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I cleaned off my desk last night. To some of you, this may be a throwaway comment about the status of my moving efforts. Those of you who have seen my desk will realize what an undertaking this was.

I haven't seen the surface of this desk in over three years. As I got to the bottom levels, I started discovering cards from my college graduation in 2002. This desk was piled in papers, to the point where I felt like it was impossible to tackle. But I have tackled it and wrestled it into some semblance of order, put most of the stuff into manila folders and put the manila folders in a box. The rest of the organizing will happen in Ohio, but at least it will be organizing rather than digging. I feel like I've achieved something.

The sweetest thing about cleaning my desk (and the dresser as well - I had a busy night last night!): finding old papers that had gotten thrown there.

This includes the quotes from my family that I'd written down to blog then lost, and that I don't really remember the significance of anymore:

"Don't bowl as Katherine Hepburn. She sucks at bowling."
- Alfie
"I guess God wanted to get in on the stabbing action. Everyone wants to stab you!"
- Srahmom

Remembering that I have, in fact, written fiction since high school:

... "Ecoutez, les filles," Sarah piped up from somewhere near the floor, "On va faire une balade."

The others gasped and stared.

"I know I'm not one to suggest going outside, but maybe it will take our minds off the missing peeps, yo."

"Not to mention move the story along," added Jennifer.

"That too," Sarah concluded, layering on a sweater, sweatshirt and a jacket, and wrapping a scarf around her neck. "On y va?"
* * *
Fifteen kilomètres later, the March sunshine beating down on the trio, Sarah loosened her scarf...

- excerpt from The Case of the Missing Peeps, Yo, an unfinished work written by my fellow assistants and myself the summer after our assistantship

A dialogue from high school French:

(Jane vient de demenager à Ann Arbor de Paris il y a un jour et le camion de demenager est en retard)

J: Où sont mes meubles? Où est mon fauteuil favori, et mon armoire? Mon dieu!
(S. knocks on door)
S: Je suis ici! J'ai tes meubles, madame.
J: Ah bon. Entre! Je vous remercie pour aidez-moi.
(S. comes in)
J: Jean-Jacques-Pierre! C'est vous?!
S: C'est moi. Jane, mon amour! Ça fait dix ans.
J: Oui, mais vous êtes inoubliable.
S: Je suis desolé j'ai été en retard.
J: Ce n'est pas grave! Êtes-vous marié? Et avez-vous beaucoup d'enfants?
S: (waves away questions w/hand) J'ai un secret, ma chère.
J: Quoi?
S: Je ne suis pas un homme! Je suis un femme¹!
J: J'ai un secret aussi!
S: Quoi? Tu es un homme?
J: Bien sûr! Je suis un homme.
S: Alors... Je ne vous aime pas parce que vous avez [deceived] moi tous des ans.
J: Vous êtes ici, alors prenez mon bureau à côté de la porte.
S: D'accord.

A folder with all kinds of goodies, including my diaries for my trips to France in 1996 and 2000, more French dialogues, a song about static cling, and some other great songs that Cheryl and I wrote. One sample verse:

(to the tune of My Darling Clementine)
On a plate, there is a mushroom
He is named Big Mushroom Jake
He is covered in A-1 sauce
And he's sitting on a steak.

And the children's book that Harini and I wrote as our high school senior French project, in which a little boy named Jean-Jacques Pierre takes crayons from a strange man in a truck (Monsieur Bidet) and is kidnapped and forced to work as a slave in Monsieur Bidet's crayon factory until he's rescued by his blue flying dog, Bleu.

Just thought I'd share a little of The Genius Of Young Srah.

¹ I don't know why there isn't a stage direction for this, because I distinctly remember dramatically tearing off the paper moustache I'd been wearing.

srah - Tuesday, 11 October 2005 - 9:38 AM
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Comments (17)

gravatar Sarah - October 11, 2005 - 12:33 PM -


(and nice work on the desk too)

gravatar Cheryl - October 11, 2005 - 2:48 PM -

JJP! We were funny in high school. And that is NOT a children's book!

Wasn't the desk clear when you came back from France in 2003 after we redid your room? Or had we just dumped everything back on it?

gravatar srah - October 11, 2005 - 3:02 PM -

I think it must have either been covered or taken out of the room as-is or the stuff was taken off and replaced, because a sample of the lowest layer revealed that it was c. 2002.

gravatar srah - October 11, 2005 - 3:03 PM -

It WAS a children's book! Wasn't that the assignment?

gravatar viacimo - October 11, 2005 - 3:32 PM -

M. Bidet! ha!

It reminds me of the kind of creativity/humor I had during high school language classes. I distinctly remember writing a story featuring a pathologist named Marcel Grandcouteau (the inside joke part being that my father is named Marcel & is a pathologist). And in Greek class, when we were reading The Iliad & learning all sorts of body part vocab (y'know, for all the dismemberment & gouging out of eyes & so forth), one of my friends & I figured out how to sing "Head, shoulders, knees & toes" in Homeric Greek! yeah, I was really cool in high school.

I found this post to be most entertaining, altho' I shudder to think about the task of cleaning my desk!

gravatar katie - October 11, 2005 - 3:57 PM -

"S. knocks on door"
C'est quoi, ce bordel??? F--

"S. frappe à la porte"
Parfait, ma belle Catherine! A++

gravatar katie - October 11, 2005 - 4:02 PM -

After writing that comment I went back to continue reading. *shakes head*

That song about the mushroom is hilarious. When you said "to the tune of..." I proceeded to sing it as I read. Funny funny funny.

gravatar David - October 11, 2005 - 5:31 PM -

Truly a genius at work, young srah!

gravatar Allison - October 11, 2005 - 8:47 PM -

I'm so impressed that you were so able to stick with your high school foreign language for so long. (Unless you started before high school; then I kinda take it back.)

gravatar srah - October 12, 2005 - 12:03 AM -

I had 4 1/2 weeks in 6th grade, a semester in 7th and a year in 8th grade going into high school.

gravatar Cari - October 12, 2005 - 12:25 AM -

I have accumulated so many papers since my move. would you like to come help me organize?

gravatar Howard - October 12, 2005 - 7:38 AM -

I took Spanish in 6th, 7th & 8th grade plus 2 years in college and pretty much remember "No hablo Espanol" or "I don't speak Spanish". I can pick out some words here and there, but I have no opportunity to practice. Then again I could never roll my R's plus one of my college teachers taught Castillian (not sure of the spelling on that) pronounciations. As I learned the following year, it is like learning to talk in the South and then moving North.

gravatar Jamie - October 12, 2005 - 3:32 PM -

I just love the mushroom song. I only have crumpled papers with discussions between my friend Andreas and me. We were mostly expressing our annoyance regarding whatever class or seminar we had to endure together or regarding the other people who were there. Unfortunately we weren't as creative as you were. Damn.

gravatar Fraulein N - October 14, 2005 - 10:30 AM -

Can I just say that I love the song about Big Mushroom Jake? LOVE. Hee.

gravatar Cheryl - October 14, 2005 - 11:36 AM -

Everyone loves the mushroom song! Wait until they hear the song sung to Jojo was a man (what's the real name of that song?)!

gravatar srah - October 14, 2005 - 7:11 PM -

"Get Back" by the Beatles.

gravatar Mark - October 15, 2005 - 11:02 AM -

What was the deal with God getting in with the stabbing action? Sounds like an old German Impressionist film.

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