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Dear Meijer's Cashier,

Awww, isn't that teenagedboyish of you, to feel that a box of tampons have to go in their own separate bag, away from any of the other products I bought. I assure you, they don't have cooties.

It was only mildly amusing and wouldn't have warranted a blog post if it weren't for the fact that the next bag you packed contained a five-pound bag of sugar, a half-gallon of milk, two bags of salad and a package of bagels. I think one of my arms is longer than the other now.

srah - Sunday, 18 December 2005 - 9:22 PM
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Comments (6)

gravatar Cari - December 18, 2005 - 11:35 PM -

I think they're supposed to pack non-food items separately. But I do hate it when they put too many heavy items in the same bag.

gravatar Tony - December 19, 2005 - 12:34 AM -

As a former supermarket bagger, I can vouch for this. In training (ha, bagging training) we were instructed to group personal care items together separately from food. Also detergents, soaps, etc were supposed to be segregated. The idea was for stuff like fabric softener sheets not to go in with the food and stink it up or in the event of a cleaning fluid spill/leak, it wouldn't ruin your food.

Being the Yogi Bear of the bagging crew (smarter than the average bagger), since you only had one of said items, I would have isolated it in a smaller bag to protect the box from the moisture of the milk container and salad bags then tossed it in with the other items. Since you are a rather petite individual I'd have done 2 bags evenly divided. Then, I would have offered to help you take your bags to the car in the hopes of scoring your number (kidding).

My mom always used to complain that "Despite her stocky looks, I am not Mrs Olympia...when you aren't on shift to do our groceries, tell those other boys not to pack my bags so heavy!" So I can sympathize with your plight.

gravatar srah - December 19, 2005 - 6:51 AM -

No one should put a 5 lb. bag of sugar in the same bag as a ½ gallon of milk, much less pile things on top of it!

Anyway, thanks for all the bagging-fu.

gravatar Tony - December 19, 2005 - 10:00 AM -

Ha, bagging-fu. You made me feel like Jackie Chan for, a second. "We can hang in my crib. I will show you my 'hood."

5 lb bag + 1/2 gal milk. Don't underestimate the idiocy of today's youth. Some cashiers can't even count change, but they don't need to since they have those dispensers at a lot of stores now. Egad.

I shall be departing for PA and pierogi tomorrow. Sorry I couldn't catch you before leaving...but I hope you and your folks have a Holly Jolly Christmas and a (Dick Clark's) Rockin' New Year.

gravatar Amanda - December 19, 2005 - 8:20 PM -

I have the opposite take on grocery bagging. My car is parked a decent distance from the door to my apartment, so my main goal is to get everything in one trip. The fewer bags, the better.

gravatar srah - December 19, 2005 - 8:29 PM -

I like to get everything in one trip, but I can carry several bags at one time. There's less chance of them breaking if the stuff is spread out...

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