2007: A Srah Odyssey

Hello Internet!

I had a relatively Internet-free week (mostly just keeping up with WalkerTracker so that I could actually remember what caused me such abyssmal step-counts). It was awesome, but now I have a lot of reading to catch up on. As for me, I got to spend time with the boyfriend and his family as well as srahfam, have many many Christmases (Christmii?), see Spamalot, and go walking at the mall a couple of times. Now I'm back home with TONS of stuff to unpack, which will probably keep me busy until the next time I go home.

This will also be a fascinating week because I have to offer up my car to the body shop to have a new bumper put on¹, so I will have to find alternative means of transport for at least three days. Perhaps I will actually use my feet, and fulfill my New Year's resolution to skew my step-count more to the direction of walking and less to the direction of making turtle-related excuses! Perhaps I will talk someone into giving me a ride! Only time will tell.

Anyway, now I will post this entry and make my sad little blog less blank. Happy 2007, blogketeers!

¹ I realize that I never got around to the oft-put-off blogging about the accident I was in before Christmas, but never mind - I'm alive and the car's only minus a bumper and a taillight and the other car didn't even have as much damage as I did.

srah - Tuesday, 2 January 2007 - 6:48 AM
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gravatar Jen - January 6, 2007 - 9:55 PM -

You saw Spamalot? How'd you like it? I took my brother to it in NYC with Hank Azaria and the rest of the original cast including Sara Ramirez as Lady of the Lake (now rockin' on Grey's Anatomy). We need to set up an online date this Tuesday to drool over House.

gravatar srah - January 6, 2007 - 9:58 PM -

Is it a new one? Good. Finally! I'll see you on AIM. :)

Spamalot was good. I actually didn't have very high expectations after hearing the soundtrack but I was glad to see that the dialogue fleshed it out a lot more and there was more to the story than it seemed from the songs. I enjoyed it.

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