Especially when it isn't someone you would normally talk to! ... do you find your self saying "hi" to other Westerners you pass?

gravatar Aunt Pam - September 26, 2008 - 6:52 AM -

From Wikipedia: '. . . Nanjing is often referred to as one of the "Three Furnace-like Cities".'

Stay cool!

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