You would think they'd be able to save themselves, what with the friggin' lasers on their heads...

Apete and I went to the Common Grill last night, filled up on appetizers and split the Chilean Sea Bass as our entrée. As the waiter set the plate on the table, he informed us that we were the lucky eaters of the last Chilean Sea Bass. That the Common Grill would be serving. EVAR.

Apparently the sea bass have been put on the endangered species list and their suppliers are just selling off the stock that they have left. At first, we felt guilty about it - when the waiter stopped by to see how our food tasted, I wailed a plaintive, "Endaaaaaaaangered..." - but then I discovered a way to justify it. At any earlier point in my life, if I ate a sea bass, that would mean they'd have to fish one more out of the ocean for the next person who wanted one, so every sea bass I ate would decrease the population. Whereas in this situation, this fish was already dead and eating it wouldn't make anyone kill another one. If we didn't eat it and help finish off the finite supply that the fishmongers had left, someone else would. It just meant that we got one of the last ones and you didn't, nyah nyah nyah.

I'm not sure if I would avoided ordering it if I'd known about its status before I ordered, but anyway, this fish was endangeredly delicious. Good luck with your population growth, little fellas.

Update: Apete has sent me a chart of fish that are good to eat and not so good to eat!

srah - Thursday, 26 May 2005 - 7:08 PM
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Comments (3)

gravatar Cari - May 27, 2005 - 1:12 PM -

Mmmmm Seabass...I guess I better eat some in the next few days. They should have seabass farms like they do for salmon and other fish. hahaha farming fish, that sounds funny

gravatar jamelah - May 28, 2005 - 1:32 PM -

i just want to say that the title of this post is genius.

gravatar Not Your MOM - May 29, 2005 - 9:48 AM -

Are you aware that they are really Patagonian Toothfish? They came up with Chilean Sea Bass to make it sound more attractive to us. Toothfish, anyone?

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