Neck, glorious neck

Assuming that my shoulders are each 90° from my normal point of vision, I can turn my head about 89° to the left right now and around 50° to the right. Attempts by Mr B------ to massage my neck have been met with whimpers and death threats. I think I slept on it funny.

It amuses me because you don't realize how much you use your neck until it is unbearably painful to do so. At least my waist is getting a nice workout from doing all of the turning work. Unfortunately, I look like a total dweeb turning my entire torso or entire body every time I want to redirect my attention.

I think I have been working on this same stupid Java assignment for too long, because I really wanted to start this post:

if (int normalLeftShoulderRange == 89 && int normalRightShoulderRange == 89)
   int currentLeftShoulderRange = 89;
   int currentRightShoulderRange = 50;

srah - Friday, 5 March 2004 - 6:35 PM
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Comments (3)

gravatar Matthew the Young - March 5, 2004 - 9:35 PM -

Warm things are good -- warm compresses, warm baths, warm fuzzy animals lying across your neck... hmm, maybe not the last one (unless they're very calm), but the first two do work...

gravatar Urs - March 6, 2004 - 12:31 PM -

I really miss Kitty Amin - my dad says that she's really beautiful now

gravatar jday - March 8, 2004 - 10:52 AM -

we make Bengay hot compresses now- heats up to 8 hours!

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