Tuesday is Chooseday

Back by great demand (too bad there's no archive or I'd go back and do the weeks I missed because I keep forgetting!)

Would you rather:

  1. while visiting new york city, fall from the 4th floor of a building OR get hit by a bicycle messenger?
    I feel like it would be more easily survivable.
  2. kiss somebody with severe chapped lips OR eat lunch next to somebody picking a scab on their arm?
    How severe? Would it hurt them to kiss me? Well, I pick the one that gets me kissed.
  3. live next door to a registered sex offender OR a recently released murderer?
    I think it might depend... like if the murderer had killed his brother in a fit of passion, that would be different than if he went around killing tiny girls and making tiny coats out of their skins. And if the sex offender only molested small boys, then I would be safe, as long as he didn't mistake me for a small boy. I guess I'll go with the sex offender because he's probably had to go through a lot of counseling and, well, if he attacked me, at least I wouldn't be dead.
  4. always talk like your nose is stuffed up OR talk with a lisp?
    Lisps are kind of cute.

srah - Thursday, 20 May 2004 - 1:28 PM

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